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Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Private PhotosPersonal Information Of Plastic Surgery Patients Hacked And Published On Dark Website

It has been reported that more than 25,000 private naked photos and personal information from Lithuanian clinic Grozio Chirugija have been hacked and have been published on Internet. The leak includes intimate photos of more than 1,500 Brits. A hacking group called Tsar Team, who broke in to its server early this year is now demanding ransom from clients in Germany, Denmark, Norway, the Uk and other EU countries.
It is unclear how many patients have been affected but police say dozens have come forward to report being blackmailed.Victims have been asked to pay 2000 pounds to guarantee their nude images, passport copies, social security numbers and other data will not be made public.
The hackers have also demanded the clinic pay 344.000 as ransom to prevent data dumping, but it refused.
On its website the clinic has warned the clients not to open and download anything sent by the blackmailer and immediately report to the police any text message they have been receiving.

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