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Friday, July 21, 2017

Interesting Answers To The Question-- Which Months Of The Year Have 28 Days?(Video)

The Body Of A Nun Who Died 141 Years Ago Is Still Completely In tact

The body of a Nun who died 141 years ago is still completely in tact is the revelation that has baffled scientists. Katharina Laboure, a member of the Daughters of Charity of Saint Vincent de Paul and a Mariian visionary, died in 1876 and her well preserved state has left the experts at a loss to explain the phenomenon. In 1933, the tomb of sister was opened by Paris Cardinal Verdier where they discovered that her body was not deteriorated, Even the blue in her eyes was still prominent. Following the discovery Pope Pius XI ordered that deceased nun be beautified and then canonised by Pope XI after 14 years in 1947. Such was the shock surrounding discovery that her corpse was not degraded that officials ordered her body to be encased in a glass tomb at the monastery chapel Rue de Bac in Paris. Born in 1806, sister Katharina devoted her life to those less fortunate than her and claimed to have been contacted by Virgin Mary. She believes that on July 19, 1830, on the feast of Saint Vicent de Paul, she was awaken by a voice beckoning her to a chapel where she heard the Virgin Mary. The voice allegedly said," God wishes to charge you with a mission". You will be contradicted, but do not feat, you will have the grace to do what is necessary. " tell your spiritual director all that passes with you, Times are evil in France and in the world". .

Thursday, July 20, 2017

Indian Actress Sanjjanaa's Explicit Scene In Dandupalya-2 Sparks Uproar (Video)

South Indian actress Archanna Galrani, who is better known by her stage name Sanjjanaa, is all over the internet for an explicit scene in her recent release Dandupalya2. While the intense scene from the film did not get green signal from the censor board, it made it to You Tube sparking social media uproar. The actress who made her film debut in the Tamil film Oru Kandhal Seiveer, shot to fame after her controversial role in the Kannada film Ganda Hendathi. She is quit known for her bold acting. In the Dandupalya2 too, Sanjjanaa shot apparently a nude scene in for a critical sequence in the film, It appears in the film when she faces physical torture in the prison. However, she is actually wearing skin tight clothes and rest are visual effects. Ever since the film has been released, it has followed one controversy after another. The film is about a notorious gang from Dandupalya, a place located in rural Bengaluru, Reportedly, the third part of the film will be released later this year.

Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Video Of Saudi Young Girl Wearing Miniskirt In Public, Sparks Controvery (Videos)

A young Saudi woman has sparked a controversy after she posted a video of herself wearing a miniskirt and crop top in public. While some have rushed to her defence and some are calling for her arrest. Saudi websites reported that officials in the Kingdom are looking into taking action against the woman for violating the dress rules. Saudi women are supposed to wear abaya in public with their hair and face covered. Exceptions, are however, made for visiting dignitaries. The video was first shared on social media app Snapechat which showed the woman walking around in historic in fort Ushaiager, a village in Riyath. Many of the Kingdom's most conservative tribes and families come from Ushaiager. Soon, competing Twitter hashtags emerged. One user demanded the arrest of the woman while other said the freedom of dress should not be a crime. Some defended her referring to the images of visiting dignitaries, including those of Melania and Ivanka Trump, while both were modestly dressed, forewent head covering and abaya.

Tuesday, July 18, 2017

China Army Cross Border Rocket Attack Killed 158 Indian Soldiers In Sikkim (Video)

At least 158 Indian soldiers were killed as China fired rockets across the border on Indian installations. Development came in after China flexed its political muscle in the area close to Tibet boder with a fully equipped brigade indulging in five ammunition drills.
China and India are clashing over a remote Himalayan territory which could spark a devastating nuclear war. Since mid-June Chinese and Indian soldiers have lined up on the remote Doklam plateau. Currently, it is nonlethal battle of platitudes at high altitude, but experts in China say " there could be a chance of war". And that is not a good point, as India is thought to have more than 100 nuclear tipped missiles while China's warheads could total more than 250. The flashpoint between the two seems mundane- construction of road on Chinese controlled, but disputed, plateau. China and India regularly come to blows on their 4000 km long and infuriately ill-defined border. The current anger kicked off in an area to which India calls "chicken neck"-- a thin stretch of land that is the only link to country's isolated north east.
The under construction road is close to the chicken neck at the so called 'tri-junction' where china's border meets both India and tiny mountaineous kingdom of Bhutan.
China accuses Indian troops stationed in Bhutan, which has only a small army and militarily relies on India- from straying across the border to prevent road construction. While Bhutan says it is the rightful owner of the plateau.
It is said 300-400 Indian troops were "eyeball to eyeball" with China in a non-aggressive confrontation but thousand more soldiers on both sides were close by.

Monday, July 17, 2017

Nawaz Sharif Locked Himself In Washroom And Started Weeping And Crying Like A Child After JIT Report (Video)

Chaudhary Ghulam said that after the release of JIT report Family members convinced PM to go abroad with family and get treatment there. But a group in his party caught him and said if he left the party it will get split and will be destroyed. Nawaz Sharif locked himself in washroom and started weeping like children. This time he will get no sympathy as at the time of take over of Parvez Musharraf. Because most of the people take him not a truthful and an honest person.

Sunday, July 16, 2017

Begum Kalsoom Nawaz May Be The Next Prime Minister

Nawaz Sharif has bowed to the public demand and agreed to resign from the office if he is declared in illegible by the supreme court in panama case. However, he wants to keep the prime ministership in his family. He has approved the name of first lady Kalsoom Nawaz for the office. Though, Begum Kalsoom Nawaz is sick, but on the pressure of Nawaz Sharif she would accept the prime ministership. It has been also reported that Ch Nisar has decided to resign as interior minister and will announce his resignation in a press conference.

Mufti Abdul Qavi Again In Action-- BBC Reporter Accuses Him Of Harrassment (Video)

BBC reporter Hani Taha accused Mufti Abdul Qavi that when she met Mufti to know about the well known event of his meeting with Qandeel Baloch, Mufti touched her cheeks. But Mufto denied the allegation and said a conspiracy is planned again against him after a year. His TV Islamic programmes are appreciated all over the Islamic World and he is loved by his audiences. But what was the need of Taha to blame him, he might have done some shameful( touched her cheeks) act with her. Or might have praised her beauty.

Friday, July 14, 2017

Exchange Of Harsh Words Betwwen Nawaz Sharif And Ch Nisar

Anchor Asma Shirazi told the internal sory of the cabinet in which Ch Nisar walked out angrily. Asma said there was exchange of hard and harsh words between PM and Ch Nisar. Nisar criticized the policy of PM, (May be about the public demand of his resignation). After hard talks Ch Nisar walked out of the cabinet meeting annoyed.

A Road On The Roofs Of The Houses In China

A five-storey building in Chinese city og Chongping has been going viral on social media after after it emerged that building's terrace also doubles up as a road where cares cars actually drive on. The building's roof has two lane-public road with trees on street and shops. The road runs around the entire complex. On the ground floor of the building there are several shops. Some other floors have car parking too. In wonderful China, anything is possible.

Thursday, July 13, 2017

JIT Found Proofs Of PM's Employment In Dubai Till 2014, He Used To Get !0,000 Dirhams/PM

JIT has found such proofs of PM's employment in DUbai's Capital FZE from August 06,2006 to April 20,2014, as chairman board, on the basis of which he can be declared intelligible as chief executive and can be sent home immediately. He used to receive UAE dirham 10,000 per month. These information were provided by UAE in response to JIT question. This letter was written by Shahab MeSamar to JIT on July 04. The conditions of service were changed on Feb 02, 2007 and pay was also revised. This documents also carry the signatures of Nawaz Sharif. Due to this employment Nawaz Sharif was enabled to have residence and stay in Dubai from July 05, 2009 to June 05, 2015. It was said in JIT report that these evidence were provided by concerned authority Jabal Ali Free Zone. Nawaz had hiden these facts at the time of filing nomination papers for 2013 election. One witness told to JIT that one of Nawaz Sharif's close friends and his uncle Sheikh Saeed had opened fake accounts by the name bay for money laundering. This statement was given to JIt by the chairman of All Pakistan Sugar Mills Association Javed Kiani. JIT has concluded that the actual beneficiaries of the assets of off shore companies and alleged corruption is Nawaz Shari's family. How much it is astonishing that for getting more and more money how much a human being degrades himself.

Something Serious Is Going To Happen In The Country

Section 144 has been imposed in the Federal Capital, Islamabad for two months. This indicates tense situation politically. Om the other hand prime minister has called the cabinet meeting tomorrow in which some most important decision are to be taken. Political gatherings in red zone has been banned.

Wednesday, July 12, 2017

What Sensational, Controvertial And Funny News About Panama Case Have Been Published On Different Sites On Social Media

Since the start of JIT working the news websites that are known for giving sensational but baseless news began to published controvertial news on social media. Specially they give attractive headlines but there is nothing of the sort in the text as shown in headlines. let us have a look Just on some of the news by the news websites. published news on July 11: JIT report has revealed the "Sharafat" of Sharifs' family. PTI workers distributed sweets and danced on beat of the drum. Halim Aadil Sheikh, Raja Azhar, Namroz Khan and others participated in the celebrations of JIT report. It is still not known whether report is against Sharifs or nor.
Another news from published the same day: It says many other revelations have come to light after the release of JOT report. According to it Captain (R) Safdar, Husband of Maryam Nawaz, have been avoiding to record his statement before JIT and tried to proov himself as honest and independent personality. However, he claimed to get SR 1400 (RS 42,000) as pocket money from his father in law Nawaz Sharif. He also showed his own and wife's any concern to Panama case.
Another News channel on social media, which is famous for bias and sensational headlines of news giving it as breaking has published that Shanhbaz Sharif and and Hamza Shahbaz are not traced even even after passing six hours of release of JIT report. Khadim e aali has locked his mouth and is silent. However, News says they both are happy on the report of JIT. In another news it said PM had decided to expell Ch Nisar from the party. Other news is Asif Zardari has asked Nawaz Sharif to resign. In yet another news said court has ordered to arrest Maryam Nawaz. Which court? not mentioned. has published news about the splitting of N league in four groups. These it says comprise of those of having inclination toward Nawaz Sharif, second to Maryam Nawaz, thirs to Shahbaz Sharif and fourth to Hamza Shahbaz. gives another sensational news that 34 members of national assembly turned against Nawaz Sharif and have demaded resignation from Nawaz Sharif. Otherwise they will not defend him And many such news are the continues habit of several sites.

Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Bill Gates Daughter Jenefer Will Marry An Egyptian Muslim (Video)

Twenty-six -year Nile Nasar is seen having most of the time with 21-year Jenefer Gates, the daughter of the richest man of the world. They both are participating in horse jumping competition in Paris. Nile's parents belong to Egypt but Nile spent his childhood in Kuwait where his father worked. Nile loves horse riding very much and has participated in several international horse riding contests. Last February, he won international horse jumping competition. He is studying administration and economics in in University in California. He can speak English and FRench in addition to his mother tongue Arabic. The love of Horse riding has brought Jenefer and Nile closer and they are expected to announce their engagement soon.

Monday, July 10, 2017

Two Former Indian Army Chiefs Have Been Indicted In Housing Scam

Two foormer Indian army chiefs, General Deepak Kapoor and General NC Vij, along with other senior military officers have been indicted in a housing society scam in an inquiry, which was ordered by Defence Ministry. The Adarsh housing society, a 31-storey-apartment complex in Souther Bumbai was built for the families of veteran of Kargill war but bureaucrats, politicians and other military officers have become the owner the owners of the apartments. The scam surfaced in 2010, after which Maharashtra chief minister was forced to resign. Former navy chief Madhavendra Singh was also alloted an apartment in the society, has also been named in the report.

Intelligent Politician Maulana Fazal Has Realised The Way Of Wind To Blow In Future

The most intelligent and collector of political benefits in every government has smelled the future situation of the politics, so he is not having that much strict tune against his rival politician as he had before. However, he is not going to annoy present prime minister and has affirmed his friendship relations with him too. However, he has termed the JIt controversial, but why,? It has been constituted by supr+eme court and had a close eye on all the activities of Joint Investigation Team, who submitted its report regularly to apex court. JIT is conducting impartial investigation and making hue and cry is the habit of those who have something rather a lot wrong. The make Qatri prince available for recording his evidence was the responsibility of the accused, it is always done by accused to make arrangements of its witness to appear before court and record his evidence, if any. But Nawaz family failed to do so or requested prince not to give his statement to JIT as no evidence of the type that could save Sharifs' might have existed. Maulana himself is accountable for the perk and privileges that he received during his tenure as chairman Kashmir Affairs and his output. What had been done for the oppressed Kashmiris. Maulana is so clever that he will again get this portfolio even Imran Khan were in to be in power.

Saturday, July 8, 2017

Secret Marriages Of Federal Ministers

When there is Panama bomb near to fall on the heads of government, the jolly federal ministers are enjoying new secret marriages and honey moon with their new brides. These are the talks of the day in capital. If they were not in power and rich persons these women would have not given them lift even. But these are games of money wealth and powers that makes the mere go. Marvi Memon has tied Haq e Mahr of Rs one and half billion rupees while marrying federal minister Ishaq Dar. Saad Rafiq married beautiful TV anchor Shafaq Hira while Khawaja Asif tied knot with political leader Kashmala Tariq and is residing with his new wed in parliament lodges. Saad Rafiq waited for hours outside the office of MD PTV, and he left office when got letter of increse in pay of her new bride TV anchor Shafaq Hira. It is also reminded that Shahbaz Sharif and his son Hamza Shahbaz are also famous for their multiple marriages.

Napalese Girl Died In Menstruation Shed Because Of Biten By Snake And Menstuation (Video)

An 18-year-old Nepali girl Tulasi Shahi has died in menstruation hut as she was bitten twice by a venomous snake. She was banished to a shed as she was menstruating, part of a long-banned Hindu practice. Many communities in Nepal view menstruating woman as impure and in some areas they are are forced to sleep in a hut away from home, known as chhaupadi. This practice is linked to Hinduism, and considers women impure when they menstruate, as well as after child birth. They are banished from home, barred from touching foods, religious icons, cattle and men and are forced to sleep in basic huts known as chhau goths. All Hidu religious ritual are brutal as burning of window with the dead body of husband, ban on widow's second marriage. Women's burning live with dead husbands was banned by English rulers and second marriage is automatically abolished and is not followed by modern as well as all Hindus, when a ritual is considered a religious matter how it can be abolished, so Hinduism is not as a religion as other religios are like Christianity, Islam and Budhism, but it is a tradition that can be finished any time.

International Footballers Including Rinaldinho Arrived In Pakistan For Two Exhibition matches (Video)

Seven top footballers from around the world, including Brazilian legend Rinaldinho and Manchester United great Ryan Ciggs arrived in Islamabad, Pakistan, via a private jet, for two exhibition matches. Other footballers include former England goalkeeper David James, Dutch star George Boateng, former French players Robert Pires and Nocolas Anelka, and Purtugues player Luis Boa Morte. Brazil and Real Madrid great Ruberto Carlos will arrive in the country later today. Rinaldinho, 37, who won the world player of the year twice and was the part of 2002 World Cup winning team said he is on a goodwill mission aiming at inducing youngsters to play the game. Army Chief General Qamar Jeved Bajwa will host a a reception in honor of the visiting footballers later today before the group flies to Karachi for inaugural match 'Rinaldinho and friends'. Pakistani players in action with 'Rinaldinho and friends' will be Saadullah, Saddam Hussain, Yousuf Butt, Abdul Aziz, Muhammad Essa, Ghulam Rasool and star of street child football team Muhammad Raziq.

Malala Yousufzai Open Account On Twitter

Nobel Peace Laureate Malala Yousufzaicompleted her schooling in Britain, calling the achievement 'bittersweet'. "Today is my last day of school and my first day on Twitter" Malala wrote on her newly opened account which gained more than 147,000 followers in three hours. She has been attending a school in the city of Birmingham where she has been treated after the shooting in October, 2012. In 2014, she became the youngest Nobel Peace Prize Winner. Graduating from secondary school (high school) is bittersweet for me. I'm excited about my future, but... 2/ 7:03 PM - 7 Jul 2017 3,318 Retweets 22,559 Likes cacakarina ™ Ana Uribe Ashraf Hussain Shawna Szabo Moonie rachel najma Val meg 🎰 343 replies 3,318 retweets 22,559 likes DrKhizar Hayat Tahir Tweet text New conversation Malala‏Verified account @Malala 15h15 hours ago Replying to @Malala ....I know that millions of girls around the world are out of school and may never get the opportunity to complete their education. 3/ Malala has excelled at school and is awaiting her A-Level exam result next month, she has been offered a place to study in Oxford University. She has chosen to study philosophy, politics and economics, a prestigious course that has produced many British politicians and world leaders including late PM Ba Nazir Bhutto. Next week she go to Frica, Middle East and Africa to meet girls.

Friday, July 7, 2017

Indian Movie "Lipstick Under My Burqa" was Allowed To Be Released (Video)

Having some obscene shoots in the movie, the film 'lipstick under my Burqa' was banned by Indian Central Board of Certification. Now the the certificate has been issued and film will be on the screens. The movie rounds about four women who want freedom in the society. There was also controversy in India on the release of promo of the picture.