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Wednesday, July 18, 2018

An Emergency Room Paramedic Has Sparked Fury After Posting Images Wearing Her Scrubs And Nurse's Outfit

An emergency room paramedics has sparked fury after posting images wearing her scrubs and a nurse's outfit. Anastasia, a 26-year-old was told to delete the inappropriate pictures because they are unsuitable someone working in her profession. There has also been backlash from her female colleagues after she posted explicit images in her blue medical uniform.
The furor at her emergency unit in Krylatskoye, Moscow was revealed after a report by local news channel."her colleagues are against Moscow's sexiest doctor." Facebook urges users to send nude pictures to combat revenge porn.
Anastasia works in an emergency team and posts explicit pictures--even in uniform. Her women colleagues are demanding she delete the pictures, considering them inappropriate for a medical worker. Facebook urges users to send nude pics to combat revenge porn
Her female colleagues have called for hospital administration to act immediately to halt and delete her postings.

Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Former Cricketer Abdul Qadir's Son Usman Has Married Stage Actress Saubia Khan

Actress working in Film, stage and TV Saubia Khan has tied Nikah with former famous cricketer Abdul Qadir's son Usman Qadir but marriage ceremony will be held next year. She has also announced to leave acting in theater. Saubia Khan said she had friendship with Usman for the last few months that changed into love and she decided to marry Usman. She will continue working in showbiz but not in theater dramas and also will work on Tv and standard and clean films.

Monday, July 16, 2018

A Model Walks On The Runway At Sports Illustreted Swimsuit Show While Baby on Her Breasts

A model has strutted down the runway at Sports Illustreted Swimsuit Show While breasrfeeding her five-month-old daughter. Mara Matin took to the runway on Sunday night in Miami, Florida for 2018 Sports Illustreted. The proud mother was one of the 16 finalists selected from an open casting call to take part in the runway show as part of Miami Swim Week. Wearing a gold bikini and carrying her infant daughter in one arm, Martin grinned as she walked along the runway at the W Hotel South beach to loud cheers from thecrowd. Prior to show, Martin expressed her excitement on Instagram as shared a photo of her with her smiling daughter.

'NOW OR NEVER' My Dear Pakistani Brothers, It Is Right Time To Save Pakistan, Save Yourself, Save Your Generations, Strengthen Hands Of Imran Khan

My dear brothers, Allah has provided you a chance to get out of darkness, take Pakistan on the path of bright future, make a Shining Pakistan, where prosperity, justice, peace, equality and security for lives and property prevail. Where you can get immediate health care and facilities, where your children can get education in the schools of which you have been dreaming of before. Where mothers do not deliver on road side or in rickshaws where patients do not die in ambulances due to road blockages for kings. A bright Pakistan, where your do not spend hot nights and warm summer days by moving hand made date leaves fans, where your children do not study for exams under lantern or lamp dim lights due to load shedding, not in a Pakistan where your children go to schools without taking breakfast due to non availability of gas. A dream Islamic country Where, you can buy every thing you want in the market due to your access to everything, where you do not struggle to make both ends meet due to price hike. where laws and rules are equal for rich and the poor. Where your Pakistan can be a paradise for foreigners. Where your new born children get rid of loans that have been digested by looters. YES, YEs, these are not dreams, there is the most easiest way to make Pakistan a paradise on earth, if the resources and the wealth of my beloved country are spent within the country and for you only. If you think cool mindedly, use wisdom and concious to elect an honest, sadiq o ameen person who has everything in his country, has no property or Suray Palace or Anenfield Luxury apartments in England, or factories and properties in Arabian countries, India and Africa, who has no links with Modi, who do not want to throw Pakistan in the lap of India, who did not hold a press conference in Gisenhouse London, a hotel belonging to confirmed RAW agent. My dear Pakistanis! you have experienced Zardaris and Sharifs for decades and have observed the results. You have only one person at this stage in Pakistan who has no properties out of Pakistan, his life and death is in Pakistan, who has left billions of pounds of his ex-wife, for Pakistan that he could easily get in hands. Who has a property worth a crore or two rupees that a grade 22 Pakistani could have. Think, my brother who could save Pakistan, owners of Palaces and factories who have their kith and kins in London or a poor man like you and me. Decision is up to you. iT IS LIKE NOW OR NEVER. THINK IN FAVOUR OF IMRAN KHAN TO SAVE YOUR BELOVED COUNTRY FROM GOING INTO HANDS OF INDIA AND MAKING YOU SLAVES.

Saturday, July 14, 2018

Kylie Jenner On The Cover Of Forbes Is Among The Youngest Self Made Billionaire Woman Of USA (Video)

Jenner's net worth now exceeds that of anyone else in her family, according to Forbes calculations. Some people are taking issue with Forbes putting Kylie on its list of the richest self made women in the US, but the publication's reasoning makes sense. Forbes released its August 2018 :America's Women Billionaires" issue with jenner on cover.The magazine issued estimates Jenner's net worth to be roughly $800 million, making her the 27th richest self-made woman in US. Another year of growth will make her the youngest self-made bilionaire ever, male or female, trumping Mark Zuckerberg, who became a billionaire at age 23. She is the daughter of Kris Jenner who was previously married to prominent lawyer Robert Kardashian. However, at this point, Kylie's net worth far exceeds that of anyone else in her family, including her sister Kim Kardashian. The 20-year-old 's net worth has skyrocketed thanks to the success of Kylie Cosmetics. Forbes conservatively valued the company at $800 million, with an estimated $330 in sales last year. Jenner is both the face of the company and the sole owner.

Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Wedding Guest Lifted The Bride And Faced A Slap By Angry Bride In India (Video)

At a wedding ceremony in India a man was seen in a video picking up the bride as part of the garlanding. But the things did not go well for the man and the woman behind him. In the Indian wedding, it is custumary for the for the bride and groom to exchange garlands. But in this case, the scene was reversed as a person lifted the bride without her permission. When the bride saw an unknown person who lifted her she slapped on his face. While the man man in turn slapped the woman who had asked him to lift the bride to garland groom.

Saturday, July 7, 2018

For The First Time In History A Transgender From Spain Will Take Part In Miss Universe Pageant(Video)

For the first time in history, a transgender woman will be taking part in the upcoming Miss Universe pageant later this year. According to Express UK, Angela Ponce from Spain has won her country's qualifying rounds against 22 other contestants. She will be representing Spain in Miss Universe 2018 that is set to take place in Philippines this year. However, this is not the first time Ponce has taken part in a beauty pageant. In 2015, she won Miss Universe Spain title. The Miss Universe Organisation ended its ban on transgender contestants in 2012.