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Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Some Hair-Raising Revelations About Ahmad Chinoy

A team of Sindh Rangers' Special Task Force raided the residence of Citizens-Police Laison Committee (CPLC) Chief Ahmed Chinoy in Defence area of Karachi on the charges of detaining a kidnapped boy's mother at his home, some important revelations have come to fore about CPLC chief. Sources said that the role of Ahmad Chinoy had been controversial since the very first day of his appointment as CPLC chief. Chinoy is said to be blue-eyed boy of Governor Sindh Dr Ishrat ul Ibad Khan, due to which he has been occupying the office for the last many years in violations of relevant laws. Sources said in 2002, Chinoy worked in a low profile local Urdu Daily, Public News, as a sub-editor. which was headed by his brother Jaffer Chinoy as Editor. After developing differences with his brother he left journalism and joined CPLC in 2004 and rose to the position of CPLC chief in 2009. They said in 2002, Chinoy travelled in PIA on discounted fare under "Jouralist Discount". Sources added that as per laws the tenure ofCPLC Chief's is of one year but he is holding the office since 2009 for being the Governor's 'guy'. The sources said that in 2011, a woman resident of Orangi had submitted an application to ppolice stating that Chinoy had received ransom money from her for giving to kidnapper for releasing her kidnapped relative. But she complained that despite receiving the money he did not hand over the kidnapped man to them. There are also serious allegations against Chinoy of misusing his office. Sources said that in 2010 Chinoy acquired a chartered plane for the marriage of his brother by misusing his office. The sources said that most serious allegations came regarding the dubious role in releasing of Pakistanis detained by Somali pirates. They claimed that Chinoy along with Governor Sindh Ishrat ul Ibad Khan and humen right activist Ansaar Burney collected donations from philanthropists and general public. Chinoy had allegedly been in direct contact with the pirates. Under the garb of collecting donations for release of detained Pakistanis, actually the trio had pocketed a huge amount of money, they alleged. They pointed out that CPLC was the only non-governmental organisation of the country having office at Governor House, but has been turned into an organisation spying for a Karachi-based political party. They further said that Chinoy had been a member of MQM and former Sindh Home Minister Dr Zulfiqar Mirza also raised the isse in 201 and had warned him against serving MQM's interests. They also said that after joining CPLC there has been a marked improvement in his financial position and now he he is carrying out his business in Karachi stock exchange.
On the other hand former chief of CPLC Jameel Yousuf alleged that the incumbent management of CPLC severed a serious blow to the credibility of the organisation by politicizing it. He also lashed out at incumbent CPLC chief for giving public ransom for releasing Pakistanis held by Somali pirates, saying it not only gave negative message at home but at international level. Yousuf was also critical of paying money for release without following relevant regulations and standards.

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