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Wednesday, April 1, 2015

The"Black Widow Of Facebook" Has Been arrested

A thief nicknamed the "Black Widow of Facebook" who drugged and robbed men after she lured them into bed has been arrested. Argentinian co-artist Sofia Davila posted raunchy pictures of herself online and then flirted with unsuspecting men she had contacted on social network, suggesting they meet up for sex. But after meeting her victim, 21-year-old from Buenos Aires, would spike their drinks and waiting for them to fall unconscious before ransacking their homes. When she robbed a men went herself to police station to
report the robbery-claiming she had been forced to leave the flat by two men and had been powerless to stop them. But police had already received several complaints by police so she was suspected and held up by police. Police said this was the first time woman had shown up herself, and she matched the description we already had, so we hold her for
for questioning. As soon as we spoke to the victim, we knew she was the woman behind the robberies, and it only took a little while before we had a full confession.
Davila admitted to bedding and robbing more than 15 men. She worked in PR for a bowling alley. She told the police she was forced to commit the crimes to pay off her debts to a drug dealer.

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