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Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Scientist Claim To Discover Formula For Immortality

A British scientist claim that he discovered a formula that can keep men alive for thousand years. Aubrey de Gray, a scientist living in California's Silicon Valley; after completing his degree from Cambridge in Biomedical started on that theory of his own to stop ageing. Gray provocatively suggests that first individuals who will live for 1,000 years of age have as of now been born. For his project he received funding from many milliners and recently he received 3.8 million dollars funding from Pay Pal's Peter Thiel. Gray belongs to a rich family. after completing his education he went to California to pursue his career. Now he owns a company of 15 million dollars in California. "Gray claims that if cars parts can be changed or repaired then human body can also go through such changes." Wrong, totally wrong! and non sense! car and car parts are man-made while human being being anatomy and physiology is a masterpiece of Allah (if you say nature). Car and car parts can not be compared with human body and human parts. Car is a non-living thing, while human being, a miracle of Allah is living thing. Gray is wrong,his claim is wrong and he is not a scientist but a businessman.

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