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Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Indian Actress Monika Rekha Has Embraced Islam

After musician A R Rahman and Yuvun Shankar Raja, the other important personality of Indian film industry is South Indian actress Monika Rekha who has embraced Islam. She has also announced to quit film industry and is going to marry on January 11, 2015. Her name before converting to Islam was Monika Rekha Marithiraj while she has changed it to Islamic name as MG Raheema. She has been the most popular actress of Malayalam, Telgu and Tamil films. She has also left all the activities related to showbiz. She said her marriage is arranged one and her parents arranged her marriage and her groom is her near relative.
The pretty star became popular with a role in "Azgahi". Her future husband Malik is Chennai based entrepreneur. Malik's hometown is Madurai.

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