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Monday, January 30, 2012

Twitter Will Begin "Facebook Style" Enhanced Brand Pages

Microblogging site Twitter will begin to roll out "Facebook-style" enhanced brand pages, allowing users to shop and play games, from February 1 according to a January 26 report by Businessinsider.
Twitter quietly launched enhanced profile pages for brands in December 2011; these pages, which were limited to a few companies such as HP and Coca-Cola, gave the brands 'flashier' pages that were more in line with their brand image -- for example Coca-Cola's page is red.
However according to Businessinsider, these enhanced pages will, from February 1, take a turn that it is more in the direction of Facebook's model, enabling brands to build platforms on their pages that, "could include iFrame environments" (a more flexible style of computer programming) which would enable users to play games and shop on a brand's site without leaving Twitter.
Business Insider simply attributes these rumors to a source "... who received a briefing on the topic from a senior Twitter executive." At the time of writing (11am GMT January 27), no mention of the proposed changes has appeared on Twitter's official blog.

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