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Tuesday, May 23, 2017

King's Tour Of His Remote Controlled Slave State (Video)

Though it is the tradition of all Muslims and specially the Arabs as taught by True Religion Islam that guest must be given respect, best hospitability and all the possible facilitties in hand of the host. But in the first foreign tour of the emperor gives the expression of master and the slave. It was not just respect of a guest visiting someone's home but the upheld neck of the guest and bowed necks of the host shows the relation of a a ruler and the ruled ones. Specially the behaviour of Melania Trump with out scarf and shaking hands with Na Mahram women were a slap on the old tradions of Arabs and the Muslims. The other details readers can guess from the video.

Monday, May 22, 2017

Nawaz Sharif Was Totally Ignored By Shah Salman And Trump In Islamic Conference (Video)

Prime Minister of Pakistan Nawaz Sharif was totally ignored in recent Islamic Conference and after the address of Shah Salman and American president Trump the conference was shortened and Nawaz Sharif's address was canceled. Pakistan which is involved actively in fighting against terrorism was pushed away by both the chief guest and the host. Nawaz Sharif was not even included in the inaugural ceremony of global center, while Saudi king met and embraced Afghan president and met warmly with Bangla Deshi prime minister, while Nawaz Sharif was seen no where. The main target of the coference was anti Iran. All the Pakistani journalists were also astonished on the treatment shown to Nawaz Sharif by Saudi officials. It was of course, a great insult of Pakistan and its prime minister.

Sunday, May 21, 2017

Saudi Arabia Has Granted Citizenship To Dr Zakir Naik

Indian Islamic preacher Dr Zakir Naik who is currently wanted by Indian authorities for alleged terrorists offences has reportedly been granted citizenship by Saudi Arabia. Sources said King Salman has granted citizenship to Dr Naik in order to protect him from arrest by International Police Organisation (Interpol). The 51-year-old Islamic preacher founded Islamic Research Foundation (IRF) He is believed to be staying in Saudi Arabia for evading arrest in India after he was accused of playing a role in terror-related case. Naik has also money laundering allegations against him. Some perpetrators of Dhakka terror attack also claimed that they were inspired by Dr Naik. Indian press reported enforcement officials in the country were planning to revoke his passport after which he will be forced to return to India. Naik has been booked for allegedly propagating enmity between different groups on the grounds of religion. His channel Peace TV has been banned in Canada, UK and Bangla Desh. He was also denied entry to Canada and UK in 2012 after allegedly expressing support for Al-Qaeda. This is just a negative propaganda against a true Muslim who never never preached any hatred or caused difference between different religions, but he only presented comparative study of different religions. This is only Muslim enmity of Western countries and specially Hindus who want to culminate Muslims from the face of earth but Hindus themselves will meet the same fate not the Muslims. Islam will flourish day and night and in near future more than half of the world will be Muslims. Insha Allah

Voice Calls Of Waseem Badami\s Girlfriend Minhal (Video)

Renowned TV anchor Waseem Badami's alleged girl friend Minhal, who claims to be surgeon shared video calls of her with Waseem on social media. She also claims to have friendship with him for four years.

Saturday, May 20, 2017

27 KG Heroine Was Recovered From Plane In Which Nawaz Sharif Had To Travel To Saudi Arabia(Video)

Nawaz Sharif had a secret gift for Arabs by gameonhai

Kulbhoshan Yajhave Will Be Hanged After All (Video)

Friday, May 19, 2017

Kalbushan Has Contacts With Brahamdagh Bughti And Many Other Baloch Leaders-- Mubashir Luqman

A renowned TV anchor revealed on private TV channel that Kalbushan was tracked for five years and then arrested because a foreign spy of his level if arrested with out sufficient evidences would had caused trouble for the country, therefore it took a little bit more time to collect enough evidences against this IndianKalbushan is the person who provided spy, Kalbushan yadev had direct contacts with BLF terrorist commander Dr Mannan, who killed many Pakistanis. He had also direct contact with chief of BLF Dr Allah Nazar. Dr Allah Nazar had central role in getting Brahamdagh Bugti out of Afghanistan, arranging for his passport and other documents for getting him settle in Swittzerland. Many people from BLF, BLA, UBA and Lashkar e Balochistan are on his pay roll. Kalbushan is the person who updated and provided secret information to Indian agencies in Afghanistan and America and working against Pakistan. Mubashir added that Harbiar Marree will file appeal in International Court of Justice for Kalbushan. He supported internationally known terrorist organisation Lashkar e Jhanghvi and trained its people. Kalbushan promoted terrorism in Pakistan with the help of RAW.

Thursday, May 18, 2017

Has Ayan Ali Bllood Relation With A Leading Pakistani Politician? (Video)

Indian Woman Kidnapped Her Lover At Gunpoint From His Wedding

A young Indian woman abducted groom at gunpoint from his wedding in Indian State of Utter Pradesh. No whereabouts of groom are found so far. It is said that young man and his abductress were in relationship, before things went awry and jilted woman took this drastic step. The kidnapped man was working as compounder at doctor's clinic, where he became involved with the woman who was also working in the clinic. But her lover (Ashoke's) marriage was arranged with another girl and he stopped answering SMSs and calls. But other night when the marriage rituals started amidst she came with some people armed with revolvers and shouted saying," You loved me but you are marrying another woman, how can I accept it". Then she grabbed Ashok from his collar shoved him into her waiting car and drove off. Police said how a woman can kidnap a man in front of so many people, Ashok willingly went with her and it was a staged drama.

Afghan Female Pilot Wishes To Become First Youngest Woman to Complete Solo Round The World Flight

An Afghan pilot hoping to become the youngest woman in history to complete solo round the world flight, is preparing to start Transatlantic leg of her journey. Shaista Waize,29, was born in refugee camp at the end of Soviet War in Afghanistan. before migrating with her family to United States in 1987. There she obtained her pilot's license, becoming the first youngest certified civilian female pilot from Afghanistan. Now she wants to share that sense of freedom of soaring high above the ground with other young women. Shaesta too off from Daytona Beach, Florida and mapped out a route that will take her aboard her Beechcraft Bonanza A36 aircraft approximately 25,800 kilometers to more than 18 countries including Spain, India, Egypt, Singapore, Singapore and Australia before ending trip back to Florida in August.

Wednesday, May 17, 2017

After The Merger Of FATA To Province The Name Be Changed To Khyber Or Abasin

Even after the merger of Federally Administered Tribal Areas(Fata) there is no need ti change the name of the province, however, if it is to be changed at all then instead of renaming it with a longer name it should be short like Khyber or Abasin. Khyber will be more historical one as all the foreign invaders entered Pak India border through Khyber pass and it is well known all over the world. It is no where practiced in the world that name of a state or province is changed after the merger of some area with it. The name already changed to KPK is not realistic as majority of the province is not pushto speaking, it was changed on political basis. It is now time to mend the previous mistake. However, the decision of meger of FATa with the settled area and annulment of FRC laws is most suitable one, With the merger of FATA, KPK provincial assembly will get 23 more seats and seats for FATa in the national assembly will be increased to 18.

Tuesday, May 16, 2017

India Wins-International Court Of Justice Stays Gulboshan's Death Sentence

Pakistan's foreign policy is so weak that it has no say on any international forum, whether it is the issue of Kashmir or the case of Indian spy Gulboshan. India has so powerful lobby internationally that it can defeat Pakistan on all international plateforms. Pakistan's leaders are happy with China's friendship while ignored the international community. Do our leaders not know that In CPEC how much benefit China will reap and how much would be left for Pakistan. No doubt, something is better than nothing China's friendship is good in present circumstances as Pakistan isleft alone in the world. The country that has no full time foreign minister, how can convince the world on International issues. Now, India has won again and ICJ has issued stay orders on Gulboshan's death sentence and Pakistan's lawers failed to defend Pakistan's case though it had all the evidences of Boshan's being spy and belonged to active navy service. What an irony!. Pakistani leaders will feel no shock on Pakistan's defeat in ICJ as India's but may feel satisfaction over the verdict as India's success (like friend) is theirs too.

Monday, May 15, 2017

A Cricket Arena Is To End- Misbah Ul Haq Has Announced To Retire From International Cricket(Video)

Misbah ul Haq, once known as 'tuk tuk' is now retiring from the international arena as King Misbah with standing ovation from the crowd and tribute from his teammates. Even his opponents could not help giving him a guard of honor. What an inspiring end to a stainless career. No one knew that a son of school principal in Mianwali will lead Pakistan to World's No 1 Test Ranking for the first time in history. He graduated from Faisalabad and got MBA degree from the University of Management and Technology Lahore. After which he pursued career in textiles for some time in Faisalabad. Once financially settled Misbah began to take cricket, his first love, serious again. In his spare time, he played tap-ball cricket and soon made his team champion of tap-ball tournaments. Now he was knocking at the doors of domestic circuit. Started playing club cricket at the age of 23 Misbah made his First Class debut in 1998 for Sargodha, at the age of 24. Misbah, just featured in four ODIs over years of time from January 2003 to September 2007. Earlier, Misbah was dropped from the team for four years falling prey yo nepotism in the team. He acheived his first haul mark, just one defeat in 17 test matches as a captain. Giving Australia, New Zealand, South Africa and Sri Lanka a taste of their own medicine, winning ten test series as a captain. He won most test matches as a skipper(25), beating Imran Khan (14). When Misbah was made captain, Pakistan ranked on number six in tests, within next six matches he toppled the ranking card, having 24 wins to his credit. Under his captaincy Pakistan won 24 matches, lost 13 and drawn 11.

Sunday, May 14, 2017

Muslim Miss Universe Finalist Will Wear Caftan Instead Of Bikini (Video)

A Muslim Miss Universe GB finalist, Muna Jama, 27, will become the first contestant to wear kaftan instead of bikini in the swimsuit round of the competition . She told organisers that she did not feel comfortable strutting around on stage in bikini. She is one of the 40 finalists who will compete in the three final in Cardiff next month. The winner will represent Great Britain in Miss Universe 2017 pageant. Muna was first accepted to the competition two years ago, but pulled out because of swimsuit round, which often sees contestant's parade in two tiny pieces.

Saturday, May 13, 2017

Muslims or Colored Persons Are Offloaded Or Face Discrimination On US And UK Flights

Did you ever think that for asking a glass of water, watching news or even sweating can get you kicked off a plane?. No, but if you are a Muslim, those are precisely some reasons that airlines might use to send you back to the airport terminal. Here are sone rediculous reasons for which Muslims or colored people have been off loaded on European or American flights. **-- Two Muslim women were taken off a plane just for asking for a glass of water and asking the flight crew why they were being kept in idling plane for five hours. **-- A muslim chaplain at American Northwester University was denied an unopened can of diet coke by a United Airlines attendant saying they were authorised to give passengers unopened cans because they 'might use them as weapons'. Moments later, however, same hostess gave another passenger an unopened can of beer. **-- Pilot of a United Airlines asked a Muslim family to leve the plane citing 'security reasons' after they requested for an additional strap for their youngest daughter's booster seat. **-- Three New York Muslims and a Sikh were kicked off a Toronto to New York flight, two of themhad upgraded their seat to business class. A lawsuit filed by the men states that they were removed because flight crew felt uneasy with their presence. **-- British Muslim woman was detained and questioned at a Uk airport after a crew member from her earlier flight reported her for reading a Syrian book. **-- Three British Muslim siblings were removed from an east Jet flight and were questioned after a fellow claimed they were members of Islamic state as he had seen them reading terrorist literature on their phones. **-- Two Muslim women were removed from a Jet Blue flight from Boston as one of the crew member did not like the way women were looking back at her. **-- a middle Eastern man and his compananions were kicked off a Sirit flight after a fellow passenger reported a 'suspicious activity'. He was watching news report on phone. **-- A Muslim economics professor at the University of Pennysalvania was kicked off an American flight as his fellow passenger had reported him as a terrorist because he was solving a complex equation on his notepad.

Thursday, May 11, 2017

Sheikh Rashid's Reaction About Army And Government Settlement Regarding Dawn Leaks (Video)

Sheikh Rasheed Message To People Of Pakistan On... by aliyaali123456

Dawn Leaks Issue Has Been Settled Between Pak Army And The Government

, The Pakistan Army withdrew yesterday an earlier tweet which had rejected a government notification regarding Dawn Leaks, saying the matter has been settled after implementation of recommendations in inquiry report. In an ISPR's statement it was said that Pak Army reiterates its firm commitment and continued resolve to uphold the constituition of Islamic republic of Pakistan and support the democratic process.

Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Pakistani Hackers Hacked Indian Website As a Protest To Hang Gulbhushan Immediately

The website of All India Football Federation was hacked by Pakistani hackers and site was defaced and demanded the hanging of Indian spy Gulbhushan Yadhave. The screenshot of the defaced sites was widely shared on social media. The hackers used the derogatory language against the Indian government and mocked the demand by country to release its spy caught in Pakistan. The attack came in wake of the Indian state mowing the International Court for safe release of Yadhave who has been given death sentence after he was found involved in espionage and sponsoring terrorists in Pakistan especially in Balochistan, He also gave confessional statement of spying in Pakistan being in active Indian Navy service.

PIA Pilot Took Chinese Girl To Cockpit During Flight (Video)

A pilot of PIA captain Shahzad Aziz reportedly left the deck to invite a Chinese girl to join him in the cockpit. The flight was enroute from Tokyo to Beijing. The girl stayed in the cockpit over two hours and came out only when plane landed. The pilot put the lives of hundreds passengers at risk. The latest incident just took place just after a week when a senior pilot was found sleeping in passenger compartment during the flight from Islamabad to London while under training pilot handled the flight. The pilot took a nap for two and a half hour during the flight.

Marriage Of Dr Uzma With Pakistani Husband Tahir Ali (Video)

The case of Indian woman Uzma's marriage to Pakistani man Tahir Ali is becoming embroiled enmesh as more evidences are coming to the front. In another twist it was revealed that Uzma did know about the marriage of Tahir Ali with four children. .

Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Revelations Of Ex-Girl Friend About TV Anchor Waseem Badami (Videos)

A Pakistani female surgeon who claims to be the niece of Dr Aamir Liaqat Hussain provided the details of her affair with renowned TV anchor Waseem Badami. The anonymous girl who claims to be Karachiites said she had been in contact with Badami for almost four years . The girl during during the Facebook live session revealed every minute details about her alleged affair with Waseem Badami and also how she was so close to the tv anchor. The girl also revealed that Badami had relations with his colleague Saima Kanwal which she doubts had turned in to secret Nikah. She revealed that they met in USA early this year. She said Badami came to her home right after the condolence of death of Junaid Jamshed.

Monday, May 8, 2017

Fake Peer Deeds In Sind (Video)

Fake Peer In Sindh Leaked Video by DevilGang

Islamabad Airport Violence On Female Passengers (Latest Video)

Your CNIC Has More Information About You Than You Know

There is more in computerized national identity card than people usually notice, specially when it comes to 13 digit number assigned to each individual. When decoded the digits have interesting information to reveal. Apart from the middle part of the digits which are random and have no specific meaning, the first five digits have unique characteristics which fully establish the identity of the card holder. The very first of the five digits represents the province of the cardholder . Anyone whose CNIC number starts with the digit no '1' shows he belongs to Khyber Pakhtoon Khaw (KPK). Similarly digit '2' represents Federally Admonistered Tribal Area (Fata), '3' Punjab, '4' Sind, '5' Balochistan, '6' Islamabad Capital Territory, and '7' means the card holder is from Gilgat-Baltistan. The second digits of the five digits represents the division, third the district, fourth represents the tehsil and the fifth and the last one represents union council in which the card holder resides. The middle portion of the CNIC number having seven digits is randomnly generated. The 13th and the last digit of the CNICs shows the gender of the card holder. Male card holders are awarded odd numbers like 1, 3, 5, 7 and 9 while females are issued enen numbers. NADRA issues CNIC numbers to the transgender community according to whether they identify themselves as women or men alloting even or odd numbers respectively.

Tuesday, May 2, 2017

The Number Of Mobile Phone Users Globally Is To Surpass Five Billion By Mid Of This Year-Study

According to a study released by The Association of Mobile Operators (GSMA), the number of mobile phone users globally will surpass five billion by the middle of this year. With the population in Asia and notably in India, is on the rise. The number which stood at 4.8 billion a year ago, should mushroom to 5.7 billion or three quarters of the world's population by 2020. Asia will account for around half of the total growth, with India alone adding some 310 million new subscribers in the coming three years. The study also showed trend towards broadband networks and smartphones, it also highlighted the mobile industry's growing contribution to economic activity and social development.