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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Twin Kids--- The Reflection Of Each Other

The babies born at the same time are called twins whereas, in medical science they are called "identical twins". They resembles in face features unbelievably, in addition to harmony in skin, eyes and hair color. Some are "non identical twins" , though are born at the same time but do not resemble in features.
Usually they can not be differentiated from each other and interesting situation arises. Identical twins take birth from the same egg cell, while non identical twins though take birth at the same time but from different egg cells. Geneticists are researching on the different and common qualities and habits of twins. They are studying that inspite of having the similar genome, how the twins can differ in habits. Because it has been observed that one of the twins is talkative and can adopt an environment soon, while other is shy and unsocial. One kid gets angry quickly while other exhibits careful attitude. Similarly, geneticists want to know that the disease that one suffers from and other is free from contracting the disease. Though scientists got some successes in this regard, but research never ends. The future research may negate the present results but study would continue in each field of science. The conclusion so far reached by the geneticists reports indicate that the kids having the same DNA constituents ( chain of amino acids-helix), and being phenotypically similar have quite different habits and qualities( attitudes). It means that gene can not form the outer look of the individual. Rather there is some parallel system working that sets the behavior and habits of the twins. Therefore geneticists gather every year in the town of Twins Berg in Ohio state of the USA, to study the genotype and phenotype along with behavioral response of the twins in the (World Twin Fair).

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