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Thursday, July 6, 2017

SSP Arsala Khan's Salute To Maryam Nawaz Has Put The Female Police Officer In Trouble

When Arsala Khan, a female police officer of the capital police, saluted Maryam Nawaz, the daughter of prime minister Nawaz Sharif, outside the National Judicial Academy, little did she know that flex of her arm and of the wrist will land her in trouble. A lawyer has sent a legal notice to SSP Arsala, seeking an 'explanation' and an apology within 15 days, for saluting a person, who does not hold any public or government office. As Maryam Nawaz arrived at the academy to appear before the JIT, arsala Khan was seen walking up, coming to attention and saluting the first daughter. Later in the day, Amna Ali, affiliated with PTI, sent her a legal notice to SSP for the salute, she wrote, " please find a legal notice on behalf of taxpayer, citizens of Pakistan." Amna Ali demanded that SSP issue apology within 15 days in the national media, along with the explanation.

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