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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Muslim Sacrifices are Promoting Islam

The Dictator of Iraq and the Ally of the United States when attacked and invaded Kuwait, the shaikh of Kuwait got asylum in USA and requested USA to attack Iraq and recapture his state for him. The United did so and got the Kuwait free from the occupation of Iraq. After wards because of his interests and on the pressures of Jewish lobby attacked Iraq for having so called nuclear weapons that were never found nor traced out. because that did not exist, however millions of Iraqis, including women and children were killed and tortured though, the USA was never successful in obtaining oil and taking through pipeline to Israel nor it obtained any nuclear weapon. Similarly, USA attacked Afghanistan posing Osama and Al-qaida for attacking World Trade Center. however contrasting investigating reports were published in International Media and actual attackers are still not confirmed yet. However all the Muslim all over the World condemned this cowardly action and passed resolutions against this incident. But USA and along with its alleys continue to kill Muslims in Afghanistan and Pakistan( through drone attacks). The least Taliban commanders or Taliban groups were affected but innocent civilians have been killed during these attacks. But, ever USA and other European "Think Tanks" thought over the point that as they have posed the bearded Muslims, the turban clad Muslims as terrorists, the intelligent people, the intellectuals, the cream of the society of Western countries never believe this sort of  blame till they have some solid ground and reasons. Before this , least people of the West knew about Muslims, Afghanistan or Pakistan and after this they searched the libraries, the Internet the Islamic Books and Even Quranic Translations and they came to know that Islam is the Religion of peace , brotherhood, the religion of humanity the human being. The golden teachings of Islam  are about the respect of human beings, against any murder or killing any innocent person. Islam considers one murder of an innocent person a murder of humanity. How Muslims can kill the women , children and elderly people. Islam teaches and gives respect to  women, the elders the human beings irrespective of religion. However, exceptions are their bad people and evils are found in every society. The terrorists activities are indivual acts of those who are not true Muslims they are doing against the teaching of Islam. The hundreds of peole knowing the actual teachings of Islam are embracing Islam , the true religion on the Universe. In France, In England, in USA and even in other countries people are being converted to Islam. Of course this is the fruits of the sacrifices of innocent Muslims all over the world. Every Muslim is against the terrorism , against the killing of innocent people and Pakistan is front line ally in this regard  This is up to Think Tanks of the Western countries whether they want to promote Islam and continue killing innocent people or stop killing and minimize its affects. .   .. .       

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