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Thursday, July 13, 2017

JIT Found Proofs Of PM's Employment In Dubai Till 2014, He Used To Get !0,000 Dirhams/PM

JIT has found such proofs of PM's employment in DUbai's Capital FZE from August 06,2006 to April 20,2014, as chairman board, on the basis of which he can be declared intelligible as chief executive and can be sent home immediately. He used to receive UAE dirham 10,000 per month. These information were provided by UAE in response to JIT question. This letter was written by Shahab MeSamar to JIT on July 04. The conditions of service were changed on Feb 02, 2007 and pay was also revised. This documents also carry the signatures of Nawaz Sharif. Due to this employment Nawaz Sharif was enabled to have residence and stay in Dubai from July 05, 2009 to June 05, 2015. It was said in JIT report that these evidence were provided by concerned authority Jabal Ali Free Zone. Nawaz had hiden these facts at the time of filing nomination papers for 2013 election. One witness told to JIT that one of Nawaz Sharif's close friends and his uncle Sheikh Saeed had opened fake accounts by the name bay for money laundering. This statement was given to JIt by the chairman of All Pakistan Sugar Mills Association Javed Kiani. JIT has concluded that the actual beneficiaries of the assets of off shore companies and alleged corruption is Nawaz Shari's family. How much it is astonishing that for getting more and more money how much a human being degrades himself.

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