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Friday, April 3, 2015

Deepika Pedukone's Video 'My Choice' Is Now a Viral Hit

A video featuring Deepika Pedukone- in the Bollywood actress is talking about prerogative of choice- is now a viral hit. Deepika's this lately move has nothing to do with film-making. The video is part of Vogue Empower, an initiative that the fashion magazine launched in October last year to mark its seventh anniversary in India. Pedukine's video 'My Choice' aims to bring awareness to the cause of women's rights nationwide. Directed by Homi Adjania who worked with Pedukone in films like Finding Fanny and Cocktails, the video features 98 other women including Adjania's wife, film critic Anupama Chopra, actress Nirmat Kaur and director Zoya Akhtar. Vogue and Pedukone have a lot in common: They both are from an industry that is based on fetishising, objectifying and reinforcing exist standard of beauty on woman. So when these forces talk combined about women empowerment one is left a bit suspicious, because speaking honestly Fashion and Bollywood do not empower anyone, specially -women most of all. Fashion and Bollywood thrive on women's insecurities about themselves and their bodies. They are the propaganda machines of ultra-narcissistic culture that is constantly telling us the right and the wrong way to do things.

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