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Friday, October 15, 2010

Political Psonami May Hit Pakistan Soon

The present government is following nearly all those steps that were taken by former President Parvez Musharraf that caused the fall of his empire. The last blunder that hit his government was the dismissal of soupreme judiciary and the present PPP govt is proceeding towards that end.President is taking all the steps against the supreme court and not implementating any decision of the court. The recent appointment of NAB chairman is an example that has been nullified by the court. What it would result ? the same as was the fate of former president. But this time another power may come, though they are not willing to do so but govt is making so many mistakes and leading the nation towards disaster. Parvez Musharraf was also forced and pushed to the same same situation , but this time conditions are worst due to corruption in all walks of life . The third power has to save nation there is another choice otherwise every thing will collapse May Allah bless this nation.

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