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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

PPP Leaders Blame Media

It is very awkward situation that those people are blaming the electronic and print media of Pakistan who are not clean themselves. What will they say to International Media who has opened the facts to the world about the mental conditions of the leadership , the corruption scandals, money laundering, incapable governance and so on and so forth. The fault of journalists is that they have narrated the truth what has already been cited by out side world on media. The PPP leaders are declaring the re known journalists as American and Indian agents who are working for their agenda. What would they say about drone attacks killing dozens of innocent people including women, children and elderly . Does one can say that responsible persons are re American agents. What would they say to supreme court who is reiterating its determination to collect back the money from Swiss Banks. Is Supreme Court that what they have "named" to the journalists? Are 180 million people of Pakistan Indian agents ;except a few PPP "Jialas' (workers) , who are in favor of getting Swiss money back to the country? If NRO has been made null and void by the supreme court, what is the fault of journalists in reminding the government about writing letters to the Swiss Government. Government should concentrate on maintaining law and order situation in Karachi where one person is killed after every hour instead of indulging in pity things that will take the country to the point of no return.

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