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Friday, April 3, 2015

Nicole Scherzinger Suffers Wardrobe Malfuntion

Nicole is always keen to make impression with her choice of attire. But X Factor judge Nicole Scherzinger seems to have taken that a step too far with her latest style endeavour. The brunette beauty sported unsightly imprint marks on her torso as she wore a revealing flesh-baring two piece at NBC Universal Summer Press Tour in California.
The cut out on the front of the Nicole's white shirt dress might have revealed more than she meant to. Dressed in the white-skirt and top combo, the Ex Pussycat Doll matched the look with a pair of stylish silver shoes and up turned collars.
But her fashion co-ordination veered of course with the red marks on her stomach, which were hard to miss. Not least because the style of her ensemble drew attention to them.
Still despite her minor faux pas, the star still seemed to act professional as she smiled and posed for photographers. In fact, at point she knowingly flashed her side profile which included plenty of so-called side boob. Then she confidently turned her back on the cameras to she her curves.
However eagle-eyed fans would surely have been behind her laconic smile. Nicole-who confessed she was 'devastated' by the end of her seven-year relationship with Lewis Hamilton-looked a little reserved.
clearly determined to put her pain of recent split behind, Nicole is enjoying lots of of quality time with her friends recently- including a girls' holiday in Venice.

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