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Thursday, October 14, 2010

What is Democracy?

The old proverb of the people by the people for the people--- Does it remain the same in real sense? and is it in real sense working in the democratic world? Does majority rule in the democratic states? one of the Prime Minister of Britian( I think was John Major Plz correct me if wrong) had been ruling the country with only one more vote in the parliament than the opposition parties . However, appreciable was the matter that there did not happen any horse trading like Pakistan. Similarly, a ruling party in any country that comes in power due to so called majority of votes is the securing hundred percent of votes polled? it is never so. on other way round does it obtained more than 51 % of votes? if so may be called majority party. But , in Pakistan, a party is ruling with less than 10 % of the total votes casted. Ninety percent of the votes or opinion of the people goes to hell. Why? Here, the so called democratic govenment is ruling and deciding herself whatever is in her own interest like a dictator. Most Incapable persons are posted on key posts and many other decisions. Is it is Democracy? If so hell with this type of democracy.

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