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Friday, October 29, 2010

Difference Between Pakistani and American Medical Doctors

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Medical profession is considered a sacred one all over the world. Doctors serve the humanity by providing treatments to the patients. Sooth the sick ones, sympathize with the patients and give them health , though it is from Allah but means and source are the doctors. In Pakistan, people notice the see that doctors have no sympathy with the patients, they do not concentrate and give full attention to the patients. During surgical operations , if patients has left kidney is non-funtional they will remove the right one, if right leg is to be operated upon they will cut the left one. So many patients are dead due to the negligence, carelessness or even by the inexperienced ones , because specialists would hand over the patients to his assistants after charging the fees. Our doctor are interested in fees, they would never treat a poor patient free or provide medicines free to the poor. However, exceptions are there but those are very few who are real "Maseehas" giving life to people like Jesus Christ.
But in the USA, doctors are real ones and do care for patients and life savers and givers. Dr Brine Blade Sue belongs to University of Nevada school of Medicine.He advises trainee doctors that they must take their patient as a person not as a number. He also told his new doctors that patients need urgent treatment but unnecessary quickness may be fatal. Dr Brine is regretting for his blunder due to haste till today that caused the death of a lady patient. He narrates his story saying that a lady was brought to emergency ward who had collar on her neck and feeling pain in her head, she was accompanied by her son and daughter. As the emergency room was full of patients, so there doctor have to do every thing in hurry,therefore he diagnosed her neck pain as pull of muscles and felt nothing serious about her. After giving her some medicines discharged her. Second day a lady was brought in an ambulance suffering from heart attack. Doctors including Dr Brine made full efforts to get her heart work but failed and she expired. Dr Brine recognized her thorough her son and daughter who brought to emergency the day before. Dr felt very upset because he considered himself responsible for that due to not giving attention to symptoms of heart trouble that was the reason of her head pain, because of too much haste. The second day Dr Brine attended her funeral in the church and regretted to her son and daughter that he could not give full attention to their mother. They said doctor you are very nice person you did all the efforts. Dr Brine is feeling sorrow for the lady all the time. Is any doctor in Pakistan who confesses his negligence that may have caused the death of his patient. No and never.

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