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Sunday, October 31, 2010

Changing the Name of NWFP to Khyber Pakhtoon Khaw

Usually rather mostly and from the very beginning in Pakistan Political parties use two or three slogans/stunts/issues to keep their party men active and to make them follow to solve the serious problems, that if not solved may put the existence of the county into risk. Similarly, the major political party of the province had putting forward two slogans; "Kalabagh not accepted" and " Changing the NWFP to KPK. The latter has been solved and approved by the parliaments. ANP celebrated this occasion saying that their centuries old dreams have come true. I wonder that there are literary persons and intellectuals in the province but no body cared that the meaning of this name of province is wrong Pakhtoo Khaw means, he who wants Pashto, it can not be the name of a place, rather it should have been Pakhtoonistan like Pakistan , Afghanistan, Turkmenistan, etc. But, what the new name has given to the people of the province. Did they get relieved of the terrorism, rather the Provincial Minister for information lost the life of his young innocent son, did the name provide them the cheaper food items, did it control the law and order situation in the province? is Khyber Pakhtoon Khaw now presenting the the picture of paradise? nothing of the sort. But, they created conflicts over the issue. They have created farness between them and the residents of Hazara and Seraiki speaking people. Are not they right to claim their own province , if provinces are created on the basis of languages. I am myself Pushto speaking but belong to the southern most district of the province.There Seraiki and Pushto both are spoken. , In Peshawar city and adjacent areas Hindku is the primary language of the people not the Pushto, though they can speak Pushto too. In Hazara , having a vast area Hindko is spoken. The literary Pushto or the Pushto of ANP is mainly spoken in Mardan, Swabi, Charsadda, Swat, Takht Bhai, and of course in adjoining tribal areas. The Pushto of Wazirs, Masuds, Bhitanis, Banuchis and other tribal areas is quite different in accent and wordings.The Population of all Pushto speaking areas may not be more than 30 % and how the people of Hazara and Seraiki belt accepts this decision which is based on injustice. Nawaz Sharif , had some political limitations that he agreed to this issue. Baba Haidar Zaman of Hazara Movement has advised his people to install the boards of Hazara Province on all the borders of other provinces leading to Hazara, including Punjab and KPK. If, Seraiki belt is not active yet but they will move to get separate Provinve because from DI khan to Rahim Yar Khan and Bahawalpur and all the Cholistan area consists of Seraiki people and stretches over a vast area. Where does this issue will lead the people to, where we have many other crises to deal with.

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Pakistanis Can Do Anything They want to

Pakistani Scholar Dr. Hina Siddiqui won the best “Oral Presentation Award” in the 11th Eurasia conference on Chemical Sciences. The international conference was held in Jordon from Oct.6 to Oct.10, 2010. Dr. Siddiqui’s presentation was declared as one of the top three oral presentations in the conference.Another scholar from Peshawar also got prize in the event, where over 200 scientists delivered their presentations from 69 countries.When she was in school, she read an inspiring interview of Prof. Dr. Atta-ur-Rahman. In that Dr. Atta-ur-Rehman said "institutions are not made up from bricks and stones rather they are made up of people who have dreams and vision". The sentence changed Siddiqui’s vision and she devoted herself to exploring the unknown.
Pakistani youth is intelligent, hard working, devoted to its mission and do any thing that want to do. But, they are neither encouraged nor provided funds to carry out research activities by the authorities. In Pakistan minimum of the budget is allocated for education and those who are intelligent and shining young ones are mostly poor. If they are not awarded scholarships or waiver of tuition fees they can not afford to earn higher degrees. While private universities are too expensive. It is well known fact that those countries that are lagging behind in education can never stand in the row of developed ones and and can never progress. All the corruptions and other evils in Pakistan are spreading due to ignorance and un-wmployment. Does Government want Pakistan to be a prosperous country? if so then maximum facilities and funding be extended to the educational institutions , however strict eye be kept on the spending. Because these institutions are also in Pakistan and run by Pakistanis. But, who will audit and monitor the activities? the same dishonest and corrupt people ? But in education sectors the professors emirates and other educationists are mostly honest as compared to people in other walks of life.

Friday, October 29, 2010

Difference Between Pakistani and American Medical Doctors

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Medical profession is considered a sacred one all over the world. Doctors serve the humanity by providing treatments to the patients. Sooth the sick ones, sympathize with the patients and give them health , though it is from Allah but means and source are the doctors. In Pakistan, people notice the see that doctors have no sympathy with the patients, they do not concentrate and give full attention to the patients. During surgical operations , if patients has left kidney is non-funtional they will remove the right one, if right leg is to be operated upon they will cut the left one. So many patients are dead due to the negligence, carelessness or even by the inexperienced ones , because specialists would hand over the patients to his assistants after charging the fees. Our doctor are interested in fees, they would never treat a poor patient free or provide medicines free to the poor. However, exceptions are there but those are very few who are real "Maseehas" giving life to people like Jesus Christ.
But in the USA, doctors are real ones and do care for patients and life savers and givers. Dr Brine Blade Sue belongs to University of Nevada school of Medicine.He advises trainee doctors that they must take their patient as a person not as a number. He also told his new doctors that patients need urgent treatment but unnecessary quickness may be fatal. Dr Brine is regretting for his blunder due to haste till today that caused the death of a lady patient. He narrates his story saying that a lady was brought to emergency ward who had collar on her neck and feeling pain in her head, she was accompanied by her son and daughter. As the emergency room was full of patients, so there doctor have to do every thing in hurry,therefore he diagnosed her neck pain as pull of muscles and felt nothing serious about her. After giving her some medicines discharged her. Second day a lady was brought in an ambulance suffering from heart attack. Doctors including Dr Brine made full efforts to get her heart work but failed and she expired. Dr Brine recognized her thorough her son and daughter who brought to emergency the day before. Dr felt very upset because he considered himself responsible for that due to not giving attention to symptoms of heart trouble that was the reason of her head pain, because of too much haste. The second day Dr Brine attended her funeral in the church and regretted to her son and daughter that he could not give full attention to their mother. They said doctor you are very nice person you did all the efforts. Dr Brine is feeling sorrow for the lady all the time. Is any doctor in Pakistan who confesses his negligence that may have caused the death of his patient. No and never.

Thursday, October 28, 2010

US President's Visit to India

Being front-line ally in the war against terrorism, Pakistan expects a lot from the United States, but always forgets to evaluate her own position and status. Pakistan was never considered and given the status of a friend by the United States. USA is right in considering Pakistan just a paid ally of her, because they have paying Pakistan since the regime of Pervez Musharrraf , even for the people Pakistan that were handing over to the USA. We are not friends of USA , but slaves and obedient servants and this is her kindness and politeness that USA pays dollars. Just during the strategic dialogue USA announced a military aid of 2 billion dollars. Civil nuclear technology is given to friends like India. This is USA's sole authority and right to extend cooperation in any sector to any state. What claim we have for that and why.. However the aid or leggings that are handed over to Pakistan is gone where it should go and have been going in the past., but the end users is at least not the nation. Neither USA will give civil nuclear technology to Pakistan nor it will allow it from China, unless Pakistan provides the details. Pakistan is so hypnotized by USA that it would not take this technology from China nor gas and electricity from Iran. We are slaves. and made by our all rulers and must remain in our limits and bounds as the servant must live. However, President Obama has promised to visit Pakistan next year and for this promise our rulers are very glad and Foreign Minister specially told the nation on TV

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Pakistan is Progressing by Leaps and Bounds?

Though Transparency International has declared Pakistan as a 34th corrupt state in nearly 200 countries, but it is neither astonishing nor unexpected. Last year Pakistan was on 42nd position Astonishing matter is that why not stood first and poor Somalis got the first position, where nothing is left to be looted by the looters. Even they have nothing to eat. Somalia is just "defamed" and some thing went "wrong" in surveying and compiling the data by Asian Development Bank or World Bank and poor state state got the title of  the MOST CORRUPT country of the world. I think Pakistanis must not be discouraged , though this time Somalia snatched the title. Next time we will be on Victory Stand , though now not far away.
All Pakistanis may be ashamed of the corruption going on in each and every institution of the country,but the rulers would never feel so. They will just deny the facts, while common man knows that when he has work file pending in any government department it would move further without the "wheels". What to speak of higher ups and the authorized persons our masses are also not fare in dealings; taking from taxi driver who will try to deceive you and charge more , the peon and clerk in office, the Moharrir(clerk) in Police Station and the reader in court. The corruption is not only giving bribery in the form of cash to get your work done but not performing one's duty properly is corruption, cheating in weighing the food items or any thing by the shopkeepers. Which walk of life in our country is clean. Distribution of food items and other commodities have been sold in the market or taken home by the people who have mandatory duty to do the work honestly. At least we can be proud of the some thing in any walk of  of life that we are progressing and are ahead of developed countries, whether it may be may corruption.. .

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Muslim Sacrifices are Promoting Islam

The Dictator of Iraq and the Ally of the United States when attacked and invaded Kuwait, the shaikh of Kuwait got asylum in USA and requested USA to attack Iraq and recapture his state for him. The United did so and got the Kuwait free from the occupation of Iraq. After wards because of his interests and on the pressures of Jewish lobby attacked Iraq for having so called nuclear weapons that were never found nor traced out. because that did not exist, however millions of Iraqis, including women and children were killed and tortured though, the USA was never successful in obtaining oil and taking through pipeline to Israel nor it obtained any nuclear weapon. Similarly, USA attacked Afghanistan posing Osama and Al-qaida for attacking World Trade Center. however contrasting investigating reports were published in International Media and actual attackers are still not confirmed yet. However all the Muslim all over the World condemned this cowardly action and passed resolutions against this incident. But USA and along with its alleys continue to kill Muslims in Afghanistan and Pakistan( through drone attacks). The least Taliban commanders or Taliban groups were affected but innocent civilians have been killed during these attacks. But, ever USA and other European "Think Tanks" thought over the point that as they have posed the bearded Muslims, the turban clad Muslims as terrorists, the intelligent people, the intellectuals, the cream of the society of Western countries never believe this sort of  blame till they have some solid ground and reasons. Before this , least people of the West knew about Muslims, Afghanistan or Pakistan and after this they searched the libraries, the Internet the Islamic Books and Even Quranic Translations and they came to know that Islam is the Religion of peace , brotherhood, the religion of humanity the human being. The golden teachings of Islam  are about the respect of human beings, against any murder or killing any innocent person. Islam considers one murder of an innocent person a murder of humanity. How Muslims can kill the women , children and elderly people. Islam teaches and gives respect to  women, the elders the human beings irrespective of religion. However, exceptions are their bad people and evils are found in every society. The terrorists activities are indivual acts of those who are not true Muslims they are doing against the teaching of Islam. The hundreds of peole knowing the actual teachings of Islam are embracing Islam , the true religion on the Universe. In France, In England, in USA and even in other countries people are being converted to Islam. Of course this is the fruits of the sacrifices of innocent Muslims all over the world. Every Muslim is against the terrorism , against the killing of innocent people and Pakistan is front line ally in this regard  This is up to Think Tanks of the Western countries whether they want to promote Islam and continue killing innocent people or stop killing and minimize its affects. .   .. .       

Monday, October 25, 2010

Congratulations Laureen

  My Dear Sister,Assalamo Alaikum wa Rahmatullah he Bara Kata hu, You are a great lady who belong to  a society that is too free in many human values. There, a woman is considered a commodity, has little respect as in the society, you have embraced Islam and entered a circle of the religion that teaches the respect for  woman who is as daughter, mother and life -partner. You  were in darkness my Allah guided you to right path , you found NOOR (Light) at the Shrine of BIbi Masooma in Iran.that will enlighten your life.Islam, the true religion in the Universe will change your life . You will see the difference in your life that you have passed and the life in future and the life hereafter. Kindly ignore those Muslims  in Islamic countries who do not truely follow the teachings of the true religion , but please look at the teachings what they say . You have already started veiling, 5 times prayers, and reciting the Quran. Please convey your message to other people who have not yet entered on the right path to the destination. Allah will help you. May My Allah bless you. Assalamo Alaikum

Sunday, October 24, 2010


Phool aur Kankar: USA's Reservations About Some Pakistani Army Units?

Phool aur Kankar: USA's Reservations About Some Pakistani Army Units?

USA's Reservations About Some Pakistani Army Units?

USA has alleged showing its reservations about some Pakistani Army units blaming that they were involved in killings of unarmed prisoners during the operation against Taliban. They have not talked to the Pakistani delegates yet about the issue. But, New york Times wrote that under the USA Congress Amendment thru Leahy bill, USA Government is not allowed to extend military aids to any foreign army that is involved in such activities. Pakistani Army Chief has already ordered probe into the matter that was highlighted in a video film on Internet. In the video some people dressed in Army uniform were shown to kill prisoners. This was nothing but just to defame Pak Army. It is a fact that US PENTAGON is expert in preparing videos like this as it has been doing and releasing OSAMA's videos. But what the PENTAGON will say about WikiLeaks reports in which it was revealed that US army killed 66000 innocent civilian Iraqis, while US ignored the reports about torture, sexual harassment and murders. It did not penalize the military personnel involved in these crimes. WikiLeaks reports also reveal that civilian deaths were kept out of record in Iraq and out of 109000 killings, 66000 were those who were who did not participate in war and were innocent. Medical reports also revealed that thousands of people were tortured to death in Iraq. So, are American army exempted from all the killings , they are allowed to kill Muslims in the world? Now, in Pakistani tribal areas drone attacks are killing hundreds of innocent people. They are allowed to be killed because they are muslims. USA can not succeed in war against Talibans, it seems so, and is inclined to have talks with them but continues to kill innocent people.

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Phool aur Kankar: Present Govt To Be Appreciated For Increase in Salaries

Phool aur Kankar: Present Govt To Be Appreciated For Increase in Salaries

Present Govt To Be Appreciated For Increase in Salaries

The present PPP government has taken one appreciable step in its whole more than 30 months duration that it increased the salaries of government servants to the tune of 50 %. That is quite reasonable increase, therefore employees were not out on the roads and on strike or taking out procession, which they used to do after announcement of the budget every year. Another good decision was the giving of 20 % medical allowance to the pensioners that was never done in the history of Pakistan. Retired people are of course elderly and old persons who get sick and need medical treatment that they can not afford in their in meager pensions. Whose was behind the decision but of course a wisest man he must be. Though this benefit will vanish with in 3-4 months because the speed with which the the prices of food items are going up and the utility bills are increasing with a unbeatable speed, government employees will remain on the place they were before June this year.However, government made a wise decision at least for the time being. On the other hand PPP government could not control the price hike, gas and electricity load-shedding, dozens of killings daily in Karachi, bomb-blasts, drone attacks, overall law and order situation in the country, corruption that is on the rise, management of the aid to flood affectees, street -crimes and could not assure the safety of the people's lives and property. Can it be called a successful governance? Can any body reply?

Phool aur Kankar: Pak -US Strategic Dialogues

Phool aur Kankar: Pak -US Strategic Dialogues

Pak -US Strategic Dialogues

Army Chief and Federal Ministers along with high ranking officials are on the visit to USA for strategic dialogues. Though PM has ordered some ministers to come back to reduce the expenses on the trip but no one is back yet n would not be. This is just to show the naton how much government is keen about the national money. Yes, Sure, Nation must believe why not? As nation is compelled to beleive many beneficial steps of the government in favor of nation. America has said that India is no threat for Pakistan. How do they know? e India is the most cunning enemy for Pakistan on this globe and USA has declare her a peaceful country. America is not willing to give civil nuclear technology to Pakistan , but has asked that Pakistan should provide her the details about the nuclear deal details that China is willing to cooperate and extending her help to Pakistan in this regard. President Obama is not visiting Pakistan in near future but promised to have his visit next year and Hussain Haqqani is taking credit for this vist that may be done or not or are just "sweetheart" promises. USA has extended two billion dollars aid in the form of arms and pressing hard to carry out clean up operation in North Waziristan. Our leaders are happy for the deal and talks with that they condider is most successful. Though Hiliary Clinton has said there were some issues that have not been agreed upon yet. If USA gives 2 billion she will take back manifold out of this aid. This amount is only meant for killing half the Pakistanis. What a beautiful deal.

Friday, October 22, 2010

Saudi Arabia and Gulf States purchase Arms from USA

United States of America is a big Arms producer and manufacring country. Every time when arms factories manufacture piles of arms and need to test new arms , the experimental field and subjects have to be decided where the new arms can be tested and its quality, range and other characteristics may be known practically. Where would they find new fields and targets? the weakest, the poors, back ward people and depressed leaders and rulers who are crushing their people and seek to find a guard father; present their countries, their people as targets. If the rulers hesitate to do so, then USA finds grounds and excuses to invade the country. Vietnam, Iraq, Afghanistan and to some extent Pakistan. Who are they? Muslims and Muslims people are the subjects on whom newly manufactured arms asre tested. How these arms can kill these people the targetted ones, in how many parts their body is cut to pieces and wounds are healable or not that must not be. THat is the main objectives of the experiments. The purpose of USA may not be to geographically change the borders but its aims can be fulfilled by starting a war. Her new arms have been tested in Pakistan, Afghanistan, and Iraq all the muslim countries. Now the results have been analyzed, concluded and fond satisfactory and must have been shown to the buyers who are willing to buy the tested arms. Who asre they the Muslims, the wealthiest nastions of the world and Muslim Ummah. Saudi arab is purchasing arms worth 60 billion Dollars, Dubai, and other persian gulf states will buy more than 60 billion dollars arms. Where they willl test? Will they open some new front.or will they stand shoulders to shoulders with USA to kill Muslims.? Allah Knows

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Verdict on 18th Amendment

Chief Justice of Pakistan Justice Iftikhar Muhammed Chaudhry read out the verdict that says
Article175-A of the Constitution will be sent back to the Parliament. This article is about the appointment of judges of the higher judiciary. The ruling also dictates that under Article-68 of the Constitution, the behavior of judges of higher judiciary could not be brought under discussion at the Parliament. This lenthy hearing, spanning more than four months, starting on May 24 and concluding on September 30. Since the 18th Amendment was passed some six months back, there has been no substantial implementation of it although the court had not stayed its operation. During this period, not a single judge to any superior court has been appointed as per the new procedure introduced by Article 175A although many vacancies exist in high courts.
The serious issue of extension of 34 additional judges of the four high courts on expiration of their first one-year term was temporarily resolved by the apex court when it ordered that they should continue for the time being. This was done only because of the pending verdict on the 18th Amendment. The government representatives defended the 18th Amendment, mainly arguing that parliament has the supreme right to amend the Constitution and no institution can undo it.
The Punjab government’s stand remained confused most of the time. Its Advocate General left it to the Supreme Court to decide the issues in any way it wants while Shahid Hamid, who was separately hired by it for this case, stood for parliament’s right to amend the Constitution, which, he said, can’t be taken away by any other state organ.
The SC verdict deals with five key questions, the principal being the new mechanism of judges’ appointment to superior courts, which is yet to be put into practice.
Earlier talking, Barrister Wasim Sajjad, one of the leading lawyers, who represented the government to defend the constitutional changes, said, “Primarily, the court is likely to take care of these main issues raised in arguments and different petitions, challenging some clauses of the 18th Amendment.”
According to him, the first and foremost issue relates to the new procedure regarding the judges’ nomination that provides for the creation of a judicial commission (Article 175-A), headed by the chief justice of Pakistan, and a rare parliamentary committee that would finally approve the appointments.
The second challenge pertains to the unseating of MPs on the charge of defection (Article 63A) with this power having been given to political party heads, taking it away from heads of parliamentary parties.
The third issue concerns the undoing of the condition of elections within political parties on the ground that the requirement exists in a law and there is no need to keep it in the Constitution. Another question relates to the women’s reserved seats, which its challengers wanted to be dispensed with for being discriminatory. This was introduced by the 17th Amendment, which was retained by the 18th Amendment.
Yet another issue pertains to the shifting of some subjects to the provinces after the scrapping of the Concurrent Legislative List. The sixth question concerns the conclusive determination of the basic structure of the Constitution, which has not been elaborately settled on in any judgment of superior courts.
Experts say it is not known in view of the 18th Amendment that how the judicial commission will come to know of suitable names although it is the forum that will send its recommendations to the parliamentary committee for final approval. The committee can’t consider any name on its own. Neither the president nor the prime minister can send any name to the commission or the committee for consideration.
As verdict on the amendment has come to lioght, nation will wait and see how the government reacts, because earlier Government paid no attention to the decisions of the court and acted its own will. Seems goivernment may dig out some grounds for non implementation. Lert us wait see what the government is going to do and what the leaders of PPP say and issue statements about the verdict.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

PPP Leaders Blame Media

It is very awkward situation that those people are blaming the electronic and print media of Pakistan who are not clean themselves. What will they say to International Media who has opened the facts to the world about the mental conditions of the leadership , the corruption scandals, money laundering, incapable governance and so on and so forth. The fault of journalists is that they have narrated the truth what has already been cited by out side world on media. The PPP leaders are declaring the re known journalists as American and Indian agents who are working for their agenda. What would they say about drone attacks killing dozens of innocent people including women, children and elderly . Does one can say that responsible persons are re American agents. What would they say to supreme court who is reiterating its determination to collect back the money from Swiss Banks. Is Supreme Court that what they have "named" to the journalists? Are 180 million people of Pakistan Indian agents ;except a few PPP "Jialas' (workers) , who are in favor of getting Swiss money back to the country? If NRO has been made null and void by the supreme court, what is the fault of journalists in reminding the government about writing letters to the Swiss Government. Government should concentrate on maintaining law and order situation in Karachi where one person is killed after every hour instead of indulging in pity things that will take the country to the point of no return.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Pakistani Parliamentarians--- Chips of the Same Bundle

It is leant that the memberships of 148 parliamentarians have been suspended due to not submitting their asset declaration forms. They include senators, provincial assembly members all the four provinces and federal ministers. Why should they bother to declare their assets when they have been least interested in attending the the parliamentary sessions or sessions of provincial assemblies. Inspite of absense from the sessions they receive all the facilities. They may receive daily allowances. Among them are the chief of a religious party and ally of the present government and his brother who have not given the statements of assets. Other thing is that their assts would have definetely gone up so they would first think about "constructing baseless grounds" to justify manifold increase in property, lands and high class houses. The religious party leader and his brother have constucted palaces on D I Khan -Bannu road, but they usually reside in islamabad. They would never think to give shelter to flood affectees rather they were intending to drown them by floods and were not allowing people to cut the road and save the Shorkot village residents but, they were only thinking of themselves.
Though their memberships have been suspended from yesterday but all the ministers would be attending offices and doing their routine work of their selves ( giving employments to friends and relatives)not for the people. What a wonderful democracy is it in Pakistan.

Monday, October 18, 2010

Ah! Dr Talib Hussain Ashraf

You are so suddenly gone that it seems unbeleivable. Not me but your own family Bhabi, children and all your close friends do not beleive but it is a fact you are gone on the way and to the destination from where nobody comes again.You were great person i used to to say to you that you are misfit and misplaced in your family because no kith or kin in your family reached to the status and stndard and that you acheived with your hard working , enthusuaism, and interest in your profession in your urdu literature. You wre expert in " Iqbaliat" so you got your PhD very easily and quickly. You were self made person. From Metric you earned all the degrees with your hard work and privately. You got gold medal in MA urdu as a private student. You were best poet. We both used to discuss our poetry hours and hours and discussed about what we had published in magazines and newspapers. You were the shining star of Urdu Poetry in Dera Ismail Khan. We both joined "Arbab _e_ Qalam and under the auspices of this literary organization All Pakistan Mushairas were held. But all the shining stars that used to enlighten the literary environment of D I Khan set down. Among these Prof Nasir Ahmad Zar, Prof Nazeer Ashk, Ghaffar Babar, Ghulam Mohammad Qasir,Nasse Sarmad,Bahram Sahil and many others who are no more in this world to serve Urdu Poetry who had their mission of life to promote urdu. You had a nice choice in selecting your life partner who is best udru poetess. She is kind , nice and affectionate mother. Of course faithful and sincere life partner . Your kids Moeed, Mughees and Mueez i pray for thenm to be successful in life as you were. I pray to Allah for your soul to be in peace. May Allah give them patience to bear irreperable loss of father.

Friday, October 15, 2010

Political Psonami May Hit Pakistan Soon

The present government is following nearly all those steps that were taken by former President Parvez Musharraf that caused the fall of his empire. The last blunder that hit his government was the dismissal of soupreme judiciary and the present PPP govt is proceeding towards that end.President is taking all the steps against the supreme court and not implementating any decision of the court. The recent appointment of NAB chairman is an example that has been nullified by the court. What it would result ? the same as was the fate of former president. But this time another power may come, though they are not willing to do so but govt is making so many mistakes and leading the nation towards disaster. Parvez Musharraf was also forced and pushed to the same same situation , but this time conditions are worst due to corruption in all walks of life . The third power has to save nation there is another choice otherwise every thing will collapse May Allah bless this nation.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

What is Democracy?

The old proverb of the people by the people for the people--- Does it remain the same in real sense? and is it in real sense working in the democratic world? Does majority rule in the democratic states? one of the Prime Minister of Britian( I think was John Major Plz correct me if wrong) had been ruling the country with only one more vote in the parliament than the opposition parties . However, appreciable was the matter that there did not happen any horse trading like Pakistan. Similarly, a ruling party in any country that comes in power due to so called majority of votes is the securing hundred percent of votes polled? it is never so. on other way round does it obtained more than 51 % of votes? if so may be called majority party. But , in Pakistan, a party is ruling with less than 10 % of the total votes casted. Ninety percent of the votes or opinion of the people goes to hell. Why? Here, the so called democratic govenment is ruling and deciding herself whatever is in her own interest like a dictator. Most Incapable persons are posted on key posts and many other decisions. Is it is Democracy? If so hell with this type of democracy.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Pakistani Politicians Blame Each Other

Pakistani politicians are doing nothing for the starving naton, worst situation of law and order in the country. What to speak of bad governace, there is no governace even in the country. The most incapable , the most inillegible people are the masters of the fate of 180 million people; who are suffering from the price hike, facing kilklings, bomb blasts and natural disters are additional. But people in power and as well as leaders of leading political parties are blaming each other issueing statements against each other,throwing mud and what not as a dirty game of the politics peculiar to Pakistan. What the world would be thinking about Pakistan. Politicians have no manifestoes, nothing to give to people but snatch every thing from them what they already have a little. Taxes are imposed on poors, salary men but not on land lords. Nawaz Sharif has issued charge sheet against Parvez Musharraf, what it will do a good for the people. At least Marvez Musharif is replying only to the blamess and illegations politicians are charging him with. Can anybody say that present government is better than Musharraf's regime. If compared then his was far better. He is an intelligent person not dull as our present leaders are. They have no comparison with him Young generations is fond of him and politians are afraid of his coming back. What a funny situation is this. May My Allah save our country. Ameen

Monday, October 11, 2010

Again NRO hearing To be Postponed

Government has has petetion for further extending the hearing date to NRO case because excusing of Appointment of advocate Kamal Azfar as Advisor to PM and till the appointment of another advocate. Why government wants to delay the case. If there is nothing in thecase n nobody has some proofs for the swiss money then let the letter may go and every body get clear. But seems some thing is wrong at the bottom there delaying tactices are being practiced. On other hands PM is in hot water and his close colleaues are also worried due to him Because PM 's carrier as a politician is at risk and his position is going to be awkward due to clarifying the position of govt all the time.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

NATO Supply Line Through Pakistan

Oil supply to NATO forces in Afghanistan through Pakistan has been re-opened after closure of Torkhum route for 10 days. This was the first courageous step of Pakistan in the History that threat worked and NATO Commondars, US Foreign Office and USA Ambassodor to Pakistan have regretted for attacking with in the borders of Pakistan. Though they would never do so for drone attacks in Pakistan's territory rather they justify it by saying that they are killing terrorists. They are encouraged by the silence of Pakistani government or weaker protest for the attacks. These attacks also kill hunders of innocent women , children and elderly ones. This stoppage of oil was not done by mentally slave government but by the Army who have the courage , boldness and can face any challenge. At least , NATO army will be carefull now n avoid attacking with in territory of the State. The logistic facilities were provovided by former President and this government also continued. Because with out the favor of USA, Pakistan can not get loans from World Bank or IMF. What a merciful condition we are in.

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Is Change Near in Pakistan?

Chaudhary Nisar of PML (N) has disclosed that now change is unavoidable in Pakistan because the present govenment is destroying the instituitions. This he siad while talking to an anker person on a private news channel. This he said on the occasion when Retired Justice Deedar Hussain has been apponted the head of NAB. Now every person in Pakistan notices that govenment thinks that these are its last days probably, because govt; is making some dangerous decision in apponting corrupt or NRO beneficieries on key posts of the country like appointment of Direcctor General Haj, Chief Secretary of Sind, Head of OGDC and now head of NAB. How a person who has been elected on the ticket of PPP twice to the provincial assembly can be impartial. Definetely Government has not consulted opposition nor Chief Justice of Pakistan in his appointment. On 13 th of October govenment's Attorney has to appear in court for clearing the position of govt; whether it is going to write a letter to Swiss Government about bank money. While swiss govt has passed a constituition to give back the black money to the govenments if they pursue the case properly n present proofs. On the other hand a right hand of of a VVIP, Ali Brohi has been arrested for with the allegations of smuggling drugs also occupying illegally the lands of worth hbillions of rupees. Unfortuntely people like this are ruling the country , what an unlucky nation.

Friday, October 8, 2010

Phool aur Kankar: Welcome Parvez Musharraf

Phool aur Kankar: Welcome Parvez Musharraf

Welcome Parvez Musharraf

Mr. Parvez Musharraf, you have been the Army Chief as well as President of Pakistan more than any politician and you know the ups and downs of the politics. Though you were forced and pushed to the dirty politics but when you got the power you liked it being wholly solly king of the country. You know as well that politics of Pakistan is a pond of dirt and greed, any body jumping in to this pond will make dirty himself. If you have the courage and will power to clean this dirt and keeping yourself clean and clear then you are wel comed to the plotics. Otherwise you know here in our lovely country only land lords, industrialists and former beaurucrates are the hub of power. You have been, no doubbt, a brave soldier and a good C in C, but as a politician you committed some blunders that deprived you of the power. But , of curse you were better than corrupt politicians. But people around you misuided you and they do always and the person in chair closes eyes and ears and listens to those who misguide him and convey wrong version of the situation and suggest wrong steps to be taken. Now you have recognized them people who were near to you did not accompany you now and that is good for you. You have some sincere and nice people too. The young generation likes you more than the present leaders in the country. If you have clear manifesto and if you are clear hearted want to take this country to its real destination, nation will welcome you . Come on and step forward many will follow you. May My Allah Bless you if you are sincere to the Nation.

Wel come Parvez Musharraf