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Monday, April 13, 2015

Cozy Pictures Of Justin And Kendall Emerged Recently

Selena Gomez feel 'betrayed' by Justin and Kendall. The "Heart wants what it wants" hitmaker is said to have been left feeling as though she has been 'stabbed in the back' after the pictures of Justin and 'Keeping up with The Kardashian' star, surfaced, enjoying the Coachella festival together. An insider said, "Those instagram photos of Justin and Kandall at Coachella just confirm what Selena thought all along-- that Justin was cheating on her with Kandall" and it all started at last year's Coachella. "It stings, seeing the pictures of Justin and Kandall together. It is not that Selena wants to back with Justin, it is more of a betrayal thing. But reportedly Selena could have been there if she had accepted his invitation to the music festival. The "Boyfriend" hitmaker reportedly asked his ex-girlfriend along to the event in an attempt to win her back. According to source "Selena said that Justin reached out to her in Atlanta and congratulated her on almost wrapping production. He told her she should come to join them at Coachella. "This was his way of saying," I miss you and I am not dating anyone. At least not seriously. It was his way of breaking the ice."

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