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Friday, April 17, 2015

"Decisive Storm" Is A Real Test For Real Friendship With Pakistan--'Emaraat Al Youm'

Sami Al Reyami, Editor in Chief of Emarrat Al Youm wrote in his editorial that Gulf States have not asked Pakistan to send 'mercenary' forces to join operation 'Decisive Storm' The GCC realises that Pakistani Army is not for hire, as some Pakistani political forces believe. So the Gulf countries have not asked for army or troops to take part in their fight against Houthis. Instead, the GCC wanted only political support from Islamabad to the alliance against the Iranian threats coming from the Yemeni gate. A symbolic participation from Pakistan was enough, even an ambulance raising the Pakistani flag. Decisive storm tends to be real test for real friendship with Pakistan. It is also an indicator of how far it can be trusted as a strategic ally of Gulf States. However, it seems GCC was not lucky enough to place trust in this country as a maintainer of regional balance. The Gulf States invested heavily in strengthening links and relationship with Pakistan,, since its independence. Various political, economic and aid support was offered to this country. Doors remain open for businessmen and labour and skilled people who arrive in huge number to GCC, which tolerates the burden of such numbers. The United Arab Emirates, in specific, has stood by its side in catastrophic and non-catastrophic cases. The UAE has always become a safe refuge to all Pakistani politicians and businessmen in times of in political unrest that usually hits Pakistan.

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