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Friday, April 24, 2015

Find Your Twin In One Click

Some time someone might have gone through that amazing feeling when he sees someone looking exactly like him or his friend or sister or even like himself. There are million of people living on the various parts of the earth and there are many chances that some of them resemble you. And that person may not be your family member but a complete stranger having nose shape, eyebrow arch, and eye colour like you. Interestingly you are not separated at birth. You might just have a twin. A doppelganger (German for double walker)) is a person who looks incredibly similar to you. And that person is similar instead of 'identical', given that even genetic twins are not actually perfect doubles. Well, nowadays almost everyone has social media profile. If you wanted to find your doppelganger before the internet you could end up wandering the streets for years awkwardly peering at strangers. Now the web is stocked with images of billions of people, many offering multiple angles of their faces for better comparison. This originally was the idea of three friends in Ireland to make such a website where people can find their twins. The three friends started a "Twin Strangers" project, a challenge to find their near identical counterparts in 28 days. They made a website and accounts on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and You Tube, all with the same request. Do you know someone who looks like one of us.? Two weeks later they were bombarded with 6,000 messages a day, All telling to find who looks like them. Geaney herself found out another girl who looks exactly like her. And what was even more interesting was that ladies, Geaney and her twin loved to draw fairies in their childhood, meaning your stranger twin may have the same traits. Website is

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