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Wednesday, January 17, 2018

The Pakistan-Born American Muslim Minister In The US Took Oath On Holy Book (Quran)- Video

The State of Virginia in the United States has decided to appoint the first Muslim minister of Pakistan descent to take over state's education portfolio. Atif Qarni took oathe on Holy quran to become the secreary of education. A video on social media shows the new minister perfirming constitutional oath on Holy Quran in front of the governor of Virginia Ralph Northam on Monday. Qarni is set to oversee an educational policy which supports state schoolsas well as higher education institutions. According to the Richmond Times, the Muslim American is the first Muslim to receive to receive a ministerial post. The state governor said on the occasion," it is important that we have a state education secretary who understands curriculum and classes from kindergarton to high school and has a vision of how to develop education." Qarni worked as sargeant in American navy for some time and has been sports teacher in Baffle school in central Virginia. Born in Karachi in 1978, Qarni immigrated to the US with his family at age 10 and grew up in Parkvilled, Marryland, before moving to Manassas, Virgina in 2005.

Monday, January 15, 2018

Nawaz Sharif Puchased Two Palace Like Houses In Doha, The Capital Of Qatar

A daily has reported that Nawaz Sharif purchased two palace like residences in Doha, capital of Qatar. These palaces are composed of seven and a half thousand square meters each. These are built by internationally famous architectural company Terry Novo. These are known as Royal Residentia and Beach house. Thses palaces have 2-3 swimming pools, meeting halls lawns and many rooms. Thses are purchased as Saudi Arab refused him to give Nawaz Sharif asylum as he was given before. Key role was played by a PML N under accountability leader in the deal. So that if needed should not have difficukty in residing there. Houses for PM Shahid Khaqan Abbasi and Shahbaz Sharif have also been purchase. Nawaz Sharif can come in the grip regarding LNG deal. While for Shahbaz Sharif there is a risk of being entangled in Hudaibia Paper Mills Case. All the house have been furnished and waiting for the residents.

Imran Khan's Marriage News Was Leaked By His Close Aide

Though Imran Khan wanted to keep the news of his third marriage with Bushra Bibi till to announce on a suitable time, but his close friend who is a retired army officer leaked the news to a biggest real estate tycon. This famous real state broke this news to a news reporter. Still no date is written on the Nikah Nama of Imran Khan and Bushra Bibi. Imran Khan's sisters and his are not happy on his marriage. Marriage is Imran Khan 's but it is not knwnn why Imran Khan wanted to keep this secret. This was the case when he tied Nikah with Reham Khan.

Saturday, January 13, 2018

How A Qadiani Tahir Mansoor Converted To True Religion Islam (Video)

Tahir Mansoor was Qadiani by birth andfrom many generations his family was on this false religion. Then Allah's guidance brought him from darkness to light. He is from Islamabad and an It specialist. He tells his story of being Qadiani and then converting to Islam. Please watch the video and story of Tahir Mansoor in his own words.

Friday, January 12, 2018

Footage Of Gay Marriage In Saudi Arabia Creats Outcry (Video)

Police in Saudi Arabia have arrested several men who appeared in a "gay wedding video". A viral video shows two men side-by-side as they are showered in confetti. A long bridal train trails along the ground behind one of the men. Local police said they had identified ' the cross dresser and other people involved in the event' This incident took place in the Holy city of Mecca at a festival at a resort, and has left the people present 'surprised'. Police have not disclosed the names of the persons involved or details of the case. The Kingdom does not have written laws concerning same sex relationship, however, Saudi judges use Sharia laws to santion people they suspect of having sex with someone of the same gender. Judges and prosecuters use provisions of of the country's anti-cyber crime law that crimilises online-activity impinging on "public order, religious values, public morals and privacy." There have been reports the country's prosecution office to request the death penality for anyone " using social media to solicit homosexual acts."

Thursday, January 11, 2018

Indian Girl Invented "Rape Proof Underwear" For Women (Video)

In a statistical report many women and girls are victimized of sexual assaults or offences around the world every day. In England and Wales one in five women fall prey to sexual offences. Similarly. every 98 seconds someone in the USA is sexually assaulted, which corresponds directly to the fact that every day more than 570 women face sexual violence in the country. Worse 17,700,000 is the count of women in the US who have been the victim of rape since 1998. Same is true of India and other Asian countries. In the face of such alarming facts and figures, it becomes essentian for not just establishing stringent legal rules and regulations but developing skills and acquiring everything it takes to protect oneself from sexual predators luking on the streets. To bring this vision to reality and empower women to fight back offenders, one Indian woman has created GPS-equipped anti rape underwear in less than $68, that sheclaims to be an 'instant solution' towards off sexual attacks that are commonplace in India too. In such a scenarion Seenu Kumari from Farrukhabad in India Utter Pradesh state has invented a tech-savy inexpensive device the could possibly the key to prevent the the rise of sexual crimes across the world. Kumari's creation comes equipped with the electric that boasts a smart lock which can not be opened without a password. It also entails a GPS tech that sends information about the location of the wearer. Electric device is equipped withGPSand calling facility. One somebody tries tomolest a woman, the device will send out messages to the relatives of the victim and to the police.

Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Pakistan-Born American Muslim Girl Maleeha Khan Married Jewish Man Elaan

Pakistan-born American Muslim girl Maleeha Khan married Jewish man Elaan Krovodova in the United States. It is against the teaching of Islam, Muslim man can marry the girl from the four religions including Jews on whom Sacred Book of Allah has been bestowed, but muslim woman can not marry jews. In the United where many non-muslims are converting to Islam and are following teaching of Islam in true sense, there Muslims from Asian countries in the USA are mislead. Both met on dating App in May 2016 and then met each other. Maleeha belongs to Karachi anf got MBA from Smith college America and got admission in Howard University. Her Jewish husband is also MBA degree holder. Maleeha said her parents did not object on her marriage but are rather happy.