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Friday, January 30, 2015

China Facing Serious Crisis Due To lack of Girls

The health authorities in China describe the imbalance between the number of sexes in newborns in the country " the most dangerous and longest crisis in the world". The imbalance is the direct result of the strict policy of begetting 'one child' family. . Traditions in China favours male born, many families attend to abortion of female fetuses so that the only child for the family would become a male. Therefore about 118 male born versus with 100 females with a world average ratio of 103 males. The National Committee of Health and Family Planning said it will tighten the supervision to determine the sex of the fetus which is prohibited in China. It said women send blood samples abroad to identify the sex of the fetus. The researchers warned that the imbalance in number of sexes may lead to destabilize the marriage opportunities for men, which increases the risk of social unrest and violent behaviour. Many analysts say the one child family policy has led to the reduction in volume of employment in the country, which hurt the economic growth.

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