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Thursday, April 9, 2015

Tim Cook, CEO Apple Announced To Distribute All His Wealth

Billionaires Christians in the world donate lion share of their wealth to the poor, needy and to charity organisations. Like Bill Gates, who is running several organisations all over the world that do welfare work. In addition, he extends scholarships to brilliant and intelligent deserving students, he spends wealth on the treatment of needy poors and many other welfare jobs he along with his wife do. Similarly, Jews also participate in helping poors. Similarly, Mark Zuckerberg and Warren Buffet have also announced to donate a huge portion of their wealth to charity. Several life saving drugs we, the Muslims use all over the world have been invented and discovered by Jews, though they are very cruel to Palestinians. We Muslims curse Jews, that is right they commit atrocities every day in Palestine and kill innocent children, women and elderly. But their welfare work can not be ignored and is of course, commendable. Did any billionaire Muslim Arab Sheikh does the same job. Did other wealthy Muslims donate one third of their wealth to poor. What the Muslims do, fighting with each other and destroying Muslim Ummah and playing in the hands of Western powers. Look, what the CEO of world's biggest revenue generating company Apple, Tim Cook has done. He has announced to distribute all his wealth among various charities before his death, once he has paid all the ecucational expenses of his nephew. According to Fortune, a renowned business magazine annual salary of Tim is approximately 100 million Pakistani Rupees. While he also owns $ 0.72 billion worth of company shares, whereas, total wealth of Tim consists of $6.65 billion. He further said he wants to be first drop of rain. Tim also said he has been donating considerable amount for social welfare projects, but now he will do it in a rather disciplined manner.

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