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Wednesday, April 15, 2015

"lifelong Ambition Is To Go On Dream Date With Drake--Madonna

It was perhaps a well planned act, a publicity stunt, but it did not make the Material Girl look one enticing and Drake on his part played the role- as a violated younger man- a little too well. Madonna stunned Drake by kissing him on stage during his set at Coachella, much to the rapper's apparent disgust.
The 56-year-old singer made a surprise appearance during the 'Worst Behaviour' star's set at the Los Angeles festival after her leaving the stage following a rendition of his song Madonna' and she came out to sing her own songs 'Hung Up' and ' Human Nature'. Drake then took a seat and she circled him while singing 'Express Yourself' then surprised him with a passionate French kiss, much to his apparent horror.
The pop superstar who was wearing a black vest emblazoned with the phrase "Big as Madonna" did not appear to notice 28-year-old singer wiping his mouth in apparent disgust after lip lock. When the "Borderline" singer finished her kiss,she walked off in a lazy stroll, so she never actually saw the "Truffle Butter" singer's reaction.
Drake sat up and looked sickened. She said as she left the stage "i Am Madonna, b****. Meanwhile, Drake laughed and asked the crowd "What the **** just happened*? Madonna got severe scolding on social media for her onstage antics. Soon after she blasted her haters on instagram.
Now Drake has come up with bizarre explanation for his disgusted look. It was noticed that Drake liked the kiss but was grossed out by aftertaste of lipstick. The "Living For Love" singer, who raises four children- has made no secret of the fact that she has a crush on the rapper and their moment on stage saw her fulfil a 'lifelong ambition'. She said recently, "the lifelong ambition I still to fulfil is to go on a dream date with Drake - and only kiss him."

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