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Monday, January 30, 2012

Putin Lost Grip On The Power Now, United Russia Party Could not Win 2/3 Majority

The experts were of the view that prior to the general elections in Russia that Russia prime minister Valade Mer Putin and his party United Russia have lost popularity among the masses. The people's opinion was openly expressed for the first on November 20, 2011, when Russian PM entered in the ring of the Olympics Stadium to participate in the weekly martial arts competition, the spectators chanted slogans against him asking Putin to get out of the ring. Putin was stunned for a while but posing no concern to the slogans he turned toward his opponent. All the scene had been on air live. Though director of the stadium narrated this event differently saying that people were asking Putin's opponent Chef to leave the ring. But watching eyes and hearing ears could not be deceived. Now the video of the event can be watched on Youtube too. The experts term this event an important turn of the era of Putin's rule. Renowned Russian Blogger and supporter of anti-corruption move Elex has termed it the end of Putin's regime. It indicates that first president and then as prime minister enjoying the sole power , Putin will have to face tough time ahead.
Putin had started campaign to convert his unpopularity into popularity he constituted special planning and assigned the the 3 largest TV channels the duty of highlighting government achievements. But his this policy had negative impact on the opinion of the people about Putin. The former World Chess Champion and now the leader of opposition Gary Casparove said, " Our votes had been stolen since long, and now our freedom of expression and voting have been stolen. It is regrettable that official media is presenting likes and dislikes of the people against the reality."
Fifty-nine years old Veladi Mer Putin was the second president of the remaining Russia and is also the head of the ruling party "United Russia" When the the first president of Russia, Burus Yelson resigned on December 31, 1999; Putin the then prime minister entered the president house as acting president. He remained president of Russia twice. In the Russian constitution, contesting for the office of president for the third time is not permissible, therefore he got his vice prime minister Medadove elected as president whom he calls his son and himself occupied the office of prime minister. His plan was to be president after Medadove finishes his presidential term. Now he is working under this plan and he announced in September 2011 that he will contest election for president.
In the regime of Putin Russian economy progressed quite well. GDP growth rose to 72 $ and poverty level subsided to 50 %. Average salaries increased from $ 80 to $1640. In energy sector development rate was high and Russia gained the status of super power in this field. However experts criticize restrictions on freedom of press and expression. This may be the reason that people are migrating to foreign countries and is continues and every year some 0.1 to 0.15 million people migrate from Russia.

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