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Monday, April 13, 2015

Maulana Fazal Rahman's Most Sensible Statement About Yemen Crisis

Once in my blog I termed Maulana Fazal Rahman the most intelligent politician of Pakistan, though I do not agree with his greediness for power, his being a religious scholar, but he gets his share in power through his 'wise' tactics, every time and in any government at centre. No Pakistani politician can match him. His general statements about national interests are full of wisdom. About Yemen crisis Maulana said it is "not sectarian in nature". Though every body knows that Shiite Houthi tribes have picked armed against Hadi's government, what ever may be the reason, who are backed by Iran. Not only Houthis are helped and assisted by Iran, rather Iran backs all the Shiites in any country whether in Pakistan or in any other country. It is a fact too that Saudi Arab's air strikes and ground attacks have destroyed Yemen. But Maulana's issued sensible statement in such a way that both Iran and Saudi Arab may not be annoyed. If Pakistan helps Saudi Arabia militarily, Iran may not take it against Shiites but against rebels, as Maulana said it is not war it is rebellion. He added that Muslims will lay down their lives for the protection of two Holy Mosques. He said we do not believe in the reciprocity with Saudi Arabia, no matter Saudis come to help us or not we will help then in their difficult times.

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