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Friday, October 8, 2010

Welcome Parvez Musharraf

Mr. Parvez Musharraf, you have been the Army Chief as well as President of Pakistan more than any politician and you know the ups and downs of the politics. Though you were forced and pushed to the dirty politics but when you got the power you liked it being wholly solly king of the country. You know as well that politics of Pakistan is a pond of dirt and greed, any body jumping in to this pond will make dirty himself. If you have the courage and will power to clean this dirt and keeping yourself clean and clear then you are wel comed to the plotics. Otherwise you know here in our lovely country only land lords, industrialists and former beaurucrates are the hub of power. You have been, no doubbt, a brave soldier and a good C in C, but as a politician you committed some blunders that deprived you of the power. But , of curse you were better than corrupt politicians. But people around you misuided you and they do always and the person in chair closes eyes and ears and listens to those who misguide him and convey wrong version of the situation and suggest wrong steps to be taken. Now you have recognized them people who were near to you did not accompany you now and that is good for you. You have some sincere and nice people too. The young generation likes you more than the present leaders in the country. If you have clear manifesto and if you are clear hearted want to take this country to its real destination, nation will welcome you . Come on and step forward many will follow you. May My Allah Bless you if you are sincere to the Nation.

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