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Thursday, April 30, 2015

Blind Footballer's Amazing Goal (Vido)

Zardari Accepts Zulfiqar Mirza's Conditions

Former president Asif Ali Zardari has accepted his old friend and recent party dissident Zulfiqar Mirza's conditions and will meet him soom at a third place. Nadir Magsi and Aqeel Dhedhi met Zardari for four hours and conveyed him the grievances of Zulfiqar Mirza. On the occasion Zardari said it looks as if his sister Fehmida Mirza is also with him. When Zulfiqar Mirza received Zardari's message he rejected his offer for friendship and reconciliation, but agreed to what he called cease fire. Mirza listed couple of conditions for meeting with Zardari- first to kick Anwar Majeed out of Badin and removal of all the rivals including Kamal Chang from party positions.

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Gisele Bundchen Strips To Celebrate 20 Years In Industry

Gisele Bundchen has stripped off for the cover of Vogue Brazil's 40th anniversary issue to celebrate her 20 years in fashion industry. The 34-year-old beauty, who took her first modelling job when she was 14- is pictured completely nude on a Greek statue-inspired plinth. In an image posted to her instagram account, the former Victoria Secret Angel shows off her extreme flexibility as she kicks one leg high into the air.
She went topless, stretching her arms in such a way as to protect some of her modesty. The other photo (Above) from the issue shows Gisele relaxing in a milky bath.

Bullying Affects More Destructively Than Child Abuse

What the exactly bullying affects can be? Study reveals that its long term consequences for psychological wellness are far more awful than those brought on-by child abuse. In a study lead by couples of scientists in England, found that bullied youngsters in the nation have more than 80 % expanded danger of misery from mental anguish including dejection and consideration of suicide. in the United States, harassed children have no less than four times the possibility of awful psychological well-being once they get to be grown ups contrasted with youngsters of their age who did not experience harassing or bullying.

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

BeNazir Knew About Zardari's Affairs---Mirza

Benazir Bhutto Also Knew About Asif Zardari... by zemtv Zulfiqar Mirza continued his revelations about Zardari, PPP and Zardari's affairs. He said Benazir knew about Zardari's affairs but she closed her eyes.

Radhika Apte's Adult Scene's Leaked Video

Bollywood actress Radhika Apte, who was in news earlier for leaked pictures controversy, is embroiled once again in similar case. This time Radhika's adult video from a short film has been leaked and is being shared on WhatsApp. This is the second time that 'Baslapur' and 'Hunterrr' fame actress has been involved in a controversy like this.
Director Anurag is furious about the clip from a short film he directed began circulating on WhatsApp over the weekend. The clip which director says has been taken out of context, feature Radhika in a scene that required her to be partly-nude. The director explains the short film was meant to be released internationally only and was one of a series of such films.

Indian Former Minister In Bollywood Film (Video)

Indian former foreign Minister and Congress leader Salman Khurshid made his acting debut alongside German ambassador to India Michael Steiner and his wife in a remake video of Shah Rukh Khan-Saif Ali Khan starrer 'Kal Ho Na Ho'. Titled 'Lebe Zetze- Kal Ho Na ho'. The video stars Michael Steiner in the lead role along with his wife Eleise, who stars in the role played by Preity Zinta, while Salman Khurshid filled in the role played by Saif Ali Khan.
SRK expressed his appreciation towards his gesture of German ambassador, when he poses SRK.

Monday, April 27, 2015

Woman Hits Venezuelan President with Fruit And Gets New House

A woman who bashed president Nicholas Maduro on the head with a mango has been guaranteed a new house for her inconveniences in a strange tropical story that turned into a web sensation in Venezuela. The 52-year-old president was driving a bus through a crowd last weekend in the central state of Aragua when someone in the crowd tossed the fruit at him. "It says, if you can, call me," the former bus driver said later during the week as he displayed the fruit with a name and phone number scrawled on it on television. Marleny Olivo had problem with her house. Officials called her. She was scared. She could not believe, it was true... I have approved an apartment for you, Marleny, as part of 'Grand Venezuelan Housing Mission', vowing to eat the mango. Venezuela's ever ebullient cybersphere did not miss a beat, with the president's populist gesture drawing admiration and derision, plus plenty of jokes. "If for a mango, they give you apartments, then you know what to do, throw him a pineapple!" quipped Dolar Today, a website that quotes black market for dolars and is hated by Maduro. In a habit that delights many poor supporters but irritates critics, Maduro-like Chavez often personally gives away homes, appliances or pensions to low income Venezuelans. However, lacking Chavez's charm and good fortune, with high oil prices, Maduro's popularity has plummeted since he took office.

Sunday, April 26, 2015

Sandra Bullock--The Most Beautiful Woman Of The World

In Gravity, Sandra Bullock was literally out of this world. According to people Magazine, meanwhile, the Oscar-winning actress is something a little bit different, she is the most beautiful woman of the world. Despite labeling the honour as 'ridiculous' in the publication's cover story, Bullock beat out such hotties as Kate Upton and Kim Kardashian to claim one of the celebrity gossip universe's sexiest distinctions for 2015. For Bullock, however, all that matters is being the best mother she can be to her five-year-old son Lioue.

Watch How Does Awami Leader Sheikh Rashid Eat (Video)

Sheikh Rasheed's Wearied Way Of Eating by BilalAhmad125 A video of Sheikh Rashid, the chief of Tanga Party Awami Muslim League has made a buzz on social media. Sheikh Raheed drank a full castle of soop with spoon with out taking bread and then drank a one a half litre bottle of mineral water, as his breakfast. Does it suits him to talk about the poor who hardly find one time meal and drink polluted water. Not only Sheikh Rasheed but all politicians who apparently claim to be with poor would not like to eat with them on one table.

Actress Salma Hayek Eats Insects And Bugs (Video)

Salma Hayek Loves to Eat Insects and Bugs by sohraabunicorn Courtesy (Daily Motion)

Saturday, April 25, 2015

A Powerful Earthquake Strucks Nepal

A powerful earthquake struck Nepal Saturday, killing at least 1130 people across a swath of four countries as the violently shaking earth collapsed houses, centuries-old-temples and triggered avalanches on Mount Everest. It was the worst tremor to hit the poor south Asian nation in over 80 years. At least 1100 people were confirmed dead in Nepal, other 20 were killed in India, six in Tibet and two in Bangladesh. Two Chinese citizens died at China-Nepal border. The death toll is almost certain to rise. It was a few minutes before noon, when a quake with preliminary magnitude of 7.9 began to rumble across the densely populated Kathmandu Valley, rippling through the capital Kathmandu and spreading in all directions-north toward the Himalayas and Tibet, south to Indo-Gangetic plains, east toward Brahamaputra delta of Bangladesh, and west toward historical city of Lahore in Pakistan. A magnitude-6.6 aftershock hit about an hour later and smaller aftershocks continued to jolt the region for hours. Residents ran out of homes and buildings in panic. Walls tumbled, large cracks opened up on streets and walls. Tower collapsed and clouds of dust began to swirl around.

Invisible Man Created By Scientists In Lab

Swedish scientists have created for the first time in the lab a perceptual illusion of having an invisible body among humans. The experiment involved 125 participants standing and wearing sets of head-mounted displays. The participants were then asked to look down at their bodies but instead of their real bodies they saw empty space. To evoke the feeling of an invisible body, scientists touched the body of participants in various locations with a large paintbrush while, with another paintbrush held in other hand, exactly imitating the movement in mid-air in full view of the participants. "Within less than a minute, the majority of the participants started to transfer the sensation of touch to the portion of empty space where they saw the paintbrush move and experienced an invisible body in that position" explained the lead author from the Karolinska Institute in Sweden. In a previous study the same team showed that the similar illusion can be created for single hand. To demonstrate that the illusion actually worked the researcher would make a stabbing motion with a knife toward the empty space that represented the belly of the invisible body. The participants' sweat response to seeing the knife was elevated while experiencing the illusion but absent when the illusion was broken. "It suggests that the brain interprets the threat in the empty space as a threat directed towards one's own body" the authors noted. The recent advances in material science have shown that invisibility cloaking of large-scale objects such as human body might be possible in the not-so-distant future.

Pakistanis Are Happier Than Indians---UN

Despite of economic difficulties and terrorism in Pakistan, Pakistanis are happier people people compared with Indians, according to a UN Sponsored study. Generosity is a key indicator in which Pakistanis are several points ahead of their big neighbour. Pakistan's cabbies and shopkeepers have proved the point every time a group of Indians coming to Pakistan to watch a cricket match or visiting a shrine. "Indians are less happier than their counterparts in Pakistan and Bangladesh" it was said in a report published by Sustainable Development Solutions Network (SDSN), which is a global initiative for United Nations. India comes in at 117th spot out of 158 countries in the 2015 World Happiness Report. Pakistan is ranked 81 and Bangladesh 109. Places like Ukraine (111), Palestine (108), Iraq (112) too come up higher than India on the Index. The report takes into account GDP per capita, life expectancy, social support ad freedom to make life choices as indicators of Happiness. India's rank dropped six notches from the 2013 report, when it was at the 111 spot. Switzerland has been named as the happiest country in the world.

Friday, April 24, 2015

Find Your Twin In One Click

Some time someone might have gone through that amazing feeling when he sees someone looking exactly like him or his friend or sister or even like himself. There are million of people living on the various parts of the earth and there are many chances that some of them resemble you. And that person may not be your family member but a complete stranger having nose shape, eyebrow arch, and eye colour like you. Interestingly you are not separated at birth. You might just have a twin. A doppelganger (German for double walker)) is a person who looks incredibly similar to you. And that person is similar instead of 'identical', given that even genetic twins are not actually perfect doubles. Well, nowadays almost everyone has social media profile. If you wanted to find your doppelganger before the internet you could end up wandering the streets for years awkwardly peering at strangers. Now the web is stocked with images of billions of people, many offering multiple angles of their faces for better comparison. This originally was the idea of three friends in Ireland to make such a website where people can find their twins. The three friends started a "Twin Strangers" project, a challenge to find their near identical counterparts in 28 days. They made a website and accounts on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and You Tube, all with the same request. Do you know someone who looks like one of us.? Two weeks later they were bombarded with 6,000 messages a day, All telling to find who looks like them. Geaney herself found out another girl who looks exactly like her. And what was even more interesting was that ladies, Geaney and her twin loved to draw fairies in their childhood, meaning your stranger twin may have the same traits. Website is

Thursday, April 23, 2015

Model Ayaan's Scandal with Zardari (Video)-- Mirza

Pakistani model Ayaan ali scandal with Asif... by mediapk

Asif Zardari Kept Three American Call Girls In President House (Video)--- Mirza

Zulfiqar Mirza Ka Tehlka Khaiz Inkishaf by UNewsTv

Punchayat In India Ordered Abondoned Wife To Live With Male Neighbour

A village council in northern India has allegedly ordered a woman, whose husband ran off with their neighbour's wife to live with the abondoned man or pay him compensation of Rs 300.000. Police are investigating a complaint that Rajendra Meghwal asked the council in desert state of Rajasthan for after his wife and two children disappeared with Kalulal Meghwal. It was unclear whether woman was asked to live with the man as spouse or as a employee in the house. Although they have no legal weight, local punchayats can be highly influential ad have been blamed for numerous abuses such as sanctioning of "honour Killings" of a woman whose actions have shamed their family.

Mother Killed By Three Old Son Accidently

Mother who died after falling into a lift shaft was in most likelihood pushed by her toddler son. Forty-five year old Xie Hong Feng was found lying at the bottom of the shaft after she allegedly been trying to find her keys. The woman probably dropped them inside the lift in eastern China's Ningboo.

Dubai Girl Blogger Creates Wave On You Tube

Lakshami Menon is Dubai-based blogger who uses social media to talk about everything under the sun. Her recent You Tube Malayalam talk show is making waves. Her recent video 'net neutrality' has been a talking point in India has received 29, 024 views. The video simplistically explains the issue which has left many internet users in India confused. "When I was searching on net neutrality one thing that I found was videos on the topic were too complex, so I decided to simplify the process." Lakshami broke down the complex topic using three model cars and designed a funny conversation between a netizen and service provider. Ashiq Abu, the famous Malayalam director saw the video and shared it. It was a huge boost to her confidence and also increased the reach of net neutrality debate to a layman. Married to celebrated RJ and movie actor Mithun Ramesh and mother of one, Lakshami is enjoying her time in 'You Tube' spotlight and has recently tied up with Banglore-based Pepper Media, a leading multichannel network on You Tube. "Like any other artist my intellectual property needs to be managed and now it is done by Pepper Media. The association has just started and I hope it goes a long way."

New Zealand PM Apologized For Pulling Waitress's Hair

New Zealand Prime Minister has now become embroiled in a controversy that centres, quite literary, on hair-pulling. On Wednesday morning John Key apologized following allegations by Auckland waitress that he repeatedly tugged on her ponytail, a pattern of conduct she regarded as harassment. Through, a spokesperson prime minister apologized for hair-pulling saying it was never his intention to make her feel uncomfortable. But did not tell about waitress's version of events.

Friday, April 17, 2015

"Decisive Storm" Is A Real Test For Real Friendship With Pakistan--'Emaraat Al Youm'

Sami Al Reyami, Editor in Chief of Emarrat Al Youm wrote in his editorial that Gulf States have not asked Pakistan to send 'mercenary' forces to join operation 'Decisive Storm' The GCC realises that Pakistani Army is not for hire, as some Pakistani political forces believe. So the Gulf countries have not asked for army or troops to take part in their fight against Houthis. Instead, the GCC wanted only political support from Islamabad to the alliance against the Iranian threats coming from the Yemeni gate. A symbolic participation from Pakistan was enough, even an ambulance raising the Pakistani flag. Decisive storm tends to be real test for real friendship with Pakistan. It is also an indicator of how far it can be trusted as a strategic ally of Gulf States. However, it seems GCC was not lucky enough to place trust in this country as a maintainer of regional balance. The Gulf States invested heavily in strengthening links and relationship with Pakistan,, since its independence. Various political, economic and aid support was offered to this country. Doors remain open for businessmen and labour and skilled people who arrive in huge number to GCC, which tolerates the burden of such numbers. The United Arab Emirates, in specific, has stood by its side in catastrophic and non-catastrophic cases. The UAE has always become a safe refuge to all Pakistani politicians and businessmen in times of in political unrest that usually hits Pakistan.

Bangladesh Sets 300 Runs Against Pakistan IN First ODI Match

Tamim Iqbal and Mushfiqur Rahim have helped Bangladesh to set massive 330 runs total against Pakistan in first One-Day match of the series at Shera Bangla National Stadium. Tamim and Rahim went on to score big centuries after Bangladesh won the toss and selected to bat bat first. Tamim made 132 and Rahim scored 105 before caught behind on Wahab's bowl Bangladesh managed to score 329 runs on loss of six wickets. This is the highest total of Bangladesh in this format of the game.

Al-Qaeda Seized Major Installations In Yemen

Al-Qaeda has captured a major airport, sea port and a oil terminal in southern Yemen. According to military officials and residents, Al Qaeda fighters clashed briefly with the members of one of Yemen's largest brigades outside Mukalla. The fighters then seized control of Riyan airport and moved to secure their hold on the city's main sea port, which is also an oil terminal. The military official in Sanaa said the brigade in charge of protecting the area fled. The latest advance marks major gain for Al Qaeda in Arabian Peninsula. as the Yemeni affiliate is known, which has been linked it is said to several attacks in US, and is widely seen as important franchise of global network. This group also claimed for attack on French Satirical magazine earlier this year.

Thursday, April 16, 2015

95-Year-Old Man Sets World Record As Older Active Pilot

A 95-year-old man of Northern California has become the world's oldest active pilot. The Sacramento Bee reported that Guinness World Record keeper confirmed that a flight last month by Peter Weber Jr qualified him for the record book. Weber was 95 years, 4 months and 23 days when he flew three looping circles around an airfield near Sacramento on March 30.
Guinness lists Cole Kugel as the oldest pilot ever. Kugel, who lived in Longmont, Colorado, flew for the last time at age 105 in 2007 and died same year. Weber says the record keepers have designated a new category, oldest qualified pilot still licensed and flying solo. The Air Force veteran has been pilot for 72 years and says he flies about twice a month.

"Would You Marry Sunny Leone" -- A Survey (Video)

Hilarious Survey from India “Will you Marry... by aman57

"I am The Widow Of Azam Hoti"--- Shamim Kiyani

Shamim Kiyani, who claims to be third wife of late former federal minister Azam Khan Hoti said she was very depressed about her husband's death. She said if she could she would have joined the funeral ceremony of her late husband. Shamim also said she reserves her Islamic rights of being his wife, and Azam Khan's death can not deprive her of her rights. Shamim added that my late husband's property can not be divided unless her dower money (11 million rupees) is paid to her. Shamim said she was the person who was mostly affected by the death of Azam Khan. His son Haidar Hoti who is also my son She hoped will grant her due right. She said that all her cases are under consideration and evidence regarding them have been proved. She is only waiting for Court's decision. "I am the widow of Azam Khan" Shamim added.

Kylie Jenner's Revealing Selfie

Kylie Jenner posted a revealing selfie lately. Sarcasm aside, while Kylie's racy instagram pics are nothing new, she has been trying something different recently. In the past the focus has always been on her cleavage, hair extension and artificially pouty lips, but now Kylie is taking us on a virtual tour of her 17-year-old body that probably inspired Chris Hansen's recently announced comeback. Last week Kylie flaunted her Kardashian ass in a post that made the world wonder what she is smuggling under her skirt. This week she is attempting to prove that just like her famous half-sisters, she has got so much back you can see it from the front. Is it just us that think so, or do her hips look like they are some sort of optical illusions here?. May be this is Kylie's way of sharing a tip with her less-curvy followers. Rock horizontal stripes only on the parts that you want to appear larger. On the plus side, this is the most clothed selfie that Kylie has posted in months.
The girl puts more thoughts into these IG uploads than you could ever imagine. above is Kylie Jenner's body these days.
The above photo Kylie Jenner posted to unstagram that appeared to reveal nipple piercing. She deleted it after it received too much negative attention.
Kylie Jenner kicked off 2015 by above photo on instagram. Seems about par for the reality star's course.

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Most Of The Pakistanis Are Involved In Illegal Acts In UAE (Video)

Most of the Pakistanis in UAE running Dance... by ifikhan20

"lifelong Ambition Is To Go On Dream Date With Drake--Madonna

It was perhaps a well planned act, a publicity stunt, but it did not make the Material Girl look one enticing and Drake on his part played the role- as a violated younger man- a little too well. Madonna stunned Drake by kissing him on stage during his set at Coachella, much to the rapper's apparent disgust.
The 56-year-old singer made a surprise appearance during the 'Worst Behaviour' star's set at the Los Angeles festival after her leaving the stage following a rendition of his song Madonna' and she came out to sing her own songs 'Hung Up' and ' Human Nature'. Drake then took a seat and she circled him while singing 'Express Yourself' then surprised him with a passionate French kiss, much to his apparent horror.
The pop superstar who was wearing a black vest emblazoned with the phrase "Big as Madonna" did not appear to notice 28-year-old singer wiping his mouth in apparent disgust after lip lock. When the "Borderline" singer finished her kiss,she walked off in a lazy stroll, so she never actually saw the "Truffle Butter" singer's reaction.
Drake sat up and looked sickened. She said as she left the stage "i Am Madonna, b****. Meanwhile, Drake laughed and asked the crowd "What the **** just happened*? Madonna got severe scolding on social media for her onstage antics. Soon after she blasted her haters on instagram.
Now Drake has come up with bizarre explanation for his disgusted look. It was noticed that Drake liked the kiss but was grossed out by aftertaste of lipstick. The "Living For Love" singer, who raises four children- has made no secret of the fact that she has a crush on the rapper and their moment on stage saw her fulfil a 'lifelong ambition'. She said recently, "the lifelong ambition I still to fulfil is to go on a dream date with Drake - and only kiss him."

Scientist Claim To Discover Formula For Immortality

A British scientist claim that he discovered a formula that can keep men alive for thousand years. Aubrey de Gray, a scientist living in California's Silicon Valley; after completing his degree from Cambridge in Biomedical started on that theory of his own to stop ageing. Gray provocatively suggests that first individuals who will live for 1,000 years of age have as of now been born. For his project he received funding from many milliners and recently he received 3.8 million dollars funding from Pay Pal's Peter Thiel. Gray belongs to a rich family. after completing his education he went to California to pursue his career. Now he owns a company of 15 million dollars in California. "Gray claims that if cars parts can be changed or repaired then human body can also go through such changes." Wrong, totally wrong! and non sense! car and car parts are man-made while human being being anatomy and physiology is a masterpiece of Allah (if you say nature). Car and car parts can not be compared with human body and human parts. Car is a non-living thing, while human being, a miracle of Allah is living thing. Gray is wrong,his claim is wrong and he is not a scientist but a businessman.

Altaf Hussain Denies All The Charges Levelled Against Him

Whether it may be London Metropolitan Police or Scotland Yard they can never make Altaf Hussain confess his ''crimes'' because he belongs to Pakistan who knows Pakistani police's tactics and third degree treatment and when asked in a brotherly and friendly sitting how an accused can confess his wrong doings, if it were Pakistani police, he would have admitted the crimes he had done, those he did not commit and those he wanted to do in future as well, within hours. Therefore, he said to his workers police has taken me and I am back again and they will take me again and I will be back again. MQM chief Altaf Hussain denied all the charges charges including money laundering charge levelled against him before the London Metropolitan police in a five hour investigation and questioning. Altaf's legal team advised him to answer "no comments" Couls an accused in Pakistani police station dare to answer to SHO no comments. Altaf is too wise not to come to Pakistan and lucky too. This was LMP that extended bail of Altaf till July.