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Monday, October 18, 2010

Ah! Dr Talib Hussain Ashraf

You are so suddenly gone that it seems unbeleivable. Not me but your own family Bhabi, children and all your close friends do not beleive but it is a fact you are gone on the way and to the destination from where nobody comes again.You were great person i used to to say to you that you are misfit and misplaced in your family because no kith or kin in your family reached to the status and stndard and that you acheived with your hard working , enthusuaism, and interest in your profession in your urdu literature. You wre expert in " Iqbaliat" so you got your PhD very easily and quickly. You were self made person. From Metric you earned all the degrees with your hard work and privately. You got gold medal in MA urdu as a private student. You were best poet. We both used to discuss our poetry hours and hours and discussed about what we had published in magazines and newspapers. You were the shining star of Urdu Poetry in Dera Ismail Khan. We both joined "Arbab _e_ Qalam and under the auspices of this literary organization All Pakistan Mushairas were held. But all the shining stars that used to enlighten the literary environment of D I Khan set down. Among these Prof Nasir Ahmad Zar, Prof Nazeer Ashk, Ghaffar Babar, Ghulam Mohammad Qasir,Nasse Sarmad,Bahram Sahil and many others who are no more in this world to serve Urdu Poetry who had their mission of life to promote urdu. You had a nice choice in selecting your life partner who is best udru poetess. She is kind , nice and affectionate mother. Of course faithful and sincere life partner . Your kids Moeed, Mughees and Mueez i pray for thenm to be successful in life as you were. I pray to Allah for your soul to be in peace. May Allah give them patience to bear irreperable loss of father.

1 comment:

tauseeee said...

"misfit and misplaced in your family"
is very very true, admits a family member of deceased( his nephew). My family failed to recognize him, failed to appreciate and ascertain his particular and different attitude. Why Uncle Talib was so patient towards less knowledgeable members of his family( he being the Doctor), less reputed members ( he being most reputed), less successful members ( he being the most successful), to poor members ( he being the richest). Alas my family failed to recognize him.
In my adulthood, I looked around a person in my family to be idealized for success. I could find only and only my this uncle. His hard work inspired me the most. I owe you Uncle talib, I owe you all the success I have today. I will miss you very much. I am unable to control tears from my eyes while replying this blog....I LOVE YOU Chacha Talib.
May your soul rest in eternal peace. Amin.