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Wednesday, April 8, 2015

America Will Sell Weapons To Pakistan

Foreign Ministry of America has approved sell armed weapons to Pakistan with the cost of one billion dollars. However, decision is yet to be approved by congress. According to Wall Street Journal, foreign ministry of America has informed the congress about acceptance of Pakistani application to buy 15 IZAH wiper helicopters, hellfire missiles, and other American Weapons. Pakistan's application of weapons includes American made helicopters, missiles and other military gadgets. However, regarding the selling of weapons to Pakistan by America, its Defence companies are facing pressure from three sides. At one side there are China and Russia and on other side are facing Indian concerns. However, the caretaker department of American military import, Defence Security Cooperation Agency claims that selling helicopters and and other weaponry to Pakistan is the the part of anti-terrorism movement. These weapons will improve the capabilities of Pakistan army to fight that war effectively.

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