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Tuesday, May 23, 2017

King's Tour Of His Remote Controlled Slave State (Video)

Though it is the tradition of all Muslims and specially the Arabs as taught by True Religion Islam that guest must be given respect, best hospitability and all the possible facilitties in hand of the host. But in the first foreign tour of the emperor gives the expression of master and the slave. It was not just respect of a guest visiting someone's home but the upheld neck of the guest and bowed necks of the host shows the relation of a a ruler and the ruled ones. Specially the behaviour of Melania Trump with out scarf and shaking hands with Na Mahram women were a slap on the old tradions of Arabs and the Muslims. The other details readers can guess from the video.

Monday, May 22, 2017

Nawaz Sharif Was Totally Ignored By Shah Salman And Trump In Islamic Conference (Video)

Prime Minister of Pakistan Nawaz Sharif was totally ignored in recent Islamic Conference and after the address of Shah Salman and American president Trump the conference was shortened and Nawaz Sharif's address was canceled. Pakistan which is involved actively in fighting against terrorism was pushed away by both the chief guest and the host. Nawaz Sharif was not even included in the inaugural ceremony of global center, while Saudi king met and embraced Afghan president and met warmly with Bangla Deshi prime minister, while Nawaz Sharif was seen no where. The main target of the coference was anti Iran. All the Pakistani journalists were also astonished on the treatment shown to Nawaz Sharif by Saudi officials. It was of course, a great insult of Pakistan and its prime minister.

Sunday, May 21, 2017

Saudi Arabia Has Granted Citizenship To Dr Zakir Naik

Indian Islamic preacher Dr Zakir Naik who is currently wanted by Indian authorities for alleged terrorists offences has reportedly been granted citizenship by Saudi Arabia. Sources said King Salman has granted citizenship to Dr Naik in order to protect him from arrest by International Police Organisation (Interpol). The 51-year-old Islamic preacher founded Islamic Research Foundation (IRF) He is believed to be staying in Saudi Arabia for evading arrest in India after he was accused of playing a role in terror-related case. Naik has also money laundering allegations against him. Some perpetrators of Dhakka terror attack also claimed that they were inspired by Dr Naik. Indian press reported enforcement officials in the country were planning to revoke his passport after which he will be forced to return to India. Naik has been booked for allegedly propagating enmity between different groups on the grounds of religion. His channel Peace TV has been banned in Canada, UK and Bangla Desh. He was also denied entry to Canada and UK in 2012 after allegedly expressing support for Al-Qaeda. This is just a negative propaganda against a true Muslim who never never preached any hatred or caused difference between different religions, but he only presented comparative study of different religions. This is only Muslim enmity of Western countries and specially Hindus who want to culminate Muslims from the face of earth but Hindus themselves will meet the same fate not the Muslims. Islam will flourish day and night and in near future more than half of the world will be Muslims. Insha Allah

Voice Calls Of Waseem Badami\s Girlfriend Minhal (Video)

Renowned TV anchor Waseem Badami's alleged girl friend Minhal, who claims to be surgeon shared video calls of her with Waseem on social media. She also claims to have friendship with him for four years.

Saturday, May 20, 2017

27 KG Heroine Was Recovered From Plane In Which Nawaz Sharif Had To Travel To Saudi Arabia(Video)

Nawaz Sharif had a secret gift for Arabs by gameonhai

Kulbhoshan Yajhave Will Be Hanged After All (Video)

Friday, May 19, 2017

Kalbushan Has Contacts With Brahamdagh Bughti And Many Other Baloch Leaders-- Mubashir Luqman

A renowned TV anchor revealed on private TV channel that Kalbushan was tracked for five years and then arrested because a foreign spy of his level if arrested with out sufficient evidences would had caused trouble for the country, therefore it took a little bit more time to collect enough evidences against this IndianKalbushan is the person who provided spy, Kalbushan yadev had direct contacts with BLF terrorist commander Dr Mannan, who killed many Pakistanis. He had also direct contact with chief of BLF Dr Allah Nazar. Dr Allah Nazar had central role in getting Brahamdagh Bugti out of Afghanistan, arranging for his passport and other documents for getting him settle in Swittzerland. Many people from BLF, BLA, UBA and Lashkar e Balochistan are on his pay roll. Kalbushan is the person who updated and provided secret information to Indian agencies in Afghanistan and America and working against Pakistan. Mubashir added that Harbiar Marree will file appeal in International Court of Justice for Kalbushan. He supported internationally known terrorist organisation Lashkar e Jhanghvi and trained its people. Kalbushan promoted terrorism in Pakistan with the help of RAW.