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Monday, July 10, 2017

Intelligent Politician Maulana Fazal Has Realised The Way Of Wind To Blow In Future

The most intelligent and collector of political benefits in every government has smelled the future situation of the politics, so he is not having that much strict tune against his rival politician as he had before. However, he is not going to annoy present prime minister and has affirmed his friendship relations with him too. However, he has termed the JIt controversial, but why,? It has been constituted by supr+eme court and had a close eye on all the activities of Joint Investigation Team, who submitted its report regularly to apex court. JIT is conducting impartial investigation and making hue and cry is the habit of those who have something rather a lot wrong. The make Qatri prince available for recording his evidence was the responsibility of the accused, it is always done by accused to make arrangements of its witness to appear before court and record his evidence, if any. But Nawaz family failed to do so or requested prince not to give his statement to JIT as no evidence of the type that could save Sharifs' might have existed. Maulana himself is accountable for the perk and privileges that he received during his tenure as chairman Kashmir Affairs and his output. What had been done for the oppressed Kashmiris. Maulana is so clever that he will again get this portfolio even Imran Khan were in to be in power.

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