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Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Most Annoying Hollywood Couples

**-- Affleck And Jennifer Garner:- This Hollywood couple has been together for a while, and they are totally pushing the healthy happy family in a faintly desperate way that makes one roll his eyes. This couple has had issues in the past but it seems to have been shoveled over in the face of looking good and making nice for the cameras. **-- Blake Lively And Ryan:-
What is it about this couple that always makes one think of plastic? Stiffer in the real life than they have ever been on the scene. Insider source tells that one can look forward to years of this couple making their way stiffly and charmlessly to opening nights.
**--Chris Martin and Gwyneth Paltrow:-- Just because the couple has been together for ever and a day does not mean one like them that much. Both Paltrow and Martin started to look a bit like scary aliens over the past few years and their odd forcibly charming interviews do not help at all.
**-- Pamela Andersen And Rick Solomon:- When these stars said that they were going to tie the knot again, one was pretty sure and one's reaction was Who? With their ability to make every picture look a bit like mug shot, one was not holding out a lot of hope for fun pics from this couple.
**-- Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone:-

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