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Thursday, April 26, 2018

Some Amazing And Interesting Events Celebrated In Different Countries Of The World

Carnavale di Veeneza in Venice-Italy Although carnavale-a big final party before restriction of Lent, is celebrated throughout Italy since 11th century, the most extravagant celebrations take place in Venice, where you can watch gondola parades, view fireworks, in St Mark's square, and attend one of the many famous mask balls that take place during the spectacle.
The Lanter Festival in Taiwan The Taiwan Lantern festival takes place on the first full moon of the Lunar New Year, and features everything from electric-powered lantern shows and folk performance, to more traditional events like Pingxi Sky Lantern Festival, villagers used to release paper lanterns in the sky, today, locals and visitors alike carry on the practice for good year in the new year.
New Orleans, USA New Orleans is known for being party town. It celebrates its 300th in February as Big Easy celebration with with wonderful events of fireworks and concerts.
King's Day in Amsterdam, Netherlands Add a splash of sunshine in your life at king's day celebration in spring in amsterdam. The festival marks the goudy-color loving Dutch Monarch's birthday, with a huge street party that sees the population almost double. The fun begins a night before and celebrations continue into the next day. with street vendors, market stalls, and boat parties on the world famous canals. Make sure you sample local Tompouce pastry to keep your energy levels up, decorated with orange icing especially for King's day.
Distortion in Copanhagan, Denmark
Distortion is often tagged as almost a week-long spectacle celebrating emerging dance music and orchestrated chaos. What started as an experiment in 1998 is now an annual event with free daytime street parties, intimate night clubs at night and clsing two day festival in the city's industrial warehouse, westland. Inti Raymi In Cusco,Peru
On the Southern hemisphere's winter solstice, the ancient capital of Cizco hosts a re-enactment of Inca'stribute to sun god. Inti, follow the processtion from center of town to the fortress of Sacsayhuaman and watch the spectacle unfold. Do not forget that Cuzco-located high in the Andes is a good base for wisiting the ruins at Machu Pichu. 115 years of Harley Davidson in Milawaukee, USA
Whether you are a die-hard motorbike fan or have never been on bike before, the Harley Davidson birthday celebrations in the Midwest city of Malawauki have something for everyone. The "welcome Home" party will feature field games, food trucks and beer garden. Then there is option to get behind the scene look at Harley Davidson factory before the final bike parade through the city. The Fringe Festival in Edinbugh. Scotland
The Edinbugh's Fringe Festival is the largest celebration od arts anf culture in the world. The 2017 festival saw 53,000 performances of over 3000 shows- from theater and comedy to cicus and opera. Many of the events take place in the center of the city-- a INESCO World Heritage site. So when you are walking from show to show to will be able to soak up the history as well as the heady festival spirit.

Sunday, April 22, 2018

An Algerian Muslim Woman Was Denied Citizenship After Her Refusal To Shake Hands With Male In France

A French appealant court upheld a ruling denying her French citizenship. The ruling stated that the woman did not fully conform to the norms of French community, hence her citizenship was denied. She had also appealed the decision in France's highest administrative court, which upheld the government's earleir decision. The Algerian woman has been married to a French man since 2010. Citing Islamic teaching, the woman had refused to shake hands with a male official during a citizenship ceremony in 2016. She termed the ruling against her an " abuse of power". Previously in 2016, A Swiss regional authority ruled that the two Muslim pupils at a Swiss school had to shake hands with their female teacher, or face fine.

Saturday, April 21, 2018

Why To Name New International Airport After Late BeNazir Bhutto

This is not a good tradition to name the important buildings, roads and other important projects after the name of the Pakistani politicans who have never positively contributed towards nation and the prosperity of the people. Whether this may have been late Benazir or her father late Z A Bhutto, Nawaz Sharif or Zardari. What they did they did to prolong their tenure of power. Late Bhutto's only avheivement is the beginning of atomic program, otherwise he was responsible for laying foundation stone of Bangladesh by ignoring the majority of the voters of Mujeeb and thus making Pakistan half. There are hundreds of Muslim national heroes in history like martyres who have scarificed lives for the country. They only deserve the right to name important projects after their names. Now a days politicians immediately fix the name plates of a road or electricity project though they wuuld have not spent a single penny on these from their pocket. Murree road in Rawalpindi was named after Benazir but people did not accept this and it is still known as Murree road, same was true of Benair hospital that has only board for the name people call it center hospital.

Thursday, April 19, 2018

Indian Woman Attending Besakhi Festival In Pakistan Converted To Islam And Married Muslim Man

An Indian woman who had come to Pakistan to attend the ongoing Besakhi festival has embraced Islam in order to marry a Pakistani man. Kiran Bala, daughter of Manohar Lal, has wrtten to the ministry of foreign affairs, requesting that he had married a Pakistani man during a ceremony at Jamia Naeemia, Lahore on April 16. After the marriage, Kiran's name was changed to Amna Bibi. She said she tied the knot with Azam, a resident of Hanjarwal, Multan road Lahore and does not want to return to India.Based on these grounds, Amna has requested the authorities to extend her visa so that she can stay in Pakistan. According toAmna she is receiving assassination threats and that she can not return to country of her country of origin. Pakistan has catagorically rejected Indian allegations of 'attempts to incite Indian pilgrims', on the issue of Khalistan.

Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Mariah Carey Has Faced A number Of Challenges And Setbacks During Her Life And Career

Her Former manager is gearing up to sue her.This is not the first time that Maria has been accused of inappropriate workplace nudity. This time, however it is not by a security guard- it is by her former manage, Stella Stolper. Reports are that she is suing Maria Carey and accusing the singer of sexual harassment. The accusations go beyond inappropriate nudity.
Mariah allegedly did 'sexual things' while naked and in the presence of her management. This is not the appropriate behavior in the vast majority of professional environments.
There is more, beyond the" I love being naked around people whose jobs require them to be near me" issue which in and of iteself matches up with previous accusations levied against her. Stella will reportedly accuse Mariah of having a substance abuse problem. One of her issues is allegedly that she does not take her medicines for her bipolr disorder.

Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Politicians Should Learn To Respect The Vote And The Voters First

The former disqualified prime minister who has been declared ineligible by apex court for whole life from holding any political status has become so restless, discouraged, dis hearted to the extent of madness along with his princess that both are abusing, accusing, insulting and blaming the courts all the time because he sees darkness ahead for his political career and regaining power. But he is never ashamed of the deeds and making money and purchasing property in foreign countries and extending number of factories and thinking of mounting piles of money all the time like Hindu Banya and miser jews. Never thinking of the people and the voters who cast their votes in his favor to make him the powerful man of the country and did they or their political family think of respecting the vote for which he is shouting and crying now. He is trying to run a movement for the respect of the vote. Did he fulfill the promises he made during his earlier election compaign , did he respect the vote?. He even does not know or willingly ignore the political behavoiur of the world leaders who quit the ministries and the responsibilities immediately if they are charged with any corruption case and never object the decision of the courts and bow their heads because they are great leaders of the great nations. He is even not fit as being a national leader what to speak of standing alongside the world leaders. Does not he know that a man sitting on premier seat can hold any job whether he receives pay or not. It is astonishing that he is not ashamed of the slogans he is raising all the time. This Pakistani nation will never find any moment of prosperity and happiness if they themselves invite the troubles and destruction in electing leaders like him or others who have no sense of respecting the vote and the voters. Where are gone the promises of Shahbaz Sharif to end the load shedding within months rather the duration of load shedding has increased. Instead Sharif's government had burdened the nation with more and more foreign loans and holding bowl for money where ever he during his reign or his puppet pm also follows him for begging loans. Is this the respect or honor of the vote. Learn to honor the vote first yourself otherwise masses respect the vote except you and your political family.

Friday, April 6, 2018

Do You Want Me To Attack India, Maulana Fazal's Raply To Ao A Journalist

Maulana Fazal Rahman likes a to be chairman of Kashmir Committee under each and every government that has ministerial status with heavy previliges but nothing to do except calling some meetings and keeping the issue alive in his statements. When a journalist asked Maulana that he was the chairman of Kashmir committee and he had eight meetings about Kashmir during five years tenure and was this his only responsibility? On his question Maulana angrily replied did the journalist want him to attack India. Mulana said the questions should be according to the issue. Was the journalist's question out of the way that Maulana got angry. He must tell his solid progress in this regard for which he is heavily paid.