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Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Pakistanis Love Guests Not Indians, We Are Much Different

One female Indian journalist visiting Islamabad said that Pakistanis love Indians. No Never, how a Pakistani Muslim can like and love Aggressor (Hindu Banya), who has killed millions of Kashmiris, India is not not giving Kashmiris the right of self-determination, in spite of UN resolutions, rather continuing brutal acts in Occupied Kashmir. Of course, Pakistanis love guests, whether they are Hindus, or from any other country. We are Muslims and this we are taught by our religion, and is our tradition. Did Hindus protest on the
crualities of Indian forces in Kashmir?, did they raise voice on Gujrat incident in which hundred of Muslims were burnt in the chief ministership of extremist Modi?, did they demand from their government release of innocent Pakistani prisoners who remain under constant violence in Indian jails?, Did Hindus raise voice on the arrests of Pakistanis by Indian agencies charging them as spyies when a common Pakistani visits India for prayers on the Musuleum or Urs of Nizam ud Din Aulia?. While Pakistan releases real spyies like one who was given a protocol of honourable guest by minister Ansaar Burni and the person while entered Indian border confessed his spying for India? Does India show the same goodwill gesture
while releasing innocent Pakistani fishermen whereas Pakistan releases fifty and India hands over only two? Did India show positive response for investigation of Samjhota express? Did common Indians ever asked their government about un-provocative firing on the border that kills dozens of Pakistanis on the LoC.?
Can so called Muslim Khans of Bollywood live with out turning to Hinduism and remaining Muslims to the extent of names only? Will they be allowed to work in film industry if they do not marry their sisters and daughters to Hindus? Do not Shew Sena and extremist Hindus want Muslims to convert to Hinduism if they want to live in India? Do not they say only Hindu can live in India, no Muslim, no Christian no Budhists or any other religious community can live in India? Do not they say India is for Hindus? When Babri Mosque was dismentled where were those Hindus who claim to love Pakistan and want to have peace on the borders? Hindus hate Pakistan and Pakistani Muslims and want to merge Pakistan in India to be dominated and rule Muslims and all other minorities, they want to eliminate Pakistan, therefore their paid servants are carrying out subversive activities in Pakistan through American puppet Afghanistan. Jews and Hindus are on the same page to destroy Pakistan. Patriot Pakistanis can never like India, its intentions, its negative activities against Pakistan. Only pro-India and paid journalists and media carries propaganda of Hindus positive inclination towards Pakistan. Some students, actors, dancers and drummers are given visas and facilities in India to show the world their that India wants peace and exchange of trade and students and other vulgar cultural activities. If Pakistani shop keepers provide some items free to visiting Indians does not mean they like or love them. but they consider them guests. Your puppets in Pakistan are well known to patriot Pakistanis, they will be exposed one day. Actually they are neither Pakistanis nor Muslims. We are different from Hindus. We eat cow they worship it as their mother? We have one Allah, they have thousands of Gods. We wash our clothes if cow dung or urine is stuck to it. They drink urine of cow and their own as Desai, one of the former PMs used to drink. Our religion, culture and traditions are different.

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