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Saturday, July 8, 2017

Napalese Girl Died In Menstruation Shed Because Of Biten By Snake And Menstuation (Video)

An 18-year-old Nepali girl Tulasi Shahi has died in menstruation hut as she was bitten twice by a venomous snake. She was banished to a shed as she was menstruating, part of a long-banned Hindu practice. Many communities in Nepal view menstruating woman as impure and in some areas they are are forced to sleep in a hut away from home, known as chhaupadi. This practice is linked to Hinduism, and considers women impure when they menstruate, as well as after child birth. They are banished from home, barred from touching foods, religious icons, cattle and men and are forced to sleep in basic huts known as chhau goths. All Hidu religious ritual are brutal as burning of window with the dead body of husband, ban on widow's second marriage. Women's burning live with dead husbands was banned by English rulers and second marriage is automatically abolished and is not followed by modern as well as all Hindus, when a ritual is considered a religious matter how it can be abolished, so Hinduism is not as a religion as other religios are like Christianity, Islam and Budhism, but it is a tradition that can be finished any time.

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