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Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Altaf Hussain Denies All The Charges Levelled Against Him

Whether it may be London Metropolitan Police or Scotland Yard they can never make Altaf Hussain confess his ''crimes'' because he belongs to Pakistan who knows Pakistani police's tactics and third degree treatment and when asked in a brotherly and friendly sitting how an accused can confess his wrong doings, if it were Pakistani police, he would have admitted the crimes he had done, those he did not commit and those he wanted to do in future as well, within hours. Therefore, he said to his workers police has taken me and I am back again and they will take me again and I will be back again. MQM chief Altaf Hussain denied all the charges charges including money laundering charge levelled against him before the London Metropolitan police in a five hour investigation and questioning. Altaf's legal team advised him to answer "no comments" Couls an accused in Pakistani police station dare to answer to SHO no comments. Altaf is too wise not to come to Pakistan and lucky too. This was LMP that extended bail of Altaf till July.

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