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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Twin Kids--- The Reflection Of Each Other

The babies born at the same time are called twins whereas, in medical science they are called "identical twins". They resembles in face features unbelievably, in addition to harmony in skin, eyes and hair color. Some are "non identical twins" , though are born at the same time but do not resemble in features.
Usually they can not be differentiated from each other and interesting situation arises. Identical twins take birth from the same egg cell, while non identical twins though take birth at the same time but from different egg cells. Geneticists are researching on the different and common qualities and habits of twins. They are studying that inspite of having the similar genome, how the twins can differ in habits. Because it has been observed that one of the twins is talkative and can adopt an environment soon, while other is shy and unsocial. One kid gets angry quickly while other exhibits careful attitude. Similarly, geneticists want to know that the disease that one suffers from and other is free from contracting the disease. Though scientists got some successes in this regard, but research never ends. The future research may negate the present results but study would continue in each field of science. The conclusion so far reached by the geneticists reports indicate that the kids having the same DNA constituents ( chain of amino acids-helix), and being phenotypically similar have quite different habits and qualities( attitudes). It means that gene can not form the outer look of the individual. Rather there is some parallel system working that sets the behavior and habits of the twins. Therefore geneticists gather every year in the town of Twins Berg in Ohio state of the USA, to study the genotype and phenotype along with behavioral response of the twins in the (World Twin Fair).

Women Park Vehicles Better Than Men

Covert surveillance of car parks across Britain has shown that women are better at parking than men. The study, one of the most comprehensive ever conducted on gender driving differences, found that women were more likely to leave their vehicles in the middle of a bay.
Women were also found to be better at finding spaces, more accurate in lining themselves up before starting each man oeuvre, and more likely to adopt instructors’ preferred method of reversing into bays.
Men were shown to be more skilled at driving forwards into spaces and more confident overall, with fewer opting to reposition their car once in a bay.
But once all the elements were taken into account, women were ranked first with a total score of 13.4 out of 20, compared to 12.3 points achieved by men.
Neil Beeson, a professional driving instructor who devised the experiment, described the results as “surprising”. Mr Beeson, who has recently appeared on the ITV show Last Chance Driving School, said: “In my experience men have always been the best learners and usually performed better in lessons.
“However, it’s possible that women have retained the information better. The results also appear to dispel the myth that men have better spatial awareness than women. “It shows that men need to give our partners more respect when it comes to parking. The facts don’t lie.”
The study was produced by the car park firm NCP, which employed a team of researchers to observe 2,500 drivers across its 700 car parks in Britain over a one-month period.

Twitter Trying To Calm Global Outrage Over Censorship Policy

Twitter CEO Dick Costolo sought to calm the global outrage over the company's new country-by-country censorship policy on Monday, complaining in part that the issue is being treated with the same kind of shorthand that has made Twitter popular.
Speaking at the All Things D conference, Costolo repeated the company's justification for the policy change it announced last week: By taking down tweets only in the country where Twitter believes they may have violated local laws, it is making sure the maximum 140-character-long messages are still available to the rest of the world.
Twitter's reasoning has been mostly lost in a barrage of comments many from Twitter users themselves that the company is caving into attacks on free speech, especially in countries with repressive regimes. "It's a super complex issue," Costolo said. "When the news came out, people tried to distill it down to, 'What did they just say?' It's easy to distill it down to 'Twitter is endorsing XYZ.'"
"It takes a while for the scholars and the people who study these matters to weigh in and start to say, 'Wait, this is actually a thoughtful and honest approach to doing this and it's in fact being done in a way that's forward-looking.' So we wait for that to happen," he added.
The complaint about knee-jerk responses to complex issues is somewhat ironic given that the company's meteoric growth has been fueled often by buzz-worthy but flippant comments.
Costolo also emphasized that if Twitter reacts to take-down requests, it will make public the reasons a tweet is being removed. The company already has 45 people who respond to such requests, including those from copyright holders of music or movies in the United States.
He said the policy wouldn't affect its stance toward China or Iran, where the service is already blocked completely. "I don't think the current environment in China is one in which we think we could operate," he said.
Costolo spoke just days before Facebook is expected to file the paperwork necessary for an initial public offering of stock, a move that is likely to make initial investors and employees in the company rich.
San Francisco-based Twitter also faces the same securities regulations that are forcing Facebook to go public — a rule that says companies with more than $10 million in assets and more than 500 shareholders of a certain class of stock must disclose their financial results and other details.
Twitter, which was founded in 2006, will bump up against the rule "at some point," Costolo said. But he added he would rather spend time building value at the company than dealing with such issues.

Memories Of Jamsheed Marker-- A Pakistani Retired Diplomate

Jamshed Marker has 30 years long experience in the field of diplomacy. He has been performing his assignments as Ambassador of Pakistan to 16 different countyries of the world. He has been Pakistan's ambassador to United nations, USA, France, Germany, Canada, Japan, Romania, Bulgaria and several African countries.His professional career spreads from the era of general Ayub Khan to Banazir Bhutto. He has been conferred on many national and international as Burma star, War Service Medal and Victoria Medal from Britain for serving in World War II, He was also given awards by foreign countries like France, Bulgaria and Columbia. He has also been commenting from Radio Pakistan on cricket with Omar Qureshi.
He narrated his memories of the past diplomatic life in an interview with an Urdu Daily as:-
*--- Ayub Khan diary shows more hatred against Bungalis than Indians.
*--- Sir Zafrullah Khan signed on SEATO with out the consent of the
government as he was "Outsider".
*--- Shah Nawaz Bhutto took over dose of drug after quarreling with Murtaza
Bhutto due to which he died.
*--- Gambling was done in Delhi Jem Khana about the fate of newly born Pakistan
that it may exist for 4 months or so and will rejoin India.
*--- When Briton cricketers used to come to Pakistan, their was arranged in 5
star hotel Flattes' and Pakistani cricketers were asked to stay with
*--- During a commentry on cricket match, one spectator cried pointing to us
that do not listen to them they are liers, match has is dead.
*--- In France General Zia ul Haq and the delegation of Israel was staying in
one hotel. In the lobby Israeli ambassador came running toward Zia ul Haq
and shook hands with him. I said sorry I could not stop him. Zia ul Haq
said no matter if I would have been knowing still I would have shook hands
with him.
*--- When Bhutto founded Pakistan People's Party , I donated PKR 0.2 million for
the party.
*--- On the hanging of Bhutto, Kissinger said Zia took a very wrong
*--- After fall of Dhaka, China got the Indian Forces out through Veto from
Bangladesh, and it was better for Bangladesh.
*--- Pakistan and Soviet Union could not send arms to Afghanistan due to Geneva
accord but Zia ul Haq had been sending it hiddenly.
*--- I said to Kosygin that he did not allow veto for ceasefire twice and Indian forces humiliated Pakistan Army reaching Dhaka.

Drinking Black Tea May Lower Blood Pressure

It’S good news for the two-thirds of Britons who have a cup of tea every day - enjoying a brew may significantly reduce your blood pressure.
Scientists at The University of Western Australia and Unilever discovered that drinking three cups of tea a day lowers systolic and diastolic blood pressure.
However, researchers based their findings on drinking black tea and the effect of drinking tea with milk is not known.
Tea is the world’s second-most popular drink, after water. It is full of polyphenols, antioxidants that have been shown to stop cancer cells from growing. Another study from Harvard University found the drink could boost immune function.
Now researchers have found more proof that it keeps the heart healthy. Lead author Research Professor Jonathan Hodgson said: ‘There is already mounting evidence that tea is good for your heart health, but this is an important discovery because it demonstrates a link between tea and a major risk factor for heart disease.’Blood pressure measurement consists of two numbers. The first is the systolic and measures blood pressure when the heart beats, or contracts to push blood through the body. The second number is the diastolic and measures the amount of pressure in between beats, when the heart is at rest.
In the small study, 95 Australian participants aged between 35 and 75 were recruited to drink either three cups of black tea or a placebo with the same flavour and caffeine content, but not derived from tea.
After six months, the researchers found that compared with the placebo group, participants who drank black tea had a lower systolic and diastolic blood pressure of between 2 and 3 mmHg (millimetres of mercury).
The authors believe a 2 to 3mmHg drop in blood pressure across the board would lead to a 10 per cent drop in the number of people with hypertension and heart disease.
Dr Hodgson wrote: ‘A large proportion of the general population has blood pressure within the range included in this trial, making results of the trial applicable to individuals at increased risk of hypertension.’
He added that more research is required to better understand how tea may reduce blood pressure, although earlier studies reported a link between tea drinking and the improved health of people’s blood vessels. The study is published this week in the Archives of Internal Medicine.

Pills Have Been Approved For The Treatment Of Advanced Form Of Skin Cancer

U.S. health regulators on Monday approved Roche's pill to treat an advanced form of the most common form of skin cancer, known as basal cell carcinoma.
The drug, Erivedge, which was co-developed by Curis Inc, was given a green light by the Food and Drug Administration more than a month ahead of the expected March 8 decision date. It was approved for use by adults whose cancer cannot be treated with surgery or radiation or whose disease has spread to other parts of the body or returned following surgery.
Erivedge, known chemically as vismodegib, is the first drug to gain FDA approval for advanced basal cell carcinoma. Curis, which earned a $10 million milestone payment as a result of the approval, is entitled to royalty payments on sales of the drug. "Today's approval provides a new treatment for people with advanced basal cell carcinoma who, until now, had no approved medicines to help shrink disfiguring or potentially life-threatening lesions," Hal Barron, Roche chief medical officer, said in a statement.
The drug, which is taken once a day, is expected to cost about $7,500 a month, with an estimated 10-month course of treatment totaling about $75,000, Curis said in a regulatory filing.
Roche is awaiting an approval decision on the drug in Europe.
Basal cell carcinoma is generally a slow-growing and painless form of skin cancer that starts in the top layer of the skin and develops on areas that are regularly exposed to sunlight or other ultraviolet radiation.
Erivedge works by inhibiting a signaling pathway that is active in most basal cell cancers and only in a few normal tissues, such as hair follicles.
The drug was approved with a warning alerting patients and health-care professionals of the potential risk of death or severe birth effects to a fetus. Pregnancy status must be verified prior to the start of Erivedge treatment, the FDA said.
Curis shares were down 16 cents, or 3 percent, at $5.02 on Nasdaq. Roche shares closed off 1.2 percent in Switzerland.

Monday, January 30, 2012

Twitter Will Begin "Facebook Style" Enhanced Brand Pages

Microblogging site Twitter will begin to roll out "Facebook-style" enhanced brand pages, allowing users to shop and play games, from February 1 according to a January 26 report by Businessinsider.
Twitter quietly launched enhanced profile pages for brands in December 2011; these pages, which were limited to a few companies such as HP and Coca-Cola, gave the brands 'flashier' pages that were more in line with their brand image -- for example Coca-Cola's page is red.
However according to Businessinsider, these enhanced pages will, from February 1, take a turn that it is more in the direction of Facebook's model, enabling brands to build platforms on their pages that, "could include iFrame environments" (a more flexible style of computer programming) which would enable users to play games and shop on a brand's site without leaving Twitter.
Business Insider simply attributes these rumors to a source "... who received a briefing on the topic from a senior Twitter executive." At the time of writing (11am GMT January 27), no mention of the proposed changes has appeared on Twitter's official blog.

Ijaz Wants To Come To Pakistan On The Assurance Of Chief Justice

The US businessman at the center of the memo scandal has written an email to Chief Justice Iftikhar Muhammed Chaudhry.
A private News Channel has received details of that email in which Ijaz writes that he is willing to come to Pakistan if he is provided assurance by the Chief Justice.
Ijaz has however placed a condition that he will come to Pakistan on one flight record his statement then leave on the next flight out.
The US businessman fears that if comes to Pakistan he might be stuck in the country for one year and his business and family would be severely affected.
Ijaz further writes in the email that he was the one who had given the proposal to lift travel restrictions on Husain Haqqani because “it shouldn’t be the case that one person was under restrictions while the other was free.”
He goes on to write that if the commission was to record his statement abroad then it was necessary for Haqqani to also be present.
Mansoor Ijaz adds that he had been receiving threats from Interior Minister Rehman Malik.

A Snake's Head Half Chewed By Fearless Toddler In Arab Town

A snake came to a rather untimely end after having its head half chewed off by a fearless toddler in an Arab town in northern Israel, the child’s family told News Reporter the other day.
Thirteen-month-old Imad Aleeyan, who has six teeth, was found chewing on the head of the 30-centimetre snake by his mother, who alerted the neighbourhood with her screams. “I was making his milk and I looked over and saw he had a snake in his mouth,” said his mother, Ghadir Aleeyan, who lives in the town of Shefa’Amr, 15 kilometres (9 miles) east of the port city of Haifa.
“I started to scream. I couldn’t believe my eyes,” she told AFP. “I nearly died of fright.”
Her screams brought the rest of the family and the neighbourhood running. “We rushed in and found the baby with a snake in his mouth, chewing it. It was really scary, just horrible,” the boy’s aunt, Yasmin Shahin, said.
A neighbour who had rushed to see what was going on yanked the half-dead reptile out of the boys mouth and killed it, she said. “When he pulled it out, Imad started crying,” she said, describing the snake’s head as “very badly chewed” when it emerged from the boys mouth.
They immediately checked the child for any bite marks but found none, with doctors at Rambam hospital in Haifa confirming he was unharmed. “Doctors at the hospital told us the snake was really poisonous but that we were very lucky because they release less venom in the winter,” she said. But Dr Boaz Shacham, an expert on amphibians and reptiles, told News Agency that from looking at images of the smashed-up serpent online, it appeared to be a coin-marked snake (hemorrhois nummifer), a non-venomous species which resembles a viper.
Such snakes grow up to 1.3 metres in length, he said, suggesting it was a “very young” specimen. “It probably didn’t bite the child because of the cold,” said Shacham who is the head of the herpetology collection at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.

Russia Could Deploy Arsenals Of New Technology To Destroy Any Part Of The Planet

A top Duma political leader caused shock waves in a recent television interview when he warned that Russia could deploy an arsenal of new technology to destroy any part of the planet and kill over a hundred million people using secret weather weapons if the United States, the UN or Georgia tried to stop Russias entry into the WTO.
Vladimir Zhirinovsky is Vice-Chairman of the Russian State Duma and leader of the Liberal Democratic Party of Russia (LDPR), the first officially sanctioned opposition party after the fall of communism. The LDPR has deep links with the former KGB and Communist Party and has become a significant force in Russian politics, despite Zhirinovsky himself being branded as a militant neo-fascist.
According to a translation provided by a Russian speaker, during the interview Zhirinovsky went off on a bizarre tangent after he was asked how Russia should treat countries like Georgia and the United States who try and block Russias entry into the World Trade Organization.
Saying that the American government in Washington DC had no future and would collapse, Zhirinovsky cited Russias supremacy in space and stated that the country had, Lots of money, resources, and new weapons that no one knows about.
With them we will destroy any part of the planet within 15 minutes, he sensationally warned.
Not an explosion, not a ray burst, not some kind of laser, not lightning, but a quiet and peaceful weapon, added Zhirinovsky, warning that whole continents will be put to sleep forever and that 120 million will die if anyone interfered with Russias claim on the Kuril Islands, which are the subject of a territorial dispute with Japan.
The female presenter of the news program smirked as he made the comments, but Zhirinovskys manner was far from jovial.
Zhirinovsky made reference to the recent tsunami in Japan, suggesting that the new weapons to which he refers are related to weather control technology, which has been intensely studied by both the U.S. and Russia since the 1950′s and is commonly used today.
Threatening to annex Georgia completely, Zhirinovsky warned, And then there will be another tsunami, on the other side of the planet, in the Caucasus. Zhirinovskys reference to the Kuril Islands in connection with the devastating tsunami that hit Japan in March is a not so subtle suggestion that Russia had something to do with causing the natural disaster that killed thousands, led to the Fukushima crisis and threatened to derail Japans economic recovery.
Zhirinovsky also warned of a coming third world war emerging from the current turmoil in the Middle East and North Africa that would lead to the collapse of current global institutions like the EU and the WTO and the rise of a new international order led by Russia.
Moscow has routinely employed the weather control technology of cloud seeding for decades to ensure sunny skies when military parades are taking place on national holidays, but turning the weather into a devastating weapon to be used in warfare is a frightening new prospect.
However, as the revelations of weather modification expert Ben Livingston, a former Navy Physicist who briefed President Lyndon B. Johnson on the effectiveness of weather control back in the 1960′s during the Vietnam era, have documented, as far back as the early 1950′s the United States was funneling money into programs aimed at using the weather as a weapon during the cold war. It would be naive to think that the Russians werent engaged in similar research.
Moreover, in an April 1997 speech to the University of Georgia, Athens, then US Secretary of Defense William Cohen spoke of the threat of an eco-type of terrorism whereby they can alter the climate, set off earthquakes, volcanoes remotely through the use of electromagnetic waves.
For many years, suspicions have circulated around the purpose of the High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program (HAARP), an ionospheric research program jointly funded by the US Air Force, the US Navy, the University of Alaska and DARPA. In his underground bestseller Angels Dont Play This HAARP, author Nick Begich summarizes the evidence that suggests HAARP is involved in weather control for nefarious purposes.
Scientists at NASA have discovered A close link between electrical disturbances on the edge of our atmosphere and impending quakes on the ground below, which has led to claims that earthquakes are being artificially induced as a form of modern warfare by HAARP.
The technology to which Zhirinovsky refers is rapidly moving out of the realms of science fiction and into scientific fact as we progress further into the 21st century.
While Zhirinovsky is a controversial character in Russia with an incendiary personality, he is nonetheless a major political player. Although Zhirinovsky has been dismissed as a clown and has made many offbeat comments in the past, it would be naive to dismiss him as being on the fringe.
As well as being Vice-Chairman of the Russian State Duma and leader of the LDPR, Zhirinovsky is a member of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe. The deputy Duma speaker has announced his intention to run in the 2012 Russian presidential elections, where he is expected to finish third in the race.
Zhirinovskys comments have been no less controversial in the past. He once advocated dropping nuclear bombs over the Atlantic Ocean to flood Great Britain.
What are we to make of these remarkable comments? Is Zhirinovsky just a crank, or has he truly spilled the beans on Russias intention to unleash an arsenal of new weather warfare technology in its bid to dominate the globe?

Putin Lost Grip On The Power Now, United Russia Party Could not Win 2/3 Majority

The experts were of the view that prior to the general elections in Russia that Russia prime minister Valade Mer Putin and his party United Russia have lost popularity among the masses. The people's opinion was openly expressed for the first on November 20, 2011, when Russian PM entered in the ring of the Olympics Stadium to participate in the weekly martial arts competition, the spectators chanted slogans against him asking Putin to get out of the ring. Putin was stunned for a while but posing no concern to the slogans he turned toward his opponent. All the scene had been on air live. Though director of the stadium narrated this event differently saying that people were asking Putin's opponent Chef to leave the ring. But watching eyes and hearing ears could not be deceived. Now the video of the event can be watched on Youtube too. The experts term this event an important turn of the era of Putin's rule. Renowned Russian Blogger and supporter of anti-corruption move Elex has termed it the end of Putin's regime. It indicates that first president and then as prime minister enjoying the sole power , Putin will have to face tough time ahead.
Putin had started campaign to convert his unpopularity into popularity he constituted special planning and assigned the the 3 largest TV channels the duty of highlighting government achievements. But his this policy had negative impact on the opinion of the people about Putin. The former World Chess Champion and now the leader of opposition Gary Casparove said, " Our votes had been stolen since long, and now our freedom of expression and voting have been stolen. It is regrettable that official media is presenting likes and dislikes of the people against the reality."
Fifty-nine years old Veladi Mer Putin was the second president of the remaining Russia and is also the head of the ruling party "United Russia" When the the first president of Russia, Burus Yelson resigned on December 31, 1999; Putin the then prime minister entered the president house as acting president. He remained president of Russia twice. In the Russian constitution, contesting for the office of president for the third time is not permissible, therefore he got his vice prime minister Medadove elected as president whom he calls his son and himself occupied the office of prime minister. His plan was to be president after Medadove finishes his presidential term. Now he is working under this plan and he announced in September 2011 that he will contest election for president.
In the regime of Putin Russian economy progressed quite well. GDP growth rose to 72 $ and poverty level subsided to 50 %. Average salaries increased from $ 80 to $1640. In energy sector development rate was high and Russia gained the status of super power in this field. However experts criticize restrictions on freedom of press and expression. This may be the reason that people are migrating to foreign countries and is continues and every year some 0.1 to 0.15 million people migrate from Russia.

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Why Pakistani Religio-political Parties Do Not Sweep The Election As In Egypt?

The religious parties that are most active (Jameet e Ulema e Islam-F and Jamaat e Islami) in Pakistani politics and gain some times ministries or chief minister-ship of the two provinces,do not think that in an Islamic country like ours they cannot win enough majority to be in power at the center. In Egypt specially Ekhwan ul Muslameen has won the majority and is in position to make the government, however, it may make coalition government. In other Islamic countries that got rid of dictators recently, Islamists will gain power.
The only country in the world( Israel is an exception) that was achieved in the name of Islam and Islamic laws( though Jamaat e Ulamae Islam did not participate in the "SIN" of struggling for Pakistan), could not be transformed into an Islamic welfare state based on the principles of Islam. Unfortunately, the generation that took part practically in the struggle for creation of an Islamic state has passed and new generation neither know the ideology of Pakistan nor it is in favor of making it purely an Islamic state with few exceptions. The western and Indian cultures have changed their minds and they are afraid of Taliban type government. There are no corruption charges on any of the religious party ass other political parties are involved in the corruption scandals, still they can not get few seats in national assembly.
I am from Dera Ismail Khan, Khyber Pakhtoon Kha and a voter of Maulana Fazl ur Rahman's constituency, common people got discouraged from his party and from Maulana too during their government in the province because they followed the same path in appointments and providing other facilities to people of his area as other semi-secular minded parties do. Then what would be the difference in distributing employments to the people (voters) between Jamaat and other parties. People expect justice as Islam has provided to the people. People like the religious leaders to be limited to mosques or if they come in politics then they must be different from others. Maulana could not provide Sui Gas facility to the people of D I khan while in the regime of PPP it has been done though work was, of course, initiated by Maulana. Maulana is too intelligent to contest election from Bannu otherwise he would have no seat in the assembly. Akram Durrani was his chief minister in the province and he did so much welfare work in Bannu district that he made Maulana win in Bannu in addition to win his own and his son's seat in the provincial assembly.
It does not mean that Faisal Karim Kundi is popular in Dera Ismail Khan, Maulana has majority than him but voters wanted to warn maulana to be careful in future and practice justice as he claims to bring Islamic rule in Pakistan. He must practice it at least at local level then he can win the prime minister ship by the votes of the people of Pakistan not with the support of the USA.

NATO Drawdown From Afghanistan Should Depend On Security Conditions--Cameron

British Prime Minister David Cameron warned Saturday against withdrawing troops from Afghanistan too fast, after France said it would pull out a year before the international deadline of 2014.
Speaking at a press conference with Afghan President Hamid Karzai, who was visiting London, Cameron said the speed of the NATO drawdown should depend on security conditions on the ground. "Obviously, between now and 2014 there will be opportunities for different countries to reduce their troop numbers. Britain has reduced our troop numbers over the last year," Cameron said.
"I don't want to see some sort of cliff edge in 2014 when all of the remaining troops come out at once, but clearly, between now and 2014, the rate at which we can reduce our troops will depend on the transition to Afghan control in the different parts of Afghanistan. "And that should be the same for all of the members of NATO who are all contributing and helping to a strong, stable and peaceful Afghanistan, which is in all our interests."
Britain has around 9,500 troops in Afghanistan, the second largest contingent after the United States.
His comments appeared to be a rebuke to French President Nicolas Sarkozy, who said Friday that France would pull its forces out of Afghanistan in 2013.
Sarkozy's decision followed the killing a week earlier of four French servicemen by a renegade Afghan soldier.
Karzai said Britain had been Afghanistan's "steadfast friend" since the US-led invasion of Afghanistan in 2001 to topple the Taliban regime following the 9/11 attacks on New York and Washington. "May I convey to the people of Britain the gratitude of the Afghan people for all that Britain has offered Afghanistan, for having been ready to sacrifice, and having been ready to share hard-earned taxpayers' money with Afghanistan for the benefit of the Afghan life," Karzai said.
The scheduled deadline for the transfer of security from international combat troops to Afghan forces is the end of 2014.

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Valentine's Day Banned In Uzbekistan

The Uzbekistani authorities have placed an unofficial ban on romance-themed activities on Valentine’s Day. Russian news agency RIA-Novosti, citing numerous local media, reports that the Central Asian nation has cancelled concerts and other events across the country.
Residents in the capital city of Tashkent can instead take in readings of poems by 16th century Mughal emperor Babur.
The nation has a long-running distaste for Valentine’s Day. Last year, the nation’s Turkiston newspaper described the holiday as the product of “forces with evil goals bent on putting an end to national values”.
Uzbekistan is a predominantly Muslim country, though scores of residents are known to celebrate the traditionally Christian holiday.

Britishers Have Become More Corrupt Than Before--Sussex University Report

It has been reported in the report compiled by Sussex University that people of Britain are more corrupt than before. It means that they were corrupt before too but now are more in this respect. But the fact is that Britons never remained behind in this field. They are honest with their interests but dealing with other nations they do not care for law, rules and religion, and history is witness to this.
Britons are mixture of Vikings, Anglo-Texans, Normans, Romans and other nations. When Britain was a poor country the rich people committed atrocities on the poor. Labors were put to work for 24 hours a day. The poor if picked the pocket he was sentenced to death. When it got some strength , Britain started conquering the other countries. Looting all the wealth of the occupied countries made then beggars. Sub-continent was considered "The Sparrow Of Gold" when Britain occupied it took all its wealth to its own countries and at partition two poor countries came into being. It again showed dishonesty, specially with Pakistan and handed over Kashmir to India which is the cause of conflict between the two countries.
Britons ranked Indians and dog in one status. When during 1857 Freedom Movement started they crushed it cruelly and killed 10 millions Indians in few years. Among them 7.5 millions were Muslims. Atrocities on the last emperor Bahadar Shah Zafar are saved in the pages of history book.
At the time of rise the sun did not set on British empire. British colonies were spread all over the world. Now the Great Britain is limited to one and quarter island. One is original England and other occupied territories of Scotland and Wales and a smaller corner of North Ireland is included in the "United Kingdom" that may get separated any time. Now the Great Britain is the story of the past and behind remain "Good Old Days"
Same will be true of the United States. It is super power but its fall seems near. Economy of the USA is going down. It has no way to withdraw forces from Afghanistan. Dialogues are underway with Taliban. One day it will leave Afghanistan in a humiliating manner.

Pakistan Recorded A Stunning Victory By 72 Runs Against England

Pakistan recorded a stunning victory by 72 runs against top-ranked England within four days of the five-day second Test match here at the Sheikh Zayad Stadium on Saturday.
Chasing an easy target of 145 runs to win, England were bundled out for a mere 72, their lowest ever total in a Test innings against Pakistan.
Left-arm spinner Abdul Rehman grabbed six wickets for 25 runs in his career best bowling whilr off-spinner Saeed Ajmal claimed three for 22.
Pakistan have also won the three-Test series 2-0 as they had already won the first Test at Dubai.

Ijaz's Statement May Be Recorded Abroad--- Akram Sheikh

Feeling relaxed and satisfied of the non-coming of Mansoor Ijaz for recording testimony before the Memo gate Commission, both the big bosses resumed their foreign tours. One proceeded to Myanmar and other boss to Davos. But, Akram Sheikh did not sit calmly, he requested the Apex Court to record his client's statement out of the country. He is right to say that because the life of his client could be at risk in Pakistan.
‘Memogate Scandal’ instigator Mansoor Ijaz’s counsel on Saturday in a plea filed urged Supreme Court of Pakistan to have the judicial commission travel abroad and record his client’s testimony, a private TV news channel reported.
Casting his apprehensions, in the petition, Akram Shaikh said he feared a mistrial was in the making as apparently a deal had been struck among the government, the establishment, and the United States of America to sweep the “Memogate Scandal” under the carpet.

The USA Now Believes That Pakistan Knew About Laden's Hide Outs

When Pakistan was providing logistic facilities to the NATO forces, the spokesmen of the USA had been believing that Pakistani authorities did not know about Ben Lade's hide outs. Now NATO supply has been cut off and Pakistan rejected all the pleas of the USA regarding Salasa attack on Pakistani check post, now USA believes that hide outs of Osama were in the knowledge of Pakistani authorities. The USA always keeps its interests ahead on the cost of lives of the people of other countries, specially the Pakistanis.
US Defense Secretary Leon Panetta still believes someone in authority in Pakistan knew where Osama bin Laden was hiding before US forces went in to find him, he said in a TV interview to air Sunday.
Intelligence reports found Pakistani military helicopters had passed over the compound in Abbottabad, Pakistan where US Navy SEALs discovered and killed bin Laden last year, according to excerpts of an interview Panetta gave to CBS News.
"I personally have always felt that somebody must have had some sense of what was happening at this compound. Don't forget, this compound had 18-foot walls, It was the largest compound in the area. "So you would have thought that somebody would have asked the question, 'What the hell's going on there?'" Panetta told CBS.
The Pentagon chief said that concern played a significant factor in Washington not warning Pakistan officials of the impending raid: "it concerned us that, if we, in fact, brought (Pakistan) into it, that they might give bin Laden a heads up," he said.
Panetta acknowledged he did not have "hard evidence" Pakistan knew of the Al Qaeda leader's whereabouts.
US Navy SEALs killed Bin Laden on May 2 in a raid on a compound in the Pakistani garrison town of Abbottabad, north of the capital Islamabad, and later buried the 9/11 mastermind at sea.

A Large Floating Base Is Being Sent To Middle East By Pentagon

The Pentagon is rushing to send a large floating base for commando teams to the Middle East as tensions rise with Iran, al Qaeda in Yemen and Somali pirates, among other threats, a US newspaper said in a report.
According to an American newspaper report, in response to requests from the US Central Command, which oversees military operations in the Middle East, the Navy is converting an aging warship it had planned to decommission into a makeshift staging base for the commandos.
Unofficially dubbed a "mothership," the floating base could accommodate smaller high-speed boats and helicopters commonly used by Navy SEALs, procurement documents show.

Professor Hicking---A Great Physicist Whose Life Is a Medical Miracle

A few people will disagree that professor Stephen Hiking is a astonishing. personality. Hiking is the former honorary professor of mathematics and theoretical physics of Cambridge university. Member parliament of the university of Cambridge Henery Locas had initiated the educational award in 1963 for those professors who had extra-ordinary capabilities in the field of mathematics. Hiking is considered the most intelligent scientists of the world after Einstein in theoretical physics. He has 12 honorary degrees He has the honor of Commander of The British Empire (CBE). In 2009 he was conferred upon the biggest American Presidential Civil Award for Freedom. With all his educational and scientific awards, Dr Hiking is also a marvelous miracle of medical field too. On January 2012, Dr Hiking became 70 years old. He was paid rich attributes on the occasion by the whole world. British International Broadcasting Organization telecasted a special program in which paying attributes to Dr Hiking said that is not it an astonishing event that when in 1963 he suffered from nervous disorder MND ( Motor Neurone, doctors could foresee his life only a few months. But he is alive and has passed 70 years in this world. All doctors are stunned with this miracle.
It is noteworthy that MND is is a nervous disorder called "Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis disease" also called "Lou Kohrig's disease" it attacks the nerves working for muscles and muscles do not work. When the nerves become function less the patient is unable to walk, speak, respire and swallow and to perform other body functions. The patients with this disease hardly live for 10 years but Dr Hiking is alive for the last 50 years being the patient of this disease. He is not only alive but he has astonished the world with his achievement in the fields of mathematics and physics. Medical science is unable to know the causes of the disease yet. In 5 % of the cases the disease is inherited, however, in other cases it is a secret yet that a person who is normal and smart before, how does he contract the disease?

Friday, January 27, 2012

Clnical Trials In The USA And China In A New Gene-Based Test For Lung Cancer Show Survival

Clinical trials in the United States and China have shown that a new gene-based test for patients with lung cancer beats standard methods in predicting survival, researchers reported Friday.
The findings, published in the British medical journal The Lancet, should help doctors to make more accurate prognoses and better choices for treatment, the scientists said.
Lung cancer is the most lethal type of the disease worldwide, claiming some 1.4 million lives more than breast, colon and prostate cancers combined - each year.
The experimental test measures the activity of fourteen genes within cancerous tissue, and is especially effective is assessing a form called non-squamous non-small cell cancer, commonly brought on by tobacco use.
"This has the potential to help hundreds of thousands of people every year to survive longer," said David Jablons, the main architect of the study and a professor at the University of California in San Francisco (UCSF).
Currently, doctors classify early-stage lung cancers by their size, location and microscopic profile.
Known as staging, this type of assessment guides decisions on the use of supplementary treatment including chemotherapy after cancerous tissue is removed.
A more precise prognosis would mean "more people who might benefit from additional therapy could receive it after surgery, before any residual cancer has had a chance to grow," Jablons explained in a statement.

Jean-Claude Mas Selling Substandard Breast Implants Was Arrested

Jean-Claude Mas, the Frenchman who sparked a global health scare by selling substandard breast implants, was arrested on Thursday as Marseille prosecutors build a case against him for manslaughter. In the first arrests since the two-year-old scandal made headlines worldwide in Dec, Mas and a second executive at his now defunct company Poly Implant Prothese were seized at their homes in southern France shortly after dawn. The detention could lead within hours to Mas being placed under formal investigation on suspicion of manslaughter and causing bodily harm. That could in due course lead to criminal charges, which would carry longer sentences than those he now faces in a fraud case expected to be tried around October.
Women who have been campaigning against PIP since French authorities banned its products nearly two years ago welcomed the move as giving them a sense that the law was now in action: “It’s been too long,” said Murielle Ajellio, who heads an association for women with implants. Up to now, she said: “You feel like you’re fighting against the wind.”
French authorities have been criticized for being slow to react to a case that has sown fear among tens of thousands of women who carry PIP implants. French inspectors ordered them off the market in March 2010, due to concerns over their quality.
But only last month did officials in Paris recommend their surgical removal, drawing attention to the problem for patients worldwide who had been fitted with products from the company, which was at one time the third biggest global supplier.
Lawyers for women in France who have filed complaints over PIP implants welcomed the arrests and said there must be no escaping justice for the 72-year-old Mas, who has been quoted as deriding those suing him as being motivated only by money.
“This is a comfort for the victims,” said Laurent Gaudon, whose clients are pursuing PIP and surgeons who used its implants for fraud. “It’s the feeling that justice is advancing and they have not been forgotten. It’s the assurance that the guilty are at last going to be held accountable.”
Philippe Courtois, who represents 1,300 people with PIP implants, said Mas should not be freed pending any trial.
Mas and PIP’s former chief executive Claude Couty were questioned at home, as police conducted searches. They were then moved to police custody in the Mediterranean port city of Marseille, under the orders of prosecutor Jacques Dallest.
PIP enjoyed years of success with international sales, but behind the scenes employees, and Mas himself, have admitted to hiding from certification agencies the fact they were using cheap, industrial silicone, not approved for medical use.
Health authorities in France and elsewhere have stressed that PIP’s products carry no proven link to cancer, but surgeons report that they have abnormally high rupture rates. Responses to the problem have varied among different foreign authorities.
Thursday’s arrests follow an investigation opened in Marseille, close to PIP’s former premises, on December 8 after the death from cancer in 2010 of a woman with PIP implants.
Mas and Couty can be held for up to 48 hours while a judge decides whether to open a formal probe and, if so, what bail conditions, if any, to set.
A trial date could be years away, given the extent of inquiry required, but the graver manslaughter case could make it harder for Mas to avoid appearing in court later this year on other charges of fraud and deception.
That latter case targets half a dozen former PIP executives and could also carry prison terms for them of several years. It has dragged on as investigators have had to quiz up to 2,700 women who have filed complaints over PIP implants.
Mas, who sold some 300,000 implants around the world, has acknowledged that he used unapproved silicone but dismissed fears that it constituted a health risk.
Earlier in January, leaks from a police document showed Mas admitting to lying about the quality of PIP’s implants and describing the women filing complaints against him as just seeking money. The comments sparked public anger against him.
PIP closed down in March 2010 after regulators discovered it was using a non-approved, industrial silicone gel, and pulled its implants off the market.
Last month, the French government advised women with PIP implants to have them removed, and said it would pay for the operations in France, sparking alarm around the world.
Officials in several other countries, including Britain and Brazil, have asked women to visit their doctors for checks.
France has called for tighter European Union regulations on medical devices in wake of the PIP affair, saying suppliers of prosthetics should require the same sort of authorization as manufacturers of prescription medicines.

The Vatican Is Shaken By a Corruption Scandal

The Vatican was shaken by a corruption scandal on Thursday after an Italian television investigation said a former top official had been transferred against his will after complaining about irregularities in awarding contracts.
The show "The Untouchables" on the respected private television network La 7 on Wednesday night showed what it said were several letters that Archbishop Carlo Maria Vigano, who was then deputy-governor of Vatican City, sent to superiors, including Pope Benedict, in 2011 about the corruption.
The Vatican issued a statement on Thursday criticising the "methods" used in the journalistic investigation. But it confirmed that the letters were authentic by expressing "sadness over the publication of reserved documents".
As deputy governor of the Vatican City for two years from 2009 to 2011, Vigano was the number two official in a department responsible for maintaining the tiny city-state's gardens, buildings, streets, museums and other infrastructure.
Vigano, currently the Vatican's ambassador in Washington, said in the letters that when he took the job in 2009 he discovered a web of corruption, nepotism and cronyism linked to the awarding of contracts to outside companies at inflated prices.
In one letter, Vigano tells the pope of a smear campaign against him (Vigano) by other Vatican officials who wanted him transferred because they were upset that he had taken drastic steps to save the Vatican money by cleaning up its procedures.
"Holy Father, my transfer right now would provoke much disorientation and discouragement in those who have believed it was possible to clean up so many situations of corruption and abuse of power that have been rooted in the management of so many departments," Vigano wrote to the pope on March 27, 2011.
In another letter to the pope on April 4, 2011, Vigano says he discovered the management of some Vatican City investments was entrusted to two funds managed by a committee of Italian bankers "who looked after their own interests more than ours".
Vigano says in the same letter that in one single financial transaction in December, 2009, "they made us lose two and a half million dollars".
The programme interviewed a man it identified as a member of the bankers' committee who said Vigano had developed a reputation as a "ball breaker" among companies that had contracts with the Vatican, because of his insistence on transparency and competition.
The man's face was blurred on the transmission and his voice was distorted in order to conceal his identity.
In one of the letters to the pope, Vigano said Vatican-employed maintenance workers were demoralised because "work was always given to the same companies at costs at least double compared to those charged outside the Vatican".
For example, when Vigano discovered that the cost of the Vatican's larger than life nativity scene in St Peter's Square was 550,000 euros in 2009, he chopped 200,000 euros off the cost for the next Christmas, the program said.
Even though, Vigano's cost-cutting and transparency campaign helped turned Vatican City's budget from deficit to surplus during his tenure, in 2011 unsigned articles criticizing him as inefficient appeared in the Italian newspaper Il Giornale.
On March 22, 2011, Vatican Secretary of State Cardinal Tarcisio Bertone informed Vigano that he was being removed from his position, even though it was to have lasted until 2014.
Five days later he wrote to Bertone complaining that he was left "dumbfounded" by the ouster and because Bertone's motives for his removal were identical to those published in an anonymous article published against him in Il Giornale that month.
In early April, Vigano went over Bertone's head again and wrote directly to the pope, telling him that he had worked hard to "eliminate corruption, private interests and dysfunction that are widespread in various departments".
He also tells the pope in the same letter that "no-one should be surprised about the press campaign against me" because he tried to root out corruption and had made enemies.
Despite his appeals to the pope that a transfer, even if it meant a promotion, "would be a defeat difficult for me to accept", Vigano was named ambassador to Washington in October of last year after the sudden death of the previous envoy to the United States.
In its statement, the Vatican said the journalistic investigation had treated complicated subjects in a "partial and banal way" and could take steps to defend the "honour of morally upright people" who loyally serve the Church.
The statement said that today's administration was a continuation of the "correct and transparent management that inspired Monsignor Vigano".

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Army Had Seriously Taken PM's Remarks, So PM Withdrew His Words .

Prime minister as usual has changed his statement about army before departing to Davos or in other words withdrew his words. Though he had clearly criticized the role of military regarding memogate and army's statement to submitted to supreme court. The warning of ISPR is as foolows.
Pakistan's army warned Wednesday that critical comments made by the prime minister would have "serious ramifications" and could wreak "potentially grievous consequences for the country".
Prime Minister Yousuf Raza Gilani earlier in the week told China's People's Daily online that the army chief and head of intelligence services had acted unlawfully by making unilateral submissions to an ongoing Supreme Court inquiry.
The ISPR statement said: "APP issued a statement on 9th of January 2012 giving details of the interview given by the Honourable Prime Minister of Pakistan to The People's Daily Online of China when the COAS was also on an official visit to China. The Honourable Prime Minister inter alia termed the responses given by COAS and DG ISI in the alleged Memo Case to the Honourable Supreme Court of Pakistan as unconstitutional and illegal".
This part of the statement has been quoted and widely debated in the media. There can be no allegation more serious than what the Honourable Prime Minister has leveled against COAS and DG ISI and has unfortunately charged the officers for violation of the Constitution of the Country. This has very serious ramifications with potentially grievous consequences for the Country.
The statement does not take into account following important facts:-
- COAS and DG ISI were cited as Respondents in the Petitions as such and after hearing the parties the Honourable Supreme Court served notices directly to the Respondents. This was not objected to by the learned Attorney General of Pakistan.
- The responses by the respondents were sent to the Ministry of Defence for onward submission to the Honourable Supreme Court, through Attorney General (Law Ministry).
- A letter was also dispatched to the Attorney General of Pakistan and the Honourable Supreme Court of Pakistan informing that the replies have been submitted to the Ministry of Defence.
- It is emphasized that copies of the statements of the two Respondents were not forwarded directly to the Supreme Court.
- Responsibility for moving summaries and obtaining approvals of Competent Authority thereafter lay with the relevant ministries and not with the Respondents.
It is also highlighted that after a meeting between the Honourable Prime Minister and the COAS, the Honourable Prime Minister had publicly stated through a press release of 16th December 2011 that the replies submitted were " in response to the notice of the Court through proper channel and in accordance with the rules of business." No objections were raised before and thereafter, on the legality and constitutional status of the replies, at any time, during the last more than three weeks of hearing of the case by the Honourable Supreme Court.
It is also categorically stated that COAS and DG ISI in their response to the Honourable Supreme Court were obliged to state facts as known to them, on the Memo Issue. The issue of jurisdiction and maintainability of the Petitions was between the Honourable Supreme Court and the Federation.
Any expectation that COAS will not state the facts is neither constitutional nor legal. Allegiance to State and the Constitution is and will always remain prime consideration for the Respondent, who in this case has followed the book.
Chief of Army Staff General Ashfaq Parvez Kayani is furious with the Prime Minister for statements scriticising the army and they should be either clarified or withdrawn, a senior military source told Reuters on Saturday, piling pressure on the premier.
Then army chief asked the president that PM should either clarify the remarks or withdraw the words against army. This is as follows:-
"The Army Chief complained to the president about the prime minister's statements, and said they needed to be either clarified or withdrawn," the source told the news agency.
"He said such statements were divisive and made the country more vulnerable."
The Army Chief said 'divisive statements' from Prime Minister hurt Pakistan, the news agency quoted the sources as saying.
However, the President's spokesman Farhatullah Babar said the "current security situation came under discussion" during the meeting.
Now , in the last prime minister changed his earlier statement about army before leaving for Davos, as follows:-
Prime Minister Yousuf Raza Gilani said that his statement regarding army chief and DG ISI was relevant in a particular situation and was given due to discrepancies in the statements of senior officials, it was reported.
Prime Minister Gilani was talking to the media at Islamabad airport before his departure for Switzerland where he would be participating at the World Economic Forum in Davos.
The PM said that he wanted to dispell the impression that the military officials’ act was unconstitutional and unlawful. Now the situation has become clear and ambiguities have been solved.
PM Gilani said that the country could not afford confrontations among the institutions and every institution has to work in unison to safeguard its interests.