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Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Islamophobia In The USA

A report published in ToyBox said, disparaging advertisements targeting Muslims are beng covered with pictures of Marvel's fame Muslim superhero on San Francisco buses. Advertisement compaigns promoting hatred against certain groups or a particular gender category are not new ones to the majority in the United States, but those who were under the impression that comics have no empirical or social advantages should think again. Posters carrying slogans about "Muslim-Jew Hatred" have been plastered with messages of acceptance and courtesy on behalf of Marvel's signature, Muslim superhero character Ms Marvel.
The original posters put up on buses focus on what their compaigners consider "Muslin Hatred". One of the ads equated Muslims with the Nazis as a photo on a poster showing Adolf Hitler discussion with former Arab leader Haji Amin-Al-Hussaini, indicated. The aid given to Muslim countries is also firmly condemned in one of the posters with text reading " Two-thirds of all US aid goes to Muslim countries. Stop Racism. End all aids to Islamic countries." The group behind the ads is the American division of Freedom Defence initiative who is notoriously labeled as "Hate Group" especially in the United Kingdom. One of the posters reveal blatant support for Israel war against Palestine with a punchline of a poster reading in bold words, "Support Israel, Defeat Jihad". The particular compaign saw its end with the arrival of Kamala Khan.
Kamala Khan is a Marvel character who came in the limelight for being the American publishing giant's debut Muslim superhero and one who was titles "Ms Marvel" in 2013.

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