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Sunday, October 24, 2010

USA's Reservations About Some Pakistani Army Units?

USA has alleged showing its reservations about some Pakistani Army units blaming that they were involved in killings of unarmed prisoners during the operation against Taliban. They have not talked to the Pakistani delegates yet about the issue. But, New york Times wrote that under the USA Congress Amendment thru Leahy bill, USA Government is not allowed to extend military aids to any foreign army that is involved in such activities. Pakistani Army Chief has already ordered probe into the matter that was highlighted in a video film on Internet. In the video some people dressed in Army uniform were shown to kill prisoners. This was nothing but just to defame Pak Army. It is a fact that US PENTAGON is expert in preparing videos like this as it has been doing and releasing OSAMA's videos. But what the PENTAGON will say about WikiLeaks reports in which it was revealed that US army killed 66000 innocent civilian Iraqis, while US ignored the reports about torture, sexual harassment and murders. It did not penalize the military personnel involved in these crimes. WikiLeaks reports also reveal that civilian deaths were kept out of record in Iraq and out of 109000 killings, 66000 were those who were who did not participate in war and were innocent. Medical reports also revealed that thousands of people were tortured to death in Iraq. So, are American army exempted from all the killings , they are allowed to kill Muslims in the world? Now, in Pakistani tribal areas drone attacks are killing hundreds of innocent people. They are allowed to be killed because they are muslims. USA can not succeed in war against Talibans, it seems so, and is inclined to have talks with them but continues to kill innocent people.

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