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Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Pakistani Taxi Driver In London Set A Great Example Of Honesty

A Pakistani Taxi driver has created a great example of honesty in London by returning a bag full of money to the passenger who had forgotten it in his vehicle. According to details Muhammad Nasir who drives a taxi in London dropped a passenger at railway station near Birmingham who had forgotten a bag in hurry. When Nasir bag lying on his taxi's back seat which had 10,000 pounds and other things in it, he waited at the taxi stand till the passenger came to take it back. According to passenger when he realized that he dropped the bag, he was in great shock at that moment because he had been saving this money for the last 9 years and all of them were lost. He soon rushed back to taxi stand where he found Nasir waiting for him with bag in his hand. The British citizen was happy and he not only rewarded taxi driver Nasir but invited his family for a lunch. This was not the first time that Nasir had returned forgotten money to his passenger but earlier he had returned 150 pounds to another local in London.

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