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Friday, July 28, 2017

Why Do Not Wealthy Muslims Donate Money And Mind For Scientific Research--1

More than one billion Muslims all over the world have two legs, two hands,two eyes, two ears, brain, intelligence and body each, same as other people in the USA or European countries have. But, why they are lagging behind in scientific research than non- Muslims (Whom we call Kafirs)i in all fields even in sports. Some Muslims specially Arabs are at par in wealth to the richest people of the world. If, Rich Muslims have any minor health, specially Pakistani VIPs, they can go to Europe or the USA to get treatment spending billions out of of national exchequer. But, the richest Pakistani Muslims or Arab Muslims ever thought of donating a meager share of their wealth for scientific research to investigate for treatment of diseases so that poor can get health facilities within the country. There are other hundred and one categories in which research can be done like environmental issues, pollution, earth quakes' warning systems, technological research and so many other fields, No doubt, many Muslims in Pakistan too donate money for helping needy people via proving foods on food yards (Dastar Khawns), helping orphans, widows, arranging collective marriages of poor girls, helping madrassas (religious schools), but would not contribute a single penny for research of the welfare of the humanity. as people in civilized countries devote their wealth to ease the lives of human beings. Like Swiss billionaire businessman Hansjong Wyss spent major share of his wealth and established a laboratory in a splendid building where research is carried out on the problems that are still unsolved and troublesome for humanity. For example such a great work on paralysis has been done which astonishes people. Primarily experiments were done of paralyzed animals. A tiny SIM was instaled in their brains, some equipments were also attached to paralyzed muscles, then all the functions from brain were linked to muscles through SIM, the result was astonishing, all the paralyzed animals started moving easily and normally. When the same experiments were repeated on human patients, very impressive results were given and all the patients walked and moved like normal person. This is actual by passing some functions of the brain and it was called neural by pass. This magnificent job was done in four years that changed the world and made the treatment of paralysis as easy as that of cold. The name of Mark Zuckerberg, the founder of Face book is well known all over the world, But the scientific research he is involved is known to a very few people. Zuckerberg established a lab in California called "Biohub" with the cost of three billion dollars where professors of MAT Howard and top British scientists are working.
The marvelous results of a few years experiments have been gained and a book of three trillion cells of human body has been formed which is called "cell atlas" Majority of these cells were still not to human. For there are such cells in human eye that make first protective wall against diseases.

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