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Sunday, January 29, 2012

Why Pakistani Religio-political Parties Do Not Sweep The Election As In Egypt?

The religious parties that are most active (Jameet e Ulema e Islam-F and Jamaat e Islami) in Pakistani politics and gain some times ministries or chief minister-ship of the two provinces,do not think that in an Islamic country like ours they cannot win enough majority to be in power at the center. In Egypt specially Ekhwan ul Muslameen has won the majority and is in position to make the government, however, it may make coalition government. In other Islamic countries that got rid of dictators recently, Islamists will gain power.
The only country in the world( Israel is an exception) that was achieved in the name of Islam and Islamic laws( though Jamaat e Ulamae Islam did not participate in the "SIN" of struggling for Pakistan), could not be transformed into an Islamic welfare state based on the principles of Islam. Unfortunately, the generation that took part practically in the struggle for creation of an Islamic state has passed and new generation neither know the ideology of Pakistan nor it is in favor of making it purely an Islamic state with few exceptions. The western and Indian cultures have changed their minds and they are afraid of Taliban type government. There are no corruption charges on any of the religious party ass other political parties are involved in the corruption scandals, still they can not get few seats in national assembly.
I am from Dera Ismail Khan, Khyber Pakhtoon Kha and a voter of Maulana Fazl ur Rahman's constituency, common people got discouraged from his party and from Maulana too during their government in the province because they followed the same path in appointments and providing other facilities to people of his area as other semi-secular minded parties do. Then what would be the difference in distributing employments to the people (voters) between Jamaat and other parties. People expect justice as Islam has provided to the people. People like the religious leaders to be limited to mosques or if they come in politics then they must be different from others. Maulana could not provide Sui Gas facility to the people of D I khan while in the regime of PPP it has been done though work was, of course, initiated by Maulana. Maulana is too intelligent to contest election from Bannu otherwise he would have no seat in the assembly. Akram Durrani was his chief minister in the province and he did so much welfare work in Bannu district that he made Maulana win in Bannu in addition to win his own and his son's seat in the provincial assembly.
It does not mean that Faisal Karim Kundi is popular in Dera Ismail Khan, Maulana has majority than him but voters wanted to warn maulana to be careful in future and practice justice as he claims to bring Islamic rule in Pakistan. He must practice it at least at local level then he can win the prime minister ship by the votes of the people of Pakistan not with the support of the USA.

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