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Monday, October 25, 2010

Congratulations Laureen

  My Dear Sister,Assalamo Alaikum wa Rahmatullah he Bara Kata hu, You are a great lady who belong to  a society that is too free in many human values. There, a woman is considered a commodity, has little respect as in the society, you have embraced Islam and entered a circle of the religion that teaches the respect for  woman who is as daughter, mother and life -partner. You  were in darkness my Allah guided you to right path , you found NOOR (Light) at the Shrine of BIbi Masooma in Iran.that will enlighten your life.Islam, the true religion in the Universe will change your life . You will see the difference in your life that you have passed and the life in future and the life hereafter. Kindly ignore those Muslims  in Islamic countries who do not truely follow the teachings of the true religion , but please look at the teachings what they say . You have already started veiling, 5 times prayers, and reciting the Quran. Please convey your message to other people who have not yet entered on the right path to the destination. Allah will help you. May My Allah bless you. Assalamo Alaikum

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