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Saturday, October 23, 2010

Present Govt To Be Appreciated For Increase in Salaries

The present PPP government has taken one appreciable step in its whole more than 30 months duration that it increased the salaries of government servants to the tune of 50 %. That is quite reasonable increase, therefore employees were not out on the roads and on strike or taking out procession, which they used to do after announcement of the budget every year. Another good decision was the giving of 20 % medical allowance to the pensioners that was never done in the history of Pakistan. Retired people are of course elderly and old persons who get sick and need medical treatment that they can not afford in their in meager pensions. Whose was behind the decision but of course a wisest man he must be. Though this benefit will vanish with in 3-4 months because the speed with which the the prices of food items are going up and the utility bills are increasing with a unbeatable speed, government employees will remain on the place they were before June this year.However, government made a wise decision at least for the time being. On the other hand PPP government could not control the price hike, gas and electricity load-shedding, dozens of killings daily in Karachi, bomb-blasts, drone attacks, overall law and order situation in the country, corruption that is on the rise, management of the aid to flood affectees, street -crimes and could not assure the safety of the people's lives and property. Can it be called a successful governance? Can any body reply?

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