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Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Some Most Controversial deaths Of Bollywood

Behind the glitz and glamour of Bollywood, lies a dark reality. Over the years, Bollywood has seen its fair share tragedies that come hand in hand with fame like a coin with two sides. Here are some of the most mysterious deaths of Indian celebrities that shook the entire world. **-- SRIDEVI The recipient of five Filmfare awards and a renowned superstar, Sridevi died at the age of 54 on February 24, 2018. Initially reported to have passed away due to acardiac arrest at her nephew's wedding in Dubai. It has been revealed now that she drowned in her hotel room's bathtub following loss of consciousness according to Dubai post-mortem report. **-- DIVYA BHARTI
Once dubbed as most promising Bollywood actress, Divya tumbled to her demise from the balcony of the fifth floor of her Mumbai apartment. At the time of her death, she was only 19 years old and one of the most sought -after actresses in the industry having given her hits like Deewana and Wishwatma. She was said to be under influence of alcohol when the unfortunate incident happened on April 5, 1993. However, it is still unknown if it was an accident, a suicide or murder. Many believe her husband Sajid Nadiadwala was behind her death. **--Nafisa Joseph
The top model and famous MTV VJ, reportedly hanged herself in her apartment in Mumbai on July 29, 2004. Nafisa was the winner of Femina Miss India Universe 1997 and finalist of Miss Universe 1997 pageant in Miami. Her wedding was called off a weeka before her death when she found her almost husband, Indian businessman Gautum Khaduja had lied to her about his first marriage. **-- PARVEEN BABI The first Bollywood star to grace the cover of Time Magazine in 1976 was found dead in her home on Jaary 22, 2005. Parveen featured in a number of Bollywood blockbusters throughout the 70's and 80's. The actress had been living an isolatedlife for many years prior to her death. A post-martem report suggested that she might have starved to death.
**Jiah Khan The 25-year starlet committed suicide on Jne 3, 2013 in Mumbai. During interrogation her mother revealed that Jiah had left behind a six-page note how she was being harassed the tortured mentally, Her family alleged that her boyfriend Sooraj Pancholi, who made his debute with hero, triggered actress to commit suicide. Forensic reports confirmed that Jiah was under the influence of alcohol when she hanged herself. A failed relationship or dying career were said to have played a part in Jiah's tragic end.

Monday, February 26, 2018

Pics Of Canadian PM During One Week Long Visit Of India with Family (Video)

India is making world leaders its new friends while Pakistan is loosing its friends of the past, it expresses the successful foreign policy of India. Whereas, there was no solid foreign policy of Pakistan when ousted PM held this portfolio. The person who can nor run his country successfully and is involved in corruption, how could he be a successful leader. Pakistan has lost its Muslim friends totally or friendship is not of the level that is between the two independent countries. Who will make friend a country that is spreading its bowl for loan all the time. We can call China a friend, but is its friendship free of its own interests. Country like China or any other country never makes a firend withot its national benefits. We have lost Iran's friendship and India has gained its in the form of Iran's seaport ChahBahar. Present government and Nawaz's sppons have no other task except praising Nawaz Sharif and abusing Apex courts. Did Khalida Zia, the former PM of Bangladesh who has been sentenced for five years abused court. The tolrerance of Apex court is laudable. Nawaz is also making an other sensitive institution against himself, because he has no other job except blaming the two institutions.

Sunday, February 25, 2018

An Indian 12-year old Girl Singing in 102 Languages Broke World Record (Video)

A 12=year old Indian girl Sucheta Satush, managed to break two world records after singing in 102 different languages during a concert that went on for six hours and 15 minutes in Dibai. She is a seventh grade student at Indian High School in Dubai. She learned to sing songs in 80 languages in just over a year and kept learning more languages as well. She began learning Karanatic music at the age of four, as she belongs to a family of music lovers, Sucheta was already studying Hindi-based music but started to understand foreign languages in late 2016. According to the Guinness World Records, Dr Kesiraju Srinivas, holds the current record for singing in 76 languages. Her first song in foreign language was in Japanese. The following is the list of main languages Sucheta Satsh sang during the world record performance other than many languages; Maithili, Sanskrit, Afrikaans, Albanian, Assamese, Azerbaijani, Badaga, Balochi, Bosque, Belarusian, Bengali, Bhojpouri, Bhutanese, Bulgarian, Danish, Czach, Dutch, English, Kashmiri, French, Nepali, Persian, Punjabi, Russian, Sindhi, Thai, Urdu, Vietnamese, Turkish, Spanish. and Arabic etc etc.

Thursday, February 22, 2018

A British Man Claims To Travel in 8973 through Time Machine (Video)

Are the fictional scientific stories and movies made on the topic of travelling in future through some time machine coming true? Movies like a character trevelled in future through time machine and got lost for years due to fault in the machime. Similarly. a British man, William Taylor who worked for British government for over a decade said he was sent in 8973 in a secret time machine. In the astonishing revelation he also revealed the date when this advanced time travelling technology will be released to the public-- it is only ten years away. He said he worked in British intelligence in early 2000 and said he experienced life on earth thousand years from now when he sent to find more about the future. What he claimed he found a 'Utopia' with no disease, death or crime. Humans were gone and replaced with human-robot hybrids, but earth still existed one of many planets, These beings had colonised in a bid to find more space. Taylor insisted there were wealth of advanced technologies that are being kept secret from the public but he admits that some it will be released to the public by 2028- just a decade from now.

Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Woman Pulled Emergency Lever On London Tube As She Was being Racially Abused (Video)

A passenger who was caught on video pulling an emergency lever on London Tube during a furious row claimed she did it beause being racially abused. The woman who refused to divulge her name. claimed that she did it because the man she was argueing with called her 'monkey' and she wanted him to be arrested. She told the daily that she had moved out of her seat to let a pregnant lady sit sit down and asked the man to move out of the way but he told her not to f***ing touch him. The two commuters rant at each other during a clip filmed on the Jubilee line where a female passenger pulls the energency alarm. In the video, the man shouts over to the woman wearing a cap and camouflage scarf, 'stupid idiot b***'

Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Imtan Khan's Third Marriage Video

Four Burqa Clad Women Playing Board Game At Khana Kaaba

It seems that Muslims are forgetting and overlooking the sanctity and sacredness of Holy Places among them comes on top is Haram Pak, The Khana Kaaba and then Masjid e Nabvi When people now a days come to perform Umra or Hajj yhey take it as picnic and do all the acts that they do as go to some park or recreational place, make selfies and shoot photos to share on facebook or twitter. Similrly photos of four fully covered women sitting cross-legged at the premises of Khana e Kaaba and playing board game went viral on social media, triggered a wide array of comments. The women were spotted at around 11 PM on Friday playing the board game sequence at western square near King Abdul Aziz gate. The operation room was alerted and the women's section at the General Presidency was tasked dealing with the situation. Saudi Arabia has banned photos, videos at Khana Kaa'ba and Masjid e Nabvi. Earlier in 2015 a photo went viral of uoungsters playing cardsinside Masji e Navi