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Thursday, May 18, 2017

Indian Woman Kidnapped Her Lover At Gunpoint From His Wedding

A young Indian woman abducted groom at gunpoint from his wedding in Indian State of Utter Pradesh. No whereabouts of groom are found so far. It is said that young man and his abductress were in relationship, before things went awry and jilted woman took this drastic step. The kidnapped man was working as compounder at doctor's clinic, where he became involved with the woman who was also working in the clinic. But her lover (Ashoke's) marriage was arranged with another girl and he stopped answering SMSs and calls. But other night when the marriage rituals started amidst she came with some people armed with revolvers and shouted saying," You loved me but you are marrying another woman, how can I accept it". Then she grabbed Ashok from his collar shoved him into her waiting car and drove off. Police said how a woman can kidnap a man in front of so many people, Ashok willingly went with her and it was a staged drama.

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