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Tuesday, May 16, 2017

India Wins-International Court Of Justice Stays Gulboshan's Death Sentence

Pakistan's foreign policy is so weak that it has no say on any international forum, whether it is the issue of Kashmir or the case of Indian spy Gulboshan. India has so powerful lobby internationally that it can defeat Pakistan on all international plateforms. Pakistan's leaders are happy with China's friendship while ignored the international community. Do our leaders not know that In CPEC how much benefit China will reap and how much would be left for Pakistan. No doubt, something is better than nothing China's friendship is good in present circumstances as Pakistan isleft alone in the world. The country that has no full time foreign minister, how can convince the world on International issues. Now, India has won again and ICJ has issued stay orders on Gulboshan's death sentence and Pakistan's lawers failed to defend Pakistan's case though it had all the evidences of Boshan's being spy and belonged to active navy service. What an irony!. Pakistani leaders will feel no shock on Pakistan's defeat in ICJ as India's but may feel satisfaction over the verdict as India's success (like friend) is theirs too.

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