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Friday, April 10, 2015

Controversial Selfie Of A teen Forced Him To Apology

A controversial selfie of a teen forced him to apologies. The boy posted selfie on social media on Sunday and in its background a black girl wearing t-shirt of Al Ittehad football team, was spotted picking garbage from a pile. Users of the popular micro-blogging site Twitter condemned this action of that selfie taker and claimed that he mocked the young girl's condition. According to the Saudi Gazette social media users got very agitated over the selfie and some citizens announced to help her through cash. Many users said that they felt it was very inhuman and cruel which the young man to make apology and to address his fault he gave the girl some presents. The controversial photo spread on social media, the garbage picker girl in the background made compassion in the hearts of Saudi people and many people in order to help her are giving cash to her. Famous Saudi rally driver Yazeed Al Rajhy gave fifty thousand Saudi Riyals, while another sympathetic to the girl, gave her the same amount. On the other hand, Al Etihad football team fans from Kuwait announced 5000 Kuwaiti Dirham for the girl in selfie background. Another member of that team offered her tickets for football matches to be held in Jeddah. It is also reported that Youth Welfare officer Ahmad Rozi also gave some money to the child but he did not want to disclose the amount. So, a controversial selfie made a garbage-picker girl a millionaire.

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