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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Memories Of Jamsheed Marker-- A Pakistani Retired Diplomate

Jamshed Marker has 30 years long experience in the field of diplomacy. He has been performing his assignments as Ambassador of Pakistan to 16 different countyries of the world. He has been Pakistan's ambassador to United nations, USA, France, Germany, Canada, Japan, Romania, Bulgaria and several African countries.His professional career spreads from the era of general Ayub Khan to Banazir Bhutto. He has been conferred on many national and international as Burma star, War Service Medal and Victoria Medal from Britain for serving in World War II, He was also given awards by foreign countries like France, Bulgaria and Columbia. He has also been commenting from Radio Pakistan on cricket with Omar Qureshi.
He narrated his memories of the past diplomatic life in an interview with an Urdu Daily as:-
*--- Ayub Khan diary shows more hatred against Bungalis than Indians.
*--- Sir Zafrullah Khan signed on SEATO with out the consent of the
government as he was "Outsider".
*--- Shah Nawaz Bhutto took over dose of drug after quarreling with Murtaza
Bhutto due to which he died.
*--- Gambling was done in Delhi Jem Khana about the fate of newly born Pakistan
that it may exist for 4 months or so and will rejoin India.
*--- When Briton cricketers used to come to Pakistan, their was arranged in 5
star hotel Flattes' and Pakistani cricketers were asked to stay with
*--- During a commentry on cricket match, one spectator cried pointing to us
that do not listen to them they are liers, match has is dead.
*--- In France General Zia ul Haq and the delegation of Israel was staying in
one hotel. In the lobby Israeli ambassador came running toward Zia ul Haq
and shook hands with him. I said sorry I could not stop him. Zia ul Haq
said no matter if I would have been knowing still I would have shook hands
with him.
*--- When Bhutto founded Pakistan People's Party , I donated PKR 0.2 million for
the party.
*--- On the hanging of Bhutto, Kissinger said Zia took a very wrong
*--- After fall of Dhaka, China got the Indian Forces out through Veto from
Bangladesh, and it was better for Bangladesh.
*--- Pakistan and Soviet Union could not send arms to Afghanistan due to Geneva
accord but Zia ul Haq had been sending it hiddenly.
*--- I said to Kosygin that he did not allow veto for ceasefire twice and Indian forces humiliated Pakistan Army reaching Dhaka.

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