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Saturday, October 23, 2010

Pak -US Strategic Dialogues

Army Chief and Federal Ministers along with high ranking officials are on the visit to USA for strategic dialogues. Though PM has ordered some ministers to come back to reduce the expenses on the trip but no one is back yet n would not be. This is just to show the naton how much government is keen about the national money. Yes, Sure, Nation must believe why not? As nation is compelled to beleive many beneficial steps of the government in favor of nation. America has said that India is no threat for Pakistan. How do they know? e India is the most cunning enemy for Pakistan on this globe and USA has declare her a peaceful country. America is not willing to give civil nuclear technology to Pakistan , but has asked that Pakistan should provide her the details about the nuclear deal details that China is willing to cooperate and extending her help to Pakistan in this regard. President Obama is not visiting Pakistan in near future but promised to have his visit next year and Hussain Haqqani is taking credit for this vist that may be done or not or are just "sweetheart" promises. USA has extended two billion dollars aid in the form of arms and pressing hard to carry out clean up operation in North Waziristan. Our leaders are happy for the deal and talks with that they condider is most successful. Though Hiliary Clinton has said there were some issues that have not been agreed upon yet. If USA gives 2 billion she will take back manifold out of this aid. This amount is only meant for killing half the Pakistanis. What a beautiful deal.

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